starbug What happened to me? I'm not right..something is really wrong. I live for you. I breathe for you. I can't exist without you. I don't want to need you.
I don't want to need anyone. I don't want to live. I'm scared to death. The music is the only thing i can really feel,'s vibrating through my body..flowing into my soul..I want to replace it with You. Love hurts and you don't understand. I can't take deserve someone unlike me..someone who doesn't depend on your happiness.
I can't feel anything now. I'd die for you. It's too bright and there aren't enough candles. Sleep is happy because you want me there. Crying makes me happy. I never want this feeling to end..the numbness feels too good. I need pain. I need you holding me. I need your lips on mine. Your lips are poison..a drug I need in me.
Love is a fairy tale I used to believe. Spring is torture now..the window is open..blowing the breeze of memories, of what you and I once were, into my room. The memories of time we spent together..places we went together..the way it used to be. I wish it was raining. I ache for your touch. To hear you say that you're awfully darn fond of me. To touch my body even if it is wrong. I don't care..I need to have you. Need to have your arms wrapped around me. Now. And I know it's not going to happen. You aren't even here. Not even here with me.
Trust leads to hurt. Trust leads to pain. I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. Without you.
biLL is Billy refined.

Billy is Bill loosened up.

Annie111 bill clinton is my third favorite President, behind FDR and Lincoln and Truman and Kennedy.

OK, maybe he is my fifth favorite.
ClairE For some reason I find it funny to think about loving someone named "Bill". 011128
sphinxradio bill is the magical 11 year old goldfish.
he's getting a lighthouse for christmas.
he's the only fish i know of who's going to have a lighthouse.
bill, you're my hero.
. i loved someone named bill. and. 011222
bethany BILL......i love you so i always will
you give me a thrill
you always will
you send me big chills
with ice
candy ass how does william become bill?
and how does charles become chuck?
james become jim?
gordon become fatass?
do they have any of these for girls?
bryanfrbs and how does john become jack
and henry become hank

... wierd
Sailor Jupiter I wrote a 28 cent check for a phone bill a few months ago. It cost more to send it than to pay it. 3 1-minute calls to the guy I love who doesn't love me anymore. That check was depressing to write in more than one way. 020425
gates Yes I'm sure I want to delete the file, can't find source on disk? it's not a shortcut mother fuckers, yes I want to delete file, but the file never changes, it creeps like a turtle on crank. I could spend money on memory and use an older system your new edition sucks, it sucks! fucking balls, it sucks! fucking balls. 030429
nero sona sometimes i think i'm in_love with you


think i'll just keep it going on in my head til i'm sure
what's it to you?
who go