erub tah side co juicy * 001204
startfires the look in your eyes takes another faltering stab
it's not gonna work tonight
i am still sitting here unmelted

the touch of your fingers on my skin
doesn't make me feel any more human
you aren't speaking to me
i am not what you think

the only gratification i get
the only fucking reimbursement i will ever need
is to see you looking so vulnerabe
with your pants around your ankles
this is the time i will look you in the eye
not because i want you
but because i want you to feel uncomfortable
at least for a moment
so you remember the power i had over you
and not the grip you had on me
startfires (copywright *2000 etsj inc.) 001204
pETAH i wouldnt mind licking her 010102
misstree our feet curled, playing out small flesh games as our words wove a net meant to capture and enrapture...

but it was when your fingers stroked my ankles that you caught me.
flo fat ankles! there is nothing wierder that a normal slim person who has hugely fat ankles. not a common sight and all the stanger for it. i wonder if there is a dutch magazine that eroticises the phenomena.
answers on a postcard boys and girls.
sweetheart of the song tra bong The women down the hall are talking about ankles and I am mad at myself for not remembering what yours look like. Or your shoes, fingernails, shape of your glasses. You’re leaving me piece by piece. I’m going after you. 030829
monee crack like crazy 041222
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