Tess the ears they bleed
the heart it rumbles
the planes they crash
i fall again, tumble.

i wake up, again
from the end.
in the peach room
humming, with vibration
dead Ears are probably the most scarey thing in the world. Through ears, you hear all teh bad stuf. You hear your parents fighting, your therapist yelling, your friends gosiping, and in your mind, you hear yourself dieing. 000223
moonshine Ears are wonderfully magnificent things. Theres nothing like hearing the crash of waves or the beat of a drum circle, the cry of a newborn baby..definetly something to cherish. 000525
Brad Mine are slightly large physically, but much, much larger in a deeper sense. 000525
twiggie i just got my second hole put in them. i feel so stupid and silly about it because it seems like such a little thing. but...i thought one hole looked so dumb before that i refused to wear earrings. so now i can. it still looks bad, because of the direct centered-ness and everything. but it's ok. i don't mind. 010118
thelotus I pierced my left ear myself when I was in high school. It was an interesting experience. Hurt going in, hurt coming out. Felt kind of cool while it was halfway. Since I was pretty much run completely by what my parents said about anything, that night after the piercing, I pulled out the pin, put a kleenex on the ear, and went to bed. Had to let it heal or my parents would have intruded upon my life more. 010130
Inanna Human ears can be grown on the back of a mouse to be transplanted for cosmetic purposes. No joke! 010905
eklektic ears are neato when they've got a nice amount of piercings in them. not too much - just enough to always keep you amazed. 020405
the original pilth of sproulch ears_of_porn 020405
josie taste good when they're clean :)
they're also the most sensitive part of a guy.. try it and you'll see.
you'll have him wrapped around your little finger :)
jessicafletcher hoop earrings make me feel like a low key spanish spy.
yesterday i went to the market as a spy, but there was all this rad cuban music, and i danced the whole time i was there. trouble with this low-key shit.
jenjen i keep expecting mine to fail, to bleed, to pack up and walk away from my head. they never do. stubborn little bastards. 030402
Gentle Zacharias It's weird to be allergic to metal.
Like faeries, Cold Iron is death to me.
Except it's Gold too.
And Copper. And Steel.
Anything but beautiful, beautifully alloyed, impure Sterling Silver.
Sterling Silver makes my ears happy.
what's it to you?
who go