tit when i say i ache for you,
i mean, my heart cries when it thinks of you,
and i mean, that my arms want to hold you so badly that they hurt, at the distance you keep
and i mean, that my eyes see the future that you wont ever allow
and they sting w/disappointment.
that is what i mean when i say i ache for you.
but you never hear me say it anyway, your ears dont hear my words let alone their meaning
lost This chick is the same way to me. I sunno after a while i just stopped wanting to be with her. No i will never stop wanting to be with her I just told myself that. 010323
tit funny when you tell yourself that you dont care anymore, they seem to finally hear you. and come around again. for fear of course, that you really will stop caring about them. and stop the pain, the game. their game. 010706
baby satan when every part of you aches, you're probably constipated. or you could be pregnant. or, if you play it just right, you might be on someone's hitlist. 010706
doesnt matter Jelaousy 051227
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