mad madame mim I feel upset.
Let's do some celebrating.
Come on honey, don't hesitate now.
Needed you, you withdrew, I was so forsaken.
Ah, but now the tables have turned, my move.
I believe I'll be taking my revenge.
Sweet revenge.

I thought you were some perfect read-out.
Some d-digital delay had obscured
and phased my view of the wicked hand you played.
Ah, the sands and hands of time have run out, run out, ah you better face it.
Ah, this thing's run amok, this luck
I do know how to replace it with revenge.
Oh, sweet revenge.

I gave you a wristwatch, baby.
You wouldn't even give me the time of day.
You want to know what makes me tick.
Now it's me that's got precious little to say.
For the ghosts of our love have dried have died.
There's no use faking it.
Ah, the spirits gonna close in on you tonight.
High time I was taking my revenge.
Sweet revenge.
Revenge. Revenge.

all the gold and silver couldn't measure up my love for you. it's so immaterial. i don't wait around for
you. [ ] [ ] nobody gets anything. nobody gets nothing. no [ ] don't leave me no space in your little
boat you ain't gonna need no you ain't gonna need no little boat you are living on my time my dear.
Revenge. Sweet revenge. Sweet sweet revenge. . .
psyki i walked off a cliff
and landed on a head
it was the head of the guy
who had walked off before me
Silent Bob So to wreak vengence on me you bit my tongue, just like i hid bitten yours, and then you just laughed like there was no need to ever look at a clock again, and i found that endearing. 000615
Little Hawk You would pull that rose from its roots, but never without the sting of a thorn.
It is always about the blood. How much of you would shed, and how much you would have others shed for your amusement.
The rose, in all its humility, will defend itself as best it can. That alone holds more nobility than most of can boast.
birdmad the thought of one day taking mine on someone who i once regarded as a brother is the only thing that keeps me warm some days 010301
L a dead bird nailed to the door 010430
korie i still dream about taking it all out on you

maybe one day i will

wait for me
freakizh a shooting star. 010715
kx21 What is its colour, shape, sound, smell, taste, specifically temperature? 010929
kx21 A chicken_flavor of human_rights... 011010
Sonya is what I find myself wanting tonight. I want you to feel the cuts and snares you left in my heart, my mind, my soul...

Sadly love will always overcome this craving for sweet revenge and thusly I remain immobile in a web of abandonment.
Arwyn revenge is so very very sweet... 020304
g h o s t i wish i had enemies

then at least my lack of friends would have some meaning and i could while away the hours plotting some spectacular revenge

i'm pathetic like that sometimes
cheer-up-emo-kid Shaking like a dog shittin razorblades,
waking up next to nothing
after dreaming of you and me
I'm waking up all alone, waking up so relieved
while you're taking your time with apologies,
I'm making my plans for revenge
Red eyes on orange horizons
If Columbus was wrong I'd drive straight off the edge

Taking your own life with boredom,
I'm taking my own life with wine
it helps you to rule out the sorrow,
it helps me to empty my mind
Making the most of a bad time
I'm smoking the brains from my head
Leaving the coal calling the kettle black and orange and red
This kettle is seeing red

I've got a big fat fuckin' bone to pick with you my darling
In case you haven't heard I'm sick and tired of trying
I wish you would take my radio to bathe with you,
plugged in and ready to fall
saehn "revenge is for the emotionally retarded" - frank herbert, "chapterhouse: dune" 020731
Freak If something bad was done to me there is no way I could live without trying to get revenge. I want that person to hurt like they made me hurt.

I hold grudges.
squint my truth VS your lies.

ryro sex is the best revenge
- especially if you take your foe anally.
Jennifer Bethke Can there be anything spiritual in revenge? Yes, if it does not come at our hands. The universe has a way of keeping track, and of getting even for us from time to time. While it is never comfortable to see anyone suffer, it can sometimes be comforting to know that those who seemed to act with impunity for so long are finally feeling some of the pain they have inflicted upon others. Their own pain humanizes them, puts them on the level of their victims. Some even learn from the universe's revenge, and find a way to right some of the wrongs they have done in the past.
If we take revenge into our own hands, we risk having it come back around to us. Power comes from refusing to accept harm in the first place, thus denying anyone else the use of our life for harmful purpose. If we can protect ourselves from harm up front, the need for revenge ceases to exist.
phil if 030513
kss of the lawn 030513
littlebird i used to want it. i used to lay awake at night and think of ways to pay him back. for beating me. for stealing my virginity that night on the floor of his parents' TV room. for fucking me up (and over) royally.

I thought about getting a bunch of credit cards in his name and dropping them, unsigned, on busy streets in multiple cities. (he stole a piece of me; it seemed fitting to offer up his identity for the wolves of the world to shred.) or telling everyone he was a rapist via bathroom walls all over the world. (six degrees of separation and allÉ i figured i'd spare a few women getting involved with an asshole). or hiring mob thugs to break his knees. or sending an anonymous letter to his family. i never did any of it.

after about 10 years, my revenge plans dried up. the better i felt, the less it mattered whether he was miserable. i figured out that my being healed and happyÑgetting back the openness and trust i had lost, learning to live unafraid, and through that journey discovering resilience in myself that i otherwise would not have knownÑreally WAS the best revenge.

in a way, the person he is, IS the perfect punishment. he gets to spend life as the type of person who would do that to another person, which I daresay implies a lot about oneÕs capacity for experiencing enlightenment, or even some pale shadow thereof.

besides, he wound up working as a corporate lawyer in D.C. tell me that isnÕt fuckinÕ karma, baby.
joda After reading this page, I think this ought to accompany "bitter". 030513
kodachi i want that so bad sometimes, to make the other party pay for what they did. to make them suffer as they have made me suffer.

