vicious a single tear drops down her swollen cheek and lands, softly, onto her bruised hands and bleeding fingernails 000108
calliope they're yummy
it seems like they're not
they hurt to cry
and very salty
but they're tiny little rivers of joy
don't you feel better after a good cry?
ok well not all the time but it does help
ever wonder why we cry? why salty water comes out our eyes??
somehow it's beautiful
so sad
Tiffa take my breath away
these tears are pure emotion
i love the sound the make
but i sob at each loss
trying are the times when you dont know what to think
tears are the loss of a shard of my soul
to which i would give to two willingly enough
its the sacrifice that kills me
such a child
i weep
Tiffa this is how it is done, Misha 000522
Omni Elements of the soul...lost fragments of time, and essences of purity once thought to be meaningful. 000522
moonshine best to cry in the rain.. then your tears are undistinguishable..you and the rain become one 000613
Zoe i have not cried for two years. i think that something is wrong with me. i still feel. i wish i did tear up sometimes, then maybe people would think of me as a person, instead of a monster 000716
cowgirl some people may say i cry too much but for me crying is a way to relieve stress. god i miss j sooo much i thinmk i wqill never stop crying 000716
Tiffa I only cry invisible tears. i cry for those I have lost, those i will lose. my face is never wet and yet my heart is in constant agony. Yes, i try to be happy, yes i try to have fun. But i am always crying. When i feel sad i put blue glitter under my bottom eyelashes. Because, well, I only cry *invisible* tears. 000727
psycho babe tears in which they come from our eyes... the figure which it the window to our soul people say.......... what a lie. what a fucking bunch of shit. Tears are the way we say how we feel, not only from fears, hopes, anger, and dreams.... they express us all in ways we cant even grasp upon....
taunght me all you want, but i'll never change..
starkissed somehing i never knew until recently...like riding a bike, one you master it is so difficult to forget 001109
sabbie sometimes i get so sad
i cry
and tears run down my face
and i like the feeling
of the trails of tears
as they make their sad journey
down my face
and he gently touches my cheek
and holds up his finger
where he has caught
a glistening single tear
and he smiles in the way
only he can
and although its always nice to cry
and its all romantic
and ever so touching
i produce the same effect
with hayfever
sabbie and i hate how
if you cry
when youre lying on your back
how the tears run
down the line of your cheekbones
and make little pools
in your ears
Snakeyes Tears of Rage

We carried you in our arms
On Independence Day,
And now you'd throw us all aside
And put us on our way.
Oh what dear daughter 'neath the sun
Would treat a father so,
To wait upon him hand and foot
And always tell him, "No"?
Tears of rage, tears of grief,
Why must I always be the thief?
Come to me now, you know
We're so alone
And life is brief.

We pointed out the way to go
And scratched your name in sand,
Though you just thought it was nothing more
Than a place for you to stand.
Now, I want you to know that while we watched,
You discover there was no one true.
Most ev'rybody really thought
It was a childish thing to do.
Tears of rage, tears of grief,
Must I always be the thief?
Come to me now, you know
We're so low
And life is brief.

It was all very painless
When you went out to receive
All that false instruction
Which we never could believe.
And now the heart is filled with gold
As if it was a purse.
But, oh, what kind of love is this
Which goes from bad to worse?
Tears of rage, tears of grief,
Must I always be the thief?
Come to me now, you know
We're so low
And life is brief.
Rhin I guess I do have tears left, because I'm crying...and they won't goddamn stop! 001206
chanaka symbolize my vulerability. yet i must. oh, how i wish i didn't have to cry. how i wish i was able to. 001206
silentbob it could be crying.
but it could also be tiny rips on something. small tears in the fabric of my sanity, let all the irrationality shine through.
d 'All these moments will be lost in Time like tears in the rain' - R.B 001207
me tears running down my face, i hate myself 001227
unhinged i was so angry yesterday that i couldn't stop the tears from streaming down my face. my hands were shaking as i stumbled out of bed to brush my teeth. i don't think he realizes that the more he controls me the quicker it makes up my mind to leave. love has nothing to do with it. 001227
john from michigan but lost in L.A. It's another day, that I can't see to many tears and I'm the only one who knows what they mean in my own catergory. Fallen in love again with another just like me. Can't see the reflection in the mirror but I hope he hurts when he's on his knees heaving at the drain. Bringing it all back up. I could only wish that the tears he hides will cause a accident and a drowning of a soul that hurts a soul that's empty and could care less about me than the shallow feelings of fucking me. 001228
cazzi fall 001228
peyton afterwards.. I exhale..

