zenfishsticks inexplicable
this pull between us
a product of proximity
you are a cloud born to roam
but for those brief moments
when you are caught
not even by me but by
the curve of this,
the swell of that,
which is okay because
i don't like you either
even if i am a cloud-watcher.

but stop doing that--
giving me those looks
that make the air vibrate
and the whole world stop breathing
for a moment where an
unaskable question lurks
in the darkness of silence.
you have no beauty
that i should desire you...
but the tension remains.
misstree the edge that i lay myself against to enjoy the best of you. 020129
ellen cherry charles why does it matter that I read his online journal entry? 020131
Syrope You know what..., the truth is - you did me a favor. Any delusions I may have still had about you - they're gone now. It was a gift! You released me. For the first time in months I feel great!

~Someone Like You
the blathes have eyes! hmm, while looking at this blathe i had the strange feeling that it was looking back at me. 030703
Syrope *mesmerized by the marquee* 030703
ferret hehe 030711
scuzz ♥ He learned the concept of name fun from me, sort of passed down. Are you sneaky? 030711
ferret no stupid child, i learned from user24! 030712
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