but then there's always that realization that you don't have to do anything. it'll get to them eventually anyway. some way and somehow.

a month from now, you'll never have to see these people ever again. a part of the blurred past.

contained anguish.
  served cold, filmed in a thin layer of congealed grease on a dusty plate 030514
pobodys nerfect Back when I was in grade 8, I had this teacher who was a real perv. He liked to get really close and touchy with the girls, especially among those who had the large chests. I had the misfortune of being one of those girls. I used to fake being sick alot so I could stay home and not be around him. I had even tried to tell my mom what he was doing, but she never believed me until after I had graduated(and my aunt backed up my story with her own experience of what he was like).
So he never got what he deserved. Even more sickening, was the fact that we found out a few years ago that he was STILL doing it--right up until the time he retired.
That bastard lives one street away from me. I spent so much time trying to be away from him that I never thought of revenge--which is a shame really, because I could've gotten away with more as a young offender. ;)
Anyway, last week while I was out walking with my mom,I threw an apple core on his pristine lawn. Not exactly revenge, but it felt good. So good,in fact,that earlier tonight I walked by again, but this time I threw 2 rotten bananas on it. :D This guy has a pool...things could get interesting...
eliese when I woke up and saw what you were doing...I was gonna cut it off...but I couldn't breathe or get you off of me.

You weren't even my type and all the GHB in the world wouldn't make me forget what you did. Or forget the fact you did it to other girls.

I hope someone rapes you in jail. Without vaseline. "What's my name bitch?" "Bubba! Bubba!"

and no one will come running to help you. and you will be the bitch you thought I was.
fetal musings is stupider than the initial attack 031121
3scientists The above statement seems to be true.
Don't waste time on revenge just keep moving those augers ahead paving new tunnels.

It was no big loss. If you never had it in the first place you didn't lose anything. Scraped with some words and a few bloody battle wounds, but no biggie.

Life goes on in a lollipop.
Three cheers...oy
Prozac_mosaic Musings by the damn Prozac. 040201
egger . 040202
pete i pass worlds behind me
the door opens
slaming shut
my eyes wander to and fro,
up the stalk
come take my hand
join the dance
of the
celestial palace.

i see the world beneath you
spinning again and towards you
oh cant we be here no more.

silent hours
pass ing days
forests marked by
your scent

(written to dial:revenge by mogwai)
helpmeget awayfromthisplace serves you right for fucking me around you little son_of_a_whore. As If i would..
i feel evily content now

but i know it wont be long before guilt creeps in and i'll come crawling back. We'll forgive each other and i'll slip into another emotionally raping, self destructive, obssesivley dependant cycle.

but right now i can replay that look of crushing dreams and undeniable pain that flashed through your eyes when you were shot down. As If i would...
unhinged 5-21-04

francis farmer DID get her revenge on seattle

he sat in the mixing booth trying to pretend like he didn't care and that was the sweetest revenge; knowing he had no reason to be pissed at her or him and he knew it, but still there he was, pissed.

my smile spreads from ear to ear like a chesire cat.

you can't put a price on love, but revenge is another story. it was worth every penny i put into it; every $200 worth.

and i think to myself 'when did you become such a bitter bitch?' and the thought of revenge puts a smile on my face that spreads from ear to ear.

they got you babe. and i was happy to witness it.
unhinged maybe everyone has their reasons to be pissed

maybe i'm just a bitch

maybe none of it was any of my business

but my smile is still spread from ear to ear like a chesire cat
witchesrequiem I want to smash all the lost boys faces..
for deceitful intention
for continuing to rub in their cruelty and falsehood..

But I don't I suffer them and sufficate..

Revenge will come when I can release them of my hatred......
valen revenge is sweet. 050409
her royal highness the quirk i'm not really capable of it. i tried but i suck at it. i give up. 050409
*Amy* sorry I have to had my revenge 050410
Staind_And_Souless I'm sorry.

I have to take my revenge.

I have to taste your blood.
no reason i don't like to think i'm a vengeful person but the only time i ever really want revenge is when someone i care about hurts me
and then revenge isn't so sweet at all
Lemon_Soda If you've got a really long list of people on your revenge list, you might looka t the possibility that it wasn't just them that brought the situation to what happened. 081008
birdmad i can rest reasonably assured then...

of the literally hundreds of people i have met, exchanged words with, broken bread or shared my time with, i can count my persistent, bloodthirsty grudges on one hand, and low-grade sneering sarcastic enmities on the other
bird actually, i can count my most persistent, violent revenge jones on one finger and assign to it one name

then there are about five or six others for whom i am content to enjoy bouts of schadenfreude when their worlds go a little sideways
Lemon_Soda I'm going to crack a beer in ten years and laugh at where we all are, because, well, the proof is in the pudding. 081008
silentbob I have decided that the best revenge when someone rejects you
is to be amazing.
Open yourself up to the world,
show the world how amazing you are,
how giving and loving and loved
how fun and smart and hilarious

Be desirable. Make them miss you.

Even if you never hear from them again, you still win.

And you'll be open and available and ready for the next one.
flowerock silentbob knows. Is the saying "revenge is a dish best served cold"? it should be cold because you gave it to much time, so much thought, that it is no longer an angry_burning_fire_of_violent_desire Does revenge end "there" in the place and time it was unleashed and brought to action? Revenge doesn't know sides or reason, it strikes blindly and ricochets in all directions, you might get some of your revenge on an innocent child just skating by. the best revenge is certainly to continue on your way, as you like and full of life, smiling. sweating might be the good kind of revenge, revenge against ourselves for the toxic stuff we consumed, for all the sitting we've done, against unwanted and unclean cells in our bodies, leave us better and through the sweat the toxicrap is reborn to be something else... 140209
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