I feel like I've just been born again.. baptised..

Won't someone taste my tears.. won't someone understand why I cry..
you know me *whispers*
i do..
flower messages from far away people 010130
Crespi I've been crying over her for so long.
I wonder if she has ever cried over me.
Megan I burst into tears for the first time with you on the phone because of him. Why were you the first one to hear me cry? Thus far the only one of my friends to ever really hear me cry? Because you were a nosy, prying bitch, and I am too open and trusting for my own good, that's why. It's because I thought I could trust you. I thought that you would understand, that you would feel my pain, because you'd been there. Do you know what you did? Of course you do, but that selective memory of yours might obscure things a bit. Let me clarify. You not only continued to do EXACTLY what would twist the knife farther in, you feigned ignorance. Or you're just dumb. That last one is more believable, and as much as my heart bleeds for you(not), I'm not going to subject myself to a friend who hurts me, no matter how ignorant or how unintentional her actions are.

I'm not crying for you.
Marc Tears are raw emotions made visible to the naked eye, for they are the result of the mind producing more emotion than the body can contain. 010130
grayface Inside I cry. Nobody sees these tears but me, leaving my soul soggy, waiting... to drown. 010201
glassprincess Beads of tears...
A descent so cold...
abms all by myself.. i dont want to be all by myself.. anymore. though i have lots of friends it seems none really even the closest ones understand my feelings. 010330
Chrity go to:
mitra need now
how to make them go?
guess nobody knows
no real tears
just movements of muscles
psychobabe awesome 010823
distorted tendencies I think all I ever do is cry.
The sad thing is that I am crying for you. Not because of you.
Shugarhi Out of all the tears I've cried, the ones I regret the most are the one I cried for you. 010924
Toxic_Kisses Autumn falls against the late summer,
Adding red to the green leaves,
like the blood of Mother Nature
Slowly dieing
As another beer can is tossed
into a lake of her tears
sunshine beg cool comfort streaming down my face
purifying the pain you gave me
synchronized sorrow, drop in place
carrying my memories to the sea
drifting through the sanctity of love
past the ignorance of bliss
the divine rain sent from above
washing away true love's kiss
anti-social butterfly more recently have been crimson colored tears escaping my flesh, which at least keeps me from the traditional kind of tears 011105
kerry when my room is tinted magenta and my nose is runny and my cheeks are tracked with tears i cover my ears so that my breathing is louder than the music
i hate being here more than anything. i hate this room and house and city and state and i want to run away like people i write about.
they're all so cool and eevrything works out.
there was a shift in the galaxy and what was my destiny now belongs to her.
unhinged i feel asleep crying because the world looked so bleak. he said she described me as i looked like i was ready to cry. "i wonder if her bloodshot eyes are from lack of sleep or all the pot she smokes." that's just how i look when i fall asleep with tears in my eyes. but i woke up today amidst all the rain and i realized that there are some things to live for. a year and a half may be a long time to live like this, but there is a rainbow at the end of the rain. so i might take a break from tedium this winter to welcome my new little niece and dedicate my life to what it should be dedicated to. the sunshine that chases away the tears; the talent that divides my life from the bleak to the ecstatic. if i wasn't sad, then i wouldn't have anything to be happy for. 011206
ClairE larmes

