french kiss "well of course you know him. all you bastards know each other." 981010
kathryn nolite te bastardes caborundorum 981013
Rainer Krauss Don't play with the bastards, they're only about beating you up and stealing your murmurs. Play with the nice, happy and cleanly dressed kids, and if they don't want to let you and call you a bastard, try to be nice and happy and cleanly dressed, go twist yourself totally, and if you don't get it and it totally distorts your soul and you're getting depressed because you cannot be what you want to be, you might either become a bastard, jump off a roof or life a live of agony and conservatism.

Hey, ain't that The American Dream? 'Be something you're not.' ?
Emma TS A word that means much more than a bad upbringing. The Irony is that a real bastard could have a great Life and be the nicest friends you might ever have. They can be mean if you don't listen and they feel lonely, but can be lovin'. 990318
Chris Bunny 990320
jules you play me, you confuse me. you don't care about what i feel. you say things just to piss me off. why do i still take this? YOU SAY I OVER-USE THE WORD BASTARD. no i think i only do when i'm around you. ugh. 990323
Lamont a person lacking in the fatherly category 990625
lyric is whomever or whatever you decide, i personally know enuff of em and my opinion is that they sukk... 991003
Midnight Bliss he messed with my mind, he played games with my heart. he tormented my emotions, he pranced on my soul...he threatened to kill me, chop me up like the butcher...but i showed him didn't i? i found all his little secrets he had hidden behind closed doors...i pulled out his secrets and smacked him in the face with them...i tortured him with his own fears...i showed him, that bastard. 000320
s fucker 000522
moonshine fat bastard... 000522
nomore deep down
you know in your heart
that it's pathetic to have the feelings
those certain feelings you have
for no one else but him
you know you didn't have
a future together
you know he had nothing to offer
but has the personality,
the charm, and the intelligence
and how you found comfort
in his every word
his every glance
his every touch
you knew he didn't feel quite the same
and that it wasn't mutual
but had that special something.
the connections been broken
there shouldn't be a tear sliding down my cheek
there should be no pain
because you knew it would end
even though there was no beginning
and now all I can do
is sink in my chair
and tell myself that there will be other people
but none like him.
silentbob Im the son of a sailor
im the son of a sailors son.
elimeny Bastard.

I'll bet you don't even bleed.
carrie "bastard son of james dean! he's beautiful and would look good in a sack!" --Boy George 001127
Jacob the liar i have a chicken named bastard 010608
blown cherry (repeats every word nomore wrote)

I was leaning on the steering wheel staring out the foggy window, when you leaned over from the passengers side and hugged me from behind.
You bastard.

I wish you'd stop calling yourself that.
You know I'll never really believe that you are.
Maybe self centred and cruel, but not a bastard.

I dare say I'd be exactly the same in your situation.
I dare say I have been.
eklektic chunky ass bastard...go fucking knock your own wood. 020516
Kate Maybe we should make buttons that say bastard on them. Except each letter will be on its own gray button. You can line them up on your not homemade messenger bag strap and display them proudly. And if you were in classes anymore without your girls to look at, you would be bored and you'd rearrange them to see what you could spell. I think my hate and my love neutralize each other so now I just know that you are there. 020516
kerry we call each other dirty bastards all the time 020516
CRO Australian Order of Old Bastards.
(sometimes Australasian)
whitney didnt really have a choice now did i? 030206
scewing for virginity son of chilvery

god bless the people who know what im talking about
Aimee yes sir, that's my baby, no sir I don't mean maybe!

I know that's kinda crass, but it is kinda sorta true, and it's funny to me... kay... bye!
faygo i love u
and i love the psychopathic family.. insane clown posse, twiztid,... i'm down until I'm dead in the ground.
ethereal Nolite te bastasrdes carborundorum. 040305
ethereal wow, i wrote this blather then read others and someone already wrote that.

marjorie It was totally my fault
for trusting you
what's it to you?
who go