deb it burns within, this desire to feel you
to fall asleep within your embrace
and wake to see your sleeping face
so peaceful next to me

i long to see the ring upon my finger and know i belong to you


i am yours and the whole world knows

but until that day, i just dream...
and rightly so
Andrew doesn't seem random enough. fate, perhaps. 000122
heart's response to the lack of you.
ya_ya_friday what is it that happens when i fall from the 13th floor of a moths hotel? 011206
whoknows you probably think its for you, or because of you.
youre not completely right. but youre definately a part of it
erinicolejax This ache has to stop.

I'm afraid it never will
seeker it overcomes my entire being
everything i do is drenched in it

it is lead weighing my body down
it will drown me in this sea of tears

i ache for you
i can barely move
someone rescue me
misstree it aches like muscle
recovering from mighty strain, it
mutters under its breath through every
unsatisfied movement, it is
desperate gravity and longing lips and
hips that won't sit silent, and
it will devour, it will massage such
subltle pains and it will
be fulfilled.
.fallen mmm...such.....such.....mmmm....such a delish.....such a delicious ache 040123
love & hate My heart ache's,
my body ache's,
my head ache's,
my scars ache,
they ache for you my precious.
It is unbearable, the constant drumming in my head.
The constant thoughts of you with me.
The constant memories of what we had.
The constant dreams of what we could still have.
The constant tears falling down my face.
The constant hiding away from everyone else.
I ache for you, only you, and without you,
the ache will turn into a burn,
the burn will turn into a prick,
the prick will turn into a slash,
the slash will turn into another scar,
the scars will be reopened,
the reopened scars will turn finally into my death without you.
Marti My name is Marti and my friend is Marta... it is ache when i lose her... 041105
djane she says i don't know how to empathize. she just doesn't like the idea of me being hurt. especially when its her that's hurting me. so selfish, with her rules, constantly, conveniently changing to fit her mood. she knows how i ache. i ache for her the same way she aches for him. 050718
misstree that ache
is the reminder
muttering through
raw nerves
that i have
deeply lastingly loved
a moment
misstree muscles move stiff and stinging, reminding me that yesterday i clung to you. the back o the motorcycle, holding each other tight by the river that had listened to me leaving you, then in my bed, curled tight as we cuddled one last time, never loosing our grip as we dozed and dreamed.

i thank my muscles for their memory.
bizzar It is deep and mournful. I longs for a touch, a glance, a recognition. I want to feel like I am different, I want to feel that someone truly finds me impossible to live without. I want to feel enthralling, enchanting.

I want you to look in my eyes and tell me what I am to you. I need to hear that I am everything you want, that I am just as I should be.

I need to know I am good enough.
what's it to you?
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