they're not fun.
i just hate them.
Becky She moved her hand to brush the tears from his eyes.. and realized as she was doing so that what she really wanted to do was reach in and brush them from his soul. 020113
schroedinger emotions welled up inside poured out
as you sobbed, cradled in my arms
but I didn't know what this meant
I was too young, too naive to know
how you expressed your emotions
and how I could express them as well
so, aware of the risk of looking foolish,
you dried your tears and pretended that everything had somehow been improved
but I knew it hadn't
I could still see the sadness behind your uneasy smile
I knew the pain concealed in your laughter
but I didn't know what to do with it
and I'm sorry
I hope we'll work it out someday
angie i need to cry
i got facewash
in my eye
the burnt skin
tears cleanse
water falls
Arwyn his tears fell on me as he sobbed his heart out. The moment we had been dreading for a week had come and we both knew it. I tried to hold mine back, but broke when I realized the dream we had been deluding ourselves with was just that. A dream. No we weren't going to spend the next month in Hawaii and then spring off to Europe and finally Canada (cause every vacation needs balance... ). We had to realize that we were going to miss the entire summer and fall and a little of winter... If only we had planned this better. I could have stayed. We wouldn't have to worry about missing one another, unless it were during working hours. But no. I caved to my mother's will. *hangs head* baby, I don't deserve you... 020518
Syrope i cry so much, it's a testimony to my nature. weepy and welling up, overflowing. i'll always remember one time...i was sitting on my floor with my back against my bed, on the side of my room across from the door. the floor space was just wide enough for me to sit with my knees drawn up. talking to him on the phone. he was telling me things about myself that i didnt want to hear, but i knew they were true. i held back tears, and he said something...i don't remember what...and i laughed - a short, unexpected burst of laughter...and the tears came. it was the only time i was able to cry and not hide it in my voice...i sounded fine, but the tears streamed and splashed onto the phone, onto my shirt..the purest tears i've ever cried 020611
kill rhythm i cried yesterday. i really dont know why. and the last time before that was april 15. its amazing how i can remember the dates of so many things that happen to me, but when i need to take a history exam, im fucked 020611
PEACELOVESHEEP tears are so beautiful.
...if only i wasnt crying...
stacey Blue Skies Bring Tears
Unleash the armageddon
So all the children go to heaven
I sit by quiet still with their pictures on my eyes
You'll draw the guns you're given
Write down the words as written
And never disturb the presence of resurrection crutch
And it's about time
It's about drawing near
Blue skies bring tears
Blue skies bring tears
Descend the darkened stairways
Make hate with plastic playmates
And fire out remaining traces of your self esteem
Mainline the deepest secrets
Lick clean the dirty fingers
I am a stranger to you as you are to yourself
And it's about time
It's about fear
Blue skies bring tears
Don't you want me
As I awake the city sigh
We'll watch the seasons die
Blue skies bring tears
Take me inside your body
Cover me with your soul
To the darkest recess
Is where I wish to go
You are the sweetest flower
That I have ever devoured
I ask for nothing given
For nothing in return
Blue skies bring tears
devalis A thousand tears to stop the flame
brought by the hatred of my name
a thousand more, all from my soul
that lies an empty, worthless hole
Sailor Jupiter No man is worth crying over and the one that is won't make you cry. 020808
Boymansonbowie Yesterday I just couldn't hold them back. I used to be the girl who had no soul, but yesterday I sat in the grass in a little ball in the middle of the fair and cried like a little baby in front of everyone. I hope you saw me and I hope you know that every single one of those tears was caused by you. 020811
*nat* cried last night al because of the game 020821
*nat* i normally cry @ films, cry when close friends or relatives leave, when i am extremely happy, when i have hayfever. But i never cry @ stupid things like arguments, or insults. So why is it that last night, whilst finishing crying about the game (how so very pathetic of me) i opened my wardrobe door, only to look @ the mirror, notice that my hair isnt as long and wavy as it used to be, my stomach isnt as flat as it used to be, my arms are getting fat because i stopped discuss throwning for a while, my bum is geting bigger, and, worst of all, my once booming self confidence.......


