camille Moments

of Silence

are part

of the

the kitty kat when all ur words have escaped u and u relized that u are lost in his eyes and its okay..those are the best moments 010416
pissed off thats not fair I hate Kit Kats. 010416
Lindsey I let them tick by
from beneath the crook of his arm.
I watched them tick by
on his digital clock,
and pretended to be asleep
until one more precious moment
in bed with him,
would result in my getting fired.
monadh whirling motions in a painted sky 010422
Casey All that life is...

A laugh here
A tear there
Shugarhi In moments like that, it seems like time is the only enemy to be fought, the only enemy we have at all, everything else is peaceful and quiet and unthought of. 010920
distorted tendencies A soft breeze, suddenly gone. I hope the North wind comes soon.. so that I may move on.

Open the Next..
stacey when you look into his eyes and realize that he loves you, he kisses you softly on your lips.. thats when i realize those are my best moments 020524
Beth Are precious and few. But I tell you truly, Adam, Every single one we share is cherished. No one told me that falling in love felt like this. 020804
Beth Unfortunately, the moments I shared with Marion made me feel worthy too...or is that fortunately. Not that I'm bitter or anything... 021014
hope "All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain."
-Blade Runner
Sarta It's hard to not bleed from jagged moments... 030404
rage catching a glance
sensing a presence
an emotional_washing_machine
but a good one
quoted moments. sometimes he thinks all that he has that he can hang on to are the individual moments he has. the short, ephemeral experiences while stopping during a walk and staring at the shape of a maple leaf or touching the blossoms of an african torch lily. they (the moments) seem tangible and real. they depart but he has no regret seeing them go. it is not like that in the exchanges with people. people leave on their own accord because they choose to, not because it is part of their nature. 060805
nom i want to cry 060807
REAListic optimIST moments of shared stillness
ripple outward from our gaze
exciting those who witness
thus balancing the equation.
what's it to you?
who go