donaldson the way the road starts to remind me of her, right about 5 in the afternoon 990606
ikon he talks to me and yeah, maybe some part of me is listening, but i'm really just staring at his naked body, the curve of his thighs where they meet with his waist, the dip in his shoulders; dancing my fingers over the softness of his skin and thinking "this is beauty." 000117
Q ohhhh, gawd!!!!!

call 911. i can't breathe!
BoofPixie i turn to angles when i see them looking. 000310
Midnight Bliss let life throw you a curve every now and then, but don't misinterpret it.

Curves add mystery.

curves add security.

curves add pleasure }:^|~
lotusflower great band.
pubic fruit rules.
gaudior sometimes, when i'm alone...

...i imagine her. every line, every graceful sweep of her form. i know all of her by heart, and i know that her body and soul were put here as a gift to all of us. the curves of her...
jennifer good magazine
got me in trouble
I don't care
still good magazine
grendel in beautiful proportion and symmetry;
ample here
delicate there...
and contained within her glorious form are charm and wit enough to have disarmed all of my tricks and wiles

to be hers would be a more welcome rapture than any religious experience
kate there this curve in the back of your neck where hands below. 001023
kate dammit. belong. 001023
yourbasicgirl Curves can be unerving but taking them like a sleak silver porche is something we must all learn! 011227
ClairE me.

It excites me to think of you thinking of me.
aa I smile 031207
Borealis the crescent of your cheek
sloping down to a strong neck
your smooth shoulders
along the small of your back
the curve of your waist
your navel
your thighs

my hands are folded, and waiting

think like the exit ramp
speeding along an exit ramp..

still waiting
kx21 The scent of threat_spike... 040409
me well now this is a new curveball...

i love this girl. yes i do. i think about her pretty much all the time. when i come home from work, she;s the one I want to talk to, and she'ts the one I do talk to. when she's not around, i get disappointed. i sincerley hope the best for her. i love her. but i don't care if she leaves. and i dont care if i meet someone else, hell i want to. now this is gonna take a while to figure out...
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