vicious the indescribable memory of
you kissing him
the sound
hot mouth on mouth
the shallow breathing
not to make a sound
sweet samll gestures
a hand placed
behind your head
my mouth opening as yours
shlow tongue
sharp inhale
the fear
the joy
being caught
or even suspected
but the biting pleasure
of truly
getting away with it
vicious read voyeur 000507
Zeroshin the blue in green. 010118
sabbie and it drifts away
and is gone
almost like it never was.
hidden back there, in the days gone by
and nothing ever came of it
god a dream in a mist of grey
on a far distant shore
unhinged tell me if you could the difference between love and abuse 020406
god benevolence and mistreatment, i think 020406
xXShadow_GoddessXx I want to hide,
I want to just vanish away,
I want to disappear into the abyss,
I want to be alone in my small world,
where I can stay hidden...from the reality.
The Wolfs Path Hidden are the windows
that reach
pieces of me
cracked windowsill
on which my heart lies
needs some paint
The window is smeared
as the smoke clouds
the view of me
watching the paint run
Rachel Secrets in the dark,
Glimpses of the past,
Are you listening?
Can you see them?
cdcarbine All of me is hidden. I don't know who to show me to. Who to reveal me. 040910
fenriz I must remain hidden. I'm too EVIL.
The core is as black as soot.
alex being subtle 050913
what's it to you?
who go