Its remains are begging me to start a missing persons enquiry, as my mind is is missing the outrageousness it once had. And afterall, my confidence was my persona
~gez~ that is so sad. i'd cry but im not that emotionally unstable. so i won't. ill try my very hardest to help you restore your confidence, help you rebuild your life, even if it is only a shadow of its former self, a life that he helped destroy. who reckons we go on a killing spree 020822
Asrai a sacrament of emotion and pain. a little salty. you just don't understand! 020922
blown cherry Must be the stongest part of me
- they're absolutely unstoppable
littleidiot they left me for quite a while, but now they're back.. they seemed to enjoy the cold, my tears, and they always come out to have a look-see when im walking home and its cold.. and people always look at me funny because of it. 021112
Lilac I faced that television, one eye completly weeping the other dry. The side you could see was normal. The side no ones sees is silently_screaming as the salty tears sting my skin. 021222
sprhrgrl symbols of pain on my lover's nose tell me.

that we .can. trust. and, more, we .will.

even if it takes time.
jane i like it when they chase each other down my cheeks and then pry their way into my mouth
they taste like the sea
girlnamedlover I have no one to touch 021228
blown cherry brush one away,
and another just takes it's place.
gustwaffle .broken glass falls from my eyes, stinging all the way down. 030201
Rael I need to be alone to cry. 030312
sometimes is never good enough "what are you going to learn from a woman like that? Twenty seven names for tears?"

-What are 27 names for tears. email me.-

i cry tears of blood driipping from my wrsits
Bizzar Most of the time unwelcome, bringing with them thoughts of anger, leaving evidence of their presence in trails of pain down your cheeks.

They make my eyes heavy, and my brain tired. With them comes streams of painful thoughts, that never end.
me When you watch those oldfashion movie dose it bring tears to your eyes, to watch those happy ending movies in silence knowing that they are movies made up to know your life is not a movie and that you might not get that happy ending dose that bring tears to your eyes? To watch the kids movie with the prince always finding and saving the princess do tears form in your eyes woundering when your prince will come? 030422
shorlove t e a r s f o r f e a r s. 030422
Bizzar All I need to make this better is for you to be there for me, and you cant even do that. In these past 9 months I have asked for nothing from you. What do you know? Its exactly what Ive gotten. All I wanted tonight was to hear you tell me you love me, and itll all be ok, but its all just too much to ask. My problems, my frustrations are insignificant, because youre perfect. Nothing I feel matters, because you dont need me. I want to keep writing, but I cant even put into words how much you hurt me tonight Tom.

What will it take to make you actualy care about me as a person? Should I bottle up all the tears Ive shed because of you? Im already on my knees, should I get further down? You make me want to hurt myself. Physical pain cant come close to the pain in my heart. My head is going to explode, and you dont even care. You have never cared.

What do I have to do to make you love me the way youve loved in the past? It isnt fair. Ive given you everything I have, and I have never loved another more, and I just keep hoping that someday youll realize just how much I would sacrafice for you, and maybe youd appreciate it... but I guess thats just not possible.

There is a black hole in my stomache. And a vice on my head. All I want is for you to love me, and care about how I feel. Not push me away. Things cant always be pleasent... we're humans. I guess youre satisfied just as long as Im quiet. As long as everything is peaceful, I cant count on you the second something goes wrong.

Why does it have to be like this?
NoAway I'm sorry. 030427
hollow_flaming words that tear are too readily found, sorrow is a natural state, tears too often wept. 030509
me but then there are other kinds of tears too, the soft word you get when you're feeling blue, a thought of love can also make you cry; vitriol for me, for you lullaby? 030510
Fightback Tears fell down from here eyes
she cried a lot in her life
but it wasnt till this time
that she truly felt
what it was to cry with grief
a young girl, a young heart
her hearts bleed
theres always a next Victim
Poor she... Poor she
dreams shattered apart
who knows if her heart will ever
beat the same??
the universe is not what it used to be
the sun, moon, and stars are not the sun, moon, and stars she used to know,
will it be the same???
the world is different and
the universe has changed.....
crimson I used to be so sad
I bled tears
oldephebe I've been dragging my feet through this autistic prophylactic lately, kind of like being embossed in amber with just enough space towalk and er process oxygen - I've had these wierd lucid dreams where I'm crying over some great trajedy or loss of a loved one (old friends from school) - and then my sub-conscious summons me out of the lucid dream and it's like i get the impression I chiding myself for being such a wilting flower in my dreams

tears - enough all ready

although I do cry when I'm deep in prayer

oldephebe what's an apt metaphore to convey the feeling of walking through sludge - every muscle aching acutely and yet vaguely, and all the color is being bled out of the world, and there are no sharp edges to anything, every things been kind of child proofed perceptually that is, obtuse and rounded edges, acute melancholy? no because there's this disquieting absence of emotion or concern, there's this anthracitic hole where your heart used to be and it coughs up these deep grey clouds of charcoal or dust as it tries to approximate what used to be your vibrant, and oh so resilient heart beat

is foraging through a fugue
shoccolo ...are the weak.

