typhoid ouch! i really am bleeding.. 000518
moonshine ohhhh yummy =]my pleasure! 000519
Alexander Beetle twice shy
chomp chomp chomp
nocturnal whitesnake 010501
carden i've been bitten by bobby a few times 010515
girl_jane Damn the bugs in my bed... 031111
lisavilisa A good book by Kelly Armstrong. 041015
jeudi in 40 days my forgotten nipples will have been properly bitten and i will no longer be invisible. i look forward to the pain. el henrio. he is like a hurricane in my life, blowing out all of the fuzz of these two and a half years. clearing out a space for me to start over again. 050528
(_) pull the lip back with teeth
that somehow keep my eyes dry
because when you get down to it
mouths eat so much sky

that could be used for seeing
if talk didn't tear it
into little bite-sized pieces
love, life devoured bit by bit

and yet there is so much left
that i cannot help but love
the indentations and deft
bite marks cut into sky cove
the awful truth what is the signifigance of "(_)"? or is it just anonymous symboling. 060708
(_) not anonymous, because i am the only one who uses it, and people know who i am.

and it looks like hiding, to me.
the awful truth i know who you are. i didn't mean anonymous. i just meant. it doesnt mean, like, "big u" or like some other signifigance.

i guess "hiding" is the answer.
it does look like hiding.
what's it to you?
who go