kay-tie in my pocket i keep a secret.
its a real deep pocket and im almost positive you'll never get it.

its mine. all mine.
when im alone sometimes i'll take it out. i'll take it out and wonder how it came to be that i dont trust anyone enough to let them into my pocket deep.

maybe you too have a deep pocket that you keep away from me. it's okay sweetheart..... i dont want in.
No Pants Get your damn hands out of my pockets. I know your just fishing for spare change. 040407
js what does he have in his pocketses? 041110
qazual a pick-pocket pocketed before i had a chance to lock it, before i could give it you. i dont know why i was picked. now my pocket only has lint. now only these words can turn your gray skies blue. 050104
Pao let's go fishinf for a dream let's find some place new 050705
iRageFace change, keys and cigarettes 060814
what's it to you?
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