breaking, when no one has any glue to glue with...
Ter I feel worthless all the time. My two best friends, my only friends left. We weren't gossipers but we were all strangely empathetic. We saw everyone around us, theyr'e eyes, theyr'e hearts, their souls. We saw everyone around us deeply. We clung together to hide from everyone elses hate, grief and pain. We were all very close. I got news that one of my friends was leaving. leaving me and my other friend alone. we would survive, he would survive, he was leaving for a better place. the next day i found out my lasy friend was leaving. i am left behind. my tears go to you, my friends. to you i owe everything. I am left behind. because our light was stronger the darkness was deeper. the light of my world left. i am left behind. three days ago i looked at myself in the mirror and cried. it's al over. three days ago i contemplated suicide. i live with my grief like i live with a careless roommate. he's there but you can only block him out. not send him away. even now my eyes tear. i miss life. i miss light. to you i owe everything. we were brothers. we were friends. to you i owe everything


once again You know that feeling?
Right before the tears fall?
That painful, awful feeling,
when the tears just want to roll?
And worse yet when your lost,
oh so lost,
in the fear and the pain,
and you’re sad, but the tears,
they don’t rain?
When your cheeks stay so dry
and you just cannot cry
and the pain stays an ache,
while your heart simply breaks?
Do you know that feeling?
lovely i'm hurt 031019
pansy Like pearls
They fall from my heart
Tearing it on a half
Like water
They take with them
All joy leaving sorrow and pain
Like dumb scream
They ring in my ears
Driving me mad
Why do they keep washing my eyes?
queen of darkness my tear's my hiding place,
and yet it reveals who I really am inside, and what my heart is really feeling.
but somehow the tears make it all so much better, especially when they mix with the blood.
**cry you fucking left me damn it! 040201
**cry you fucking left me damn it! 040201
cry you fucking left me damn it! 040201
taffy tears come when ur heart bleeds 040219
broken i am crying. i want to run to you and have you hold me. i want you to tell me it will be ok. i want you to kiss my tears away. i wish i had you to hold so could feel better. but you are the reason im crying. 040331
her royal highness the quirk "I know... It's a concoction of years of bitterness and loneliness mixed with love and tender heart and happiness. Just remember the way they taste before you let them from your eyes." 040407
a girl like me i've cried my share of tears and now i'm done. i want to move on, but im frozen. 040502
pete i was shocked to feel them growing beneath my eyes while i told my dad about my most recent disappointment. when we hung up i walked around the apartment once, and then called my mom. she tore into me. or into who she thought i was. her strikes hurt me in a way she would not imagine. how could my mother be so wrong about who i am? to i really seem that way to her? how can a manager being unable to recall that "i'll call you with the details" mean that he is supposed to call, not me, and he not returning my ample calls.. how is that my fault? how does that mean that I am irresponsible? i fought them back while she talked.. attacked me. i could on making concurring sounds, anything else would call them out. after a sustained quater hour of attacks she finally hung up to finish cooking. then, subsequently my older sister told me later, she rang out at my little brother, the one who tells her i am an alcoholic, the one who lies to her about how i spend my money, the one that probaly makes her think i am who i am not. that little bastard got what he deserved.. but.. my mother should not be faced with such deception. when she hung up the phone, i hung up, walked around the apartment, holding strong, and turned off all the lights. i lit a stick of incense and put in on the floor before the couch where i proceeded to collapse upon, holding the afghan tight to my stomach and cry my first tears in a time longer than i can count. they came, and flowed, and chritened the couch, stuck to my face, opened the world to me and let it go all at once. i got up, still with the tears streaming down my face, and picked up the stick of incense. i walked around the apartment. from the living room, through the kitchen, the first bathroom, the first bedroom, the foye, the second bedroom, the living room, the kitchen.. around and around until the stick of incense was reduced from half its hight to nothing. my computer called me as i sat down with a cup of tea, so i took the pot and cup with me and played a thinking computer game for a few hours, losing myself in its ways, in its complexities, becoming the characters to escape... then my phone rang. i felt like screening it, but decided against it after three rings. "hello" "hey kiddo" "hey bizzy whats up"... we talked for about half an hour, exchange invitations to eachothers places of residence, knowing niether could afford it anytime soon. my big sister gave me comfort through that call.. when she hung up, i existed my computer can, ate some pita and peanut butter, and proceeded to watch all six hours of the movie Dune, which the guys whose apartment i am living in left. it eased me away, as i noted how much of the story was missing, but likewise how much more i enjoyed this six hour film which tried to hold as much as possible to the book, much more than the disappointing lord of the rings movies even attempted to do. Maud'Dib Maud'Dib Maud'Dib Maud'Dib.... The characters didnt fit into my picturings of them, but they are real actors in the film, figments in my imagination. sleep didnt come easily.. i spoke to the star on the west frame of my bed, i kissed her good night.. and sleep did not come. i shivered beneath all three of my blankets when just the day before i almost had an asthma attack because i was running in weather much to warm and much to humid through a city... i shivered and felt the tears well but not come, such a familiar painful feeling.. i asked questions of that star.. i hope they were heard.. now i sit here in the hums lounge all alone, typing a huge blathe.. hoping to be read by the star.. may my questions be answered, and may the sun shine once again as the birds sing... or let the thunder crash upon this city... 040503
xxshadow_goddessxx The tears from a day past gone...the tears from a broken soul-bleeding crimson tears. All of the soul locked away silenced with the fears. A fallen hope, has lost its way again, and the rain continues to fall, as the pain begins to swell. The tears are a realese, my realese to escape this terrible reality, so when I open my eyes again all I can see is the blur, and I can ascend into the illusions of my mind, when dreams become my reality. And there are no more crimson tears... 040530
just someone reminds me of him... of his tears, no one wants to see- forcing him to smile into the camera and to play... to play the happy one, to play that he has no clue how it is to cry and to taste your tears... reminds me...yeah 040603
just someone nick 040603
just someone nick 040603
clarity i cried an ocean and still that was not enough 040604
vermillion clarity 040604
puredream a new journey captured in a falling crystal prism...
bouncing with rainbows of new dreams and forever tomorrows...
tears for the music lost...
tears for music to come...
ofsuch i am losing far too much salty water from my body

