amorfus oh shit. There it is... its right there, I see it.

praise jesus?
typhoid an escape from noise you will find
in your vision, your mind.
tourist Ever set somthing down while doing a job
and then you can't find it again? You haven't moved ten feet or left the room,but you can't find the object no matter how hard you look. So you start to look in all the weird places that you know it isin't, just because you've already exhausted all the places it should be, and if you don't know where something IS then it COULD be anywhere!
It makes me wonder if there are holes in the universe that things fall into only to POP! back out of once I've given up the search. Usually into my pocket.
I don't know about you, but this stuff happens to me all the time.
Unified Voice Capturing light. 010907
whitechocolatewalrus eating light
to make me more bright
glow from the inside
burning my need to hide
a strange sight
occurring on a strange night.
aM i DiStUrBeD? Why have you reveived me?
Come to save the day?
Taught me how to see again,
end the path that leads my way.

Feet and mind grwoing wiery,
On this familiar way,
Change this route, my purpose,
Is this just another day?

How could i see like this?
This blanket that covers my eyes,
Obscured by my vision
This thought now cold as ice.

Wiery eyes are failing,
Closing tightly shut.
Forsaken as my heart is
My mind now stuck in the rut.

Am i disillusioned?
Lost on the road of my life?
Can i find another way?
Or is my heart to pay the price?

Why would i think like this?
What is it that i have done?
How could i end up this way?
Why cant i find someone?
phil? What are
things you haven't seen with your eyes?
me things have been weird recently. unexpected, no, just weird.

i think i can sort of see the future. its weird, i don't want to believe it myself, but i think its true. its way scary.
poo if you could see the future, than nothing would be unexpected.... 050616
Jordan I see him

I blame evolution

For giving me eyes to see

For i see lies

and that is pain
what's it to you?
who go