dallas an affirmative statement bearing good will and enjoyment. 981114
Quintessensual can't wait!

kumquats - yummy
andyfish my arms are big and sore from all the heavy rocks I moved the other day. today is about mashing the pedal to the floor and feeling four 45 inch tires and 500 foot-pounds of torque grab the pavement underneath a stream of angry black exhaust, pushing 15,000 pounds of steel towards some goal unknown. Today is a white zombie song set on rage. today is a momentarily endless string of words made meaningless by saying them. Today it all just goes away leaving me cold and with nothing to say. today is another day without medication. today is the second iteration, assymptotic, what is the limit. today all that matters was that I came home at the end of the day. today i just can't seem to say what it is I have to say.

So yeah, I'm okay. Why do you ask?
psyki not ok 000129
marjorie He always asks, "are you okay"
maybe a thousand times a day
but really less...
it keeps going in my mind though
long after he's gone
and i am alone whispering
"no, i'm not"
Tank player 000907
sleepless I'm OK.
You're OK.
One of my favourite lyrics
"I'm OK. You're so-so".
I think that says it all really.
fickle lady never ok
not me
no . . .
my wild extremes embrace every moment
few understand me
and those who do
are saints
(alas i am a sinner)
miniver Basically:

whence = from + where

But, I'm going to stop now, though.

I think I can do that much.

Besides, I'm the one who sounds like the Bible...
god run with it, dude. write another chapter or something. 001128
firefly effect Okay...finally for once. 010806
power trip i wish i was okay to go on
you make me wish i was alone
i can be here when you are gone
i can't come back if i go home.
crushed wrists it's been a long time since we've talked.. now, i want to get inside of your head.. to hear what i've been missing.. learn all your new secrets, all your hopes and dreams.. please tell me what you're thinking.. what you want to become.. what you've been doing these past couple of months.. just don't tell me how you feel.. i can't bare hearing that you're doing okay without me.. 031113
her royal highness the quirk "But you needed me more. And, as lonely as it makes you feel, I suspect you needed to hear about Ashley and I mixed with a bit of humor and cynicism. Overall, I think you're gonna be alright. Just so long as you don't focus on the goal or the journey to get there. Take in the scenery every now and again and you'll do fine. You're a beautiful person. There will be somebody else who will realize this and force it to surface from within you. And that's when everything will be alright." 040407
........ test 040407
story of eau so you don't love me.
i adjust accordingly.
no reason i don't know if i can be okay with things when the possibility of them happens right in front of my face 070318
rage things are okay.
i can't write when things are okay
and i can't stand absorbed in myself, and i can't come to blather.
no reason my head is not
the rest is not
i'm starting to wonder again what if anything is going on
Julia what it's gonna be if you just dance. 090626
In_Bloom Okay is a state of nothingness
It's the default of not okay

Like that game we play
"Are you well?"...
"I am not un well"
no reason i'm not sure i am 100312
dallas how are we all feeling? 240305
dallas how are we feeling? 240305
dallas how are we all doing? 240305
dallas how are we all doing? 240305
. eh
what's it to you?
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