blue-dyed gel product I finally got around to getting my ear pierced. Now i have a blue stud through my left lobe. I'm starting to feel more human again. 010907
zulu da lonestar pierced is my soul,
so such the body reflect
emo I am pierced in a place
my ex boyfriend called "pure"

he wouldn't go down on me till i took it out

i disagreed.

I am still the girl you held in your arms the day before i put a small hoop there

i felt he was taking my independent choice
over my own body

i dumped his stupid ass

we broke up because i was pierced,
can you believe that?

now i have a boyfriend who will play with it for hours
with his tongue.
tease. please.
step back sip a little brandy
take a big swig back
and go down south for the winter.
kiss kiss
a girl with nothing to say whats so wrong with haveing anything pierced on your body i mean i have pleanty and guys still seem to like me 031017
Death of a Rose nothing is wrong with it..damn sexualicious if you ask me...which you didn't. 031017
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