andrea the sound of it on
the other end of the line
sent me into tears

and you asked to speak
with my mother
so i handed her the phone
and seconds later
her arms were embracing me
and i cried even harder

i knew you could hear
but could you feel?
were the emotions striking
my insides with tons of force
doing the same to you?

your voice was soft
but i couldn't tell if
it was because you were
trying, attempting to comfort me
or if you didn't want
someone in the other room
to hear you call me

copyright 2000
grendel listening to The Sundays at my desk while i work...

what a voice.
sweetheart of the song tra bong Vietnam. 020114
eyedream drive me 030507
noone Baby why do you hurt me 051117
an existentialistic humanist I know of a book.
An excellent book, which is called the things they carried
and in this book is a girl who goes into the jungle.
The girl dies
but there exists a... something else
that came and inhabited her soul
replacing it
fulfilling it
with nothing, which somehow had more of a something about it than the something
she had had before.
Since that something wasn't chosen, but instead just there.

Welcome to the high that comes before death, which is better than the nothing that is so often life.

But isn't necessarily.
Poor girl who couldn't find life before she found death.
In_Bloom Excellent book and good example of spiral into insanity. 090109
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