jennifer I want to spend the first minute
of the first hour
of the first day
of the first year
of the new_millenium
with you
the rockstar
I want to hold you in my arms
not here
closer to you
and smile
and take deep cold breaths of you
and know that the following
moments will be the best
j_blue arthur c clark is a rad ass old man 001113
orbst 2001: Dalmations 010130
HAL9000 i know you and Frank were planning on disconnecting me, and that was something i couldn't allow to happen 010130
says me who knows! 010216
ladybird I welcomed in the New Year in Damo's house.....with a bang :)) 010517
Lewis Black When I was a kid, I'm old enough so that when I was a kid I looked forward to the new millenium. I told myself "I'm gonna live through a change! A MASSIVE change! Things are going to be different! Things are going to be great!"

Effingham Fish The train's gone past, trying to chase it down won't do any good. Just make sure you don't miss the next one. 020216
:_) what comes to mind is September 11. 040201
epitome_of_incomprehensibility "Open the pod bay doors, HAL." It's all the computer's fault. 2001 was the year I was in grade 7/8 and very miserable. The only bright spot was the time when I put a Harry Potter cover on some commentary by Peter Martyr Vermigli (good ol' Pete)and showed it to my teacher at my conservative-Christian-HP-is-altogether-evil school as revenge for their scare tactics concerning said book(s). (The problem with the "normal"
highschool I also went to is that it's difficult to shock people. *sniff*)
Then there was me having to quit my piano lessons (why can't it happen to the kids that hate them?), my brother's friend's conspiracy theories about 9/11, said event itself, and basic loneliness and alienation. Oh well, maybe I am an alien. Bien oui.
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