silentbob my sister kelly was born November 7th 1974. She was forced to baby sit us on many occassions. She helped shape most of who i am today, more than my friends have. she taught me about AIDS when i was eight. she taught me about smoking at seven. she got me addicted to caffeine. she tried to escape me and katie when our fighting would get so loud and she couldn't take this AND highschool anymore.
She lives with her husband Adam now. Shes the assistant editor of the newspaper in town and she still drinks Diet Coke like its water.
twiggie my best friend who lives so far away.
she called me tonight, she called me last night too, on her boyfriend's cell phone because it doesn't cost extra. she used to call me a lot on her cell phone because she thought it was free after 9...until she got the bill in the mail that said $150.
i asked her what she was doing tonight and she said "drinking at my friend jeremy's house".
she got in a car accident last year and has a horrible short term memory. someone could come over and they'd hang out for a couple of hours, but when they leave she can't remember them being over at all.
she's graduating this year. i think i'm going to go visit her when she does. i feel so shitty because i haven't been there for her when she needs someone. she's lost most of her close friends, the ones she was always there for. she might come visit me this summer. i'm happy, but she's going to get bored so i feel bad.
i hope everything in her life turns out for the better, she deserves it.
dionysos kelly, kelly, kelly...

What am I gonna do with you?
little wonder i felt like i wasted a lot of time and a lot of my mom's money to see her.

everytime we got together, i also got to see her boyfriend.

i never understand why people do that. why they can't just take some time out of their life to at least fucking talk to you. even the last 5 or so phone conversations (which happened before i was visiting, in june) her boyfriend was there. am i that bad of a conversationalist that you need to have backup entertainment when i get boring?
Harlequin Kelly Kelly Kelly
Kelly is perfect in my eyes
I call her Banjo
Yeah, none of you understand. I'm arrogant and she's smarter than I am. No one gets it. Moo. Kelly
Katyrathin Hey, funny.. my name's Kelly. Sometimes, people call me Kellish. That kind of gets annoying, because there's this guy in my class with the last name of Kellish. My name means pure. People make fun of me because of that. They say I'm not pure. But I am. I don't like them, they aren't very nice to me. Lots of things don't make sense to me, but I pretend they do. Its better that way. So then you can pretend that you knew things already when you really figure them out. 020408
sweetheart of the song tra bong Anything but pure.

Taught me about kissing girls.

Fell in love with her down by the lake, the way you always expect to.

Her pale skin in the dark, the trumpet shouting to go back inside. our bodies close but never colliding, like stars.
Irongirl I was just interested in seeing this name at the top of the blather list. 021216
Sparticus i have always loved this name. because it is my name. it has defined me -- literally -- throughout my entire life. i am kelly. everything i know and think about is linked to that one, undeniable certainty: kelly. identity. i, unlike all the other kelly blathes here, am not a girl; kelly is my last name. as a young kid i was teased a lot because i had a "girl's name" as my name. also, many unpleasant things ryhme with it: belly and smelly are two of my least favourite (even though i am not nor have i ever been either fat or odorous). it amuses me to look under this blather and see everyone talking about all these girl kellys, and romantic agonies, etc. i am a guy. i like my name very much, despite what slight inconvienences it caused me in my younger years. kelly, so i am told, mens "wooded copse" and is derived from gaelic. i know nothing about its purity or the accuracy of the wooded copse idea, but i like it. coupled with my first name, i think i have a very good, strong, irish name: Brian Kelly. i like it a lot, despite its boringness and commonality (i have met many name twins in my life already, and there is even a [not me], and with my middle name Michael, i'm quite average). Despite this commonality and averageness, i think i am unique. Brian Kelly Brian Kelly Brian Kelly. kelly is my family, it is love and tradition and respect and happiness. common but nice enough to be unique. i like it; i can stay. it is me.

the boy named kelly
a sweet girl i knew a boy named kelly.
he was kind of a loser.
phil what if your baby whispered
abort me.
packblender she likes to fuck her friends 030607
endless desire i knew a boy named kelly.
he was amazing. wonderful.
everything i ever wanted.
so there.
kelly in ohio I am a gay guy kelly 040921
tinkerbel Kelly was lost to the river, she never returned yesterday. That same river has kept another friend, her bed will never be warm again. I will never swim in that river, noone can make me. That river has stolen the life from my days.
Kelly died yesterday.
kelly 2135 my name is kelly and i have had 3 guy friends with that name there is nutin wrong with it!

but on a different note read this!
what girls want from a guy....

give her your hoodie even if you go to different schools.
give her a big t-shirt of yours to sleep in.
leave her cute text messages.
hold her when shes cold.
kiss her in front of your friends.
tell her shes beautiful, every day.
look into her eyes when you talk to her.
let her mess with your hair.
just walk around with her.
forgive her for her mistakes.
look at her like she's the only girl you see.
tickle her even when she says stop.
hold her hand when you're around your friends and in private.
let her fall asleep in your arms.
stay up all night with her when she's sick.
watch her favorite movie with her.
come up and grab her by the waist.

Remember This;

don't talk about other girls around her, if you love her, others shouldn't matter!!!!.
when she's sad, hang out with her.
let her know she's important.
kiss her in the pouring rain.
when you fall in love with her, tell her.
and when you tell her, love her like you've never loved someone before.

Guys repost as: I'd do this for my girl.
Girls repost as: Perfect boyfriend.

If you don't repost this in four minutes you will lose the one you love.

If you do repost this in four minutes the one you like/love will:
-call you.
-kiss you.
-message you
p. she has one friend at a time and don't trust no one. 080304
now_now She left to do great things
suitcases slung
to show the doubters
the ravaging
small town masses
how to escape
how to thrive

she had small successes
more than many
less than some
but lacked the drive
to keep pushing
against a current
that beat her back
so she said

She was brave
it takes more courage
to come home
back into that net
of nashing
[read: I told you sowers]
then to stay away

one day
she'll leave again
wings beating
all dimples
sweet rememberances
what's it to you?
who go