birdmad the rapt look of pleasure overtaking your countenance as my hands explored the contours of you

building a fire between us

only to have it doused
by your sudden and indignant withdrawal

and after all this time...
what was i supposed to believe?
splinken oh, lordy. 000905
birdmad i can't help it...

something reminded me of Samantha lately.

and it has everything to do with the doubts and fears that plague me now.
trash I'm steeped in the art of making teas echo through the ages

I'm coyly sweeping a hand before web pages

I'm taking a bath! Is anyone editing this?
But what about the trash who copy and paste it
(up their personal context)
Do we leave them out?
I guess he was asking a psychic brain. Is that blather?.
the repeater? I'm steeped in the art of making tonya echo through the auditiorium.

I'm manically thrusting a thumb before web pages

I'm taking a bath! Is anyone editing this?
But what about the trash who copy and paste it
(up their personal context)
Do we leave them out?
I guess he was asking a psychic brain. Is that blather?.
TalviFatin I cant help but tease you. "You're such a tease! Why do you tease me so much?!" you scream at me as I get up and leave you high n dry. Ha ha. I do because I can. 011113
nocturnal why is it so damn fun to be a tease? it's gotta be one of the most evil things in the world to do to a guy, but it puts a smile on my face every time. 011113
Aimee God I love to do it... a nibble on the earlobe or a light kiss above the eyebrow... just to hear him sigh in a tone that is almost impatient, but filled with pleasure. God, I love teasing him.. 011114
whoknows tease = me
but i dont usually know im doing it unless someone points it out to me
ellen cherry charles What Farrah Fawcett did to her hair in the 70s 020127
blown cherry I don't wholly object to it,
only when you must be able to see I'm taking it badly,
and yet you persist.
In cruel pursuit of my pain.

At those times I wonder where the friend I had has gone to.
The friend who listened to everything that spilled out of my mouth and then hugged me for it.
The only friend I could bring myself to confide in.
And now you treat me like this.

You hold me to try and ease my pain,
but then you only threaten to kill me.

Perhaps you're only so blindly mean when you're drunk.
And maybe you can,
but I don't think I can afford to lose this friend I've found,
so please don't set out to make me cry.

It's a double headed hit when it's the *intended* consequence of your actions.
crimson With coy eyes, biting my fingertips, I would smile dangerously and sweetly say something to provoke him. I would laugh loudly as I ran away, him closely behind, enjoying my small shrieks as he prepared to tackle me.
Bare feet pounding against the sidewalk, we ran two blocks in the dark to my house, undressing all the way. Having stolen his lighter, I ignited a green sparkler in my yard.
Barely clothed, we danced, ran, played forever, masked by the comfort of night. He didn't care about my scarred thighs and angry arms, he took me to the ground and kissed me.
I just laughed.
once again I used to tease you unmercifully. Those clothes, the way they clung in all the right places the way my fingers tiptoed around my mouth. That time I deep throated your pen. But I've paid my dues. I think your due a few teases. 030830
endless desire people tell me i'm really easy to make fun of
and fun to tease.
i still haven't decided if this is good or bad
but sometimes i purposefully set myself up,
it's just too fun to pass up
and throw a fit and be high_maintanence.
maybe it's because im a stupid silly girl.

this word has two meanings

im not a tease.
that boy used to say i was.
i dont talk to him anymore.
i dont like boys--they're not nice at all
i just like kisses.
and then i thought,
girls can kiss too.
magicforest yes, I certainly can.

I mean...

yes, they certainly can.
endless desire and she said, "fuck"
because she couldn't spell

paradox you say hello darling, then go out with her. you talk about sex with me, then go out with another one. you flirt, you get back my attention, you apoligize, then i see you with her. but ofcourse you say i am a great friend. well, i would say fuck you, but, you'd say yes please. grrr 040315
Syrope i think i may have met my mentor
i know exactly what girls do with their body language to add levels to ordinary conversation, but no one's ever made me forget what i was saying before.

and when i told you you were beautiful, you tossed your hair and giggled. you already knew. we still have to go toy shopping soon.
globalfruitbat so you're too sick, hmm?
then if we're, say in the hot tub, okay
and it's all dark, only one or two stars
and I sit on your lap, right and slip my hand
slick with water and jets bubbles
twisting down into your trunks
and oh! what do i find here, but a toy
something warm to play with
as I press my back up against your chest
and the few drops of rain drip off the trees
so cold above the neck
with your hands
hard and demanding inside the
top two trianlges of my bikini
as my hands move inside your trunks
those red and white trunks
with your hairs all wet and pulled back from your face
in the decklight making you look oh so weak kneed creating

then i slip away and stand in the middl
well aware of the light behind me
the glisten of water poolig off my shoulders.
the curve of my breats and the dip
of my waist in front of you
as I casually mention something about not
being able to breathe underwater
and oh isn't it a shame

it that teasing?
tonya in the auditorium MEOW!

what's it to you?
who go