please ofsuch just stop thinking about him and please focus on others things

please please please

you are just hurting yourself more

i cant remember the last time i cried for so many days on end throughout each day

i have even managed to smear waterproof mascara
quite a feat
all it takes is a flash flood of tears at any given moment

you know
in the middle of class
while ringing someone up
while driving by a store
while being in my car
when even seeing water spots in the inside of my windshield

do i really love him or am i obsessed?
i am probably some fucking psychopath that needs serious help

i have been crying far too long for this to be love

because if i really loved him, i could stop crying

and i am happy for him
did i really let him go though?
physically i did
but in my mind did i?

god i hate myself so much more when he is not around
and i feel like such a failure at so much that i do

then again

i always failed him too
i was always a failure at the things i did with him too

shit when did i become a failure when i try and push so hard?

dont you dislike it when that happens?
you try so hard, only to step back and realize it was all for nothing because you failed and didn't even see it until you removed yourself and looked at it from a different perspective.
Symphonic I only have one left,
a single tear building like a dam,
a river in a single tear.
absoloot so red
so opaque
tell me what you're made of
just a fucky phony
you're killing her
in your idiotic
you murder hearts
accept no tears
not offered yet not lost
you will pay in your regret
of your childish game
but shed your tears
and receive no mercy from this harden
Llania Humans are the only animals who cry. 050316
BitterSweetDream Don't waste them on me. 050502
HidingOnTheWall We're talking, she's crying, and even though I've already been rejected, all I can think about is kissing away her tears. If only it were that simple. I wish that in the field, instead of being cold and quiet, we could have kissed and cried and apologized. 060316
kasia sad 060318
celexa stay away from all broken people 060620
what's it to you?
who go