Danny but I don't want it. I want to show. but I shouldn't. Should I? 990209
me? Something's going on between them
Something I can see
Nobody seems to pay attention
So it's up to me

They're always touching
Always looking
In a secret way
I thought that I might cut them deep
ricmariem the ones that drives life's mysteries to a full excitement
is what i have hidden after all these years
no one seems fit to have it heard from me nor my comment
i just try to hide it in smiles and tears
yanni Ever have a love affair? That's a big secret! 991207
valis read the invisibles. that is all.

oh, and is the word barbelith here? barbelith? hello?
valis didnt think so. 991207
a girl he brings these towels from the public restroom on the lobby. i take the elevator and meet him downstairs, by the storage room. it takes a few minutes to get undressed. use your imagination and it might be more interesting. we do our business with the paper towels & kiss goodnight. 991209
jack.frost if you find me, i'll tell you a secret
if you're ready, we've already met
if you slowly turn your head
lies are dry and truth is wet
Mary (but not really) I'm sorry, Steve.
I should have told you.
I shouldn't have kept it a secret.
Because then you would have understood
Why I am the way I am.
Why I didn't talk
Why I didn't laugh
Why I didn't sing
You thought this was me.
It wasn't me.
I wanted so much for you to know
The real me.
But not enough
To show you.
Not enough to tell you.
I'm sorry.
You didn't deserve that.
None of you deserved it.
If I get a second chance
I'll tell you.
I promise.
The real me promises.
mmm it really bothers me when someone so close enjoys keepin them from me, and letting me know she's doing it too. 010403
no one secrets don't make friends. 010403
The Truth There is no such thing as a secret. All that you think is hidden will someday be exposed. 010412
florescent light Secrets are squeezed
together by twirled lavender streamers of excitement
tied tightly into pony tails of silky ribbons
that skip wildly from the blonde braids
to the white sparkles jumping out of the blue
tinKa its the glitsons,
the just fall off.
Miner I wonder how many I hold... both others and my own... far to many, and always do more come my way.... my cat is the worst for them though. 010530
Becky ... are like lies that I keep to myself. My secrets lay deep... 011112
ilovepatsajak because you just wouldn't understand 011112
piercedjenny i choose not to see past the facade you put on for everyone, knowing that someone else resides under the mask. someone i would likely really really like.
i choose not to see the way you look at me longingly, or the way you look when you know that I've seen you watching me and not responded.
i choose not to engage in anything other than mindless chatter with you, even though i know you are smart and we could talk about so much more than the barflies that surround us.
i choose to remind myself that although you put out feelers for me, and you've told all my friends you are interested that you still have a girl hanging around, and that thats the only reason i push you away.
i choose, when i drive you home, to maintain distance and perspective, and not get overwhelmed by how good you smell, or the way you are trying to catch my attention.
i chose to let you put your number in my cell phone, knowing that for me to call would be to betray the part of me that tells me i should run far away from you, that you'll be trouble to my wounded heart. i know i won't call.
the secret here is that i like you and you scare me and i'm afraid to lose control.
the biggest secret of all is the one i'm keeping from myself - and thats the opportunity to know you.
kerry everything's a game to you
if i am there you are mean too

and everything kind of hurts inside
it's all a secret i've tried to hide
he tells me it's all in my head
i want to tell him to shut up

"the way she's treated you for the past 15 years is disgusting," she said to me and pounded the clay into the table. "we used to keep a book of the stuff she said, do yuo remember that, kerry?" and i shrugged and said, "sounds familiar, wouldn't have remembered if you hadn't said anything." and she smiled a little and reminisced and i remembered that i never told you. and i am still under your power and hating you and not telling you about it. i'm not telling how you make me feel (like shit, you really do) and i won't relate back to you memories of us being little and me being wounded by your tone and words. it still hurts.
i was only nine.
it still hurts though. and i still remember. and it's still a secret.
student the name of the local bad boob job display 011209
whoknows secrets suck 011209
Blu I love you 020103
Jenna I'll tell you every intimate moment
without sparing a detail
every word I heard that was said
I'll whisper to you without fail
but this I truly must confide

I don't tell my secrets anymore
I only tell lies

~ Jump_Little_Children
-big surprise
Jenna (that it's *me* plugging Jump_Little_Children I mean, not that it's Jump_Little_Children...ah the_limitations_of_the_written_word)

{also, "big surprise" meant to be said sarcastically, in case that went over anybody's head}

Avalanched secrets end up screwing me 020103
ClairE They're just not fun for me. I need to be witnessed.

But if you need somewhere to stick them, I'm as good as a hollow in an old oak tree. I never tell. Probably because I forget half of them.

When secrets want to be noticed, they make me sick.
Becky Things I can't help but keep to myself.. to make me feel like a better person. I hold them inside as tight as I can get them and refuse to let go. Maybe you'll understand someday, how hard it is for me to unlock... to open myself to you. You'll have to get me really drunk and probably stoned.. then ask me questions.. even then.. you'll have to coerce me. 020104
girl_jane I don't share them with anyone-not even the pages of my journal. 020528
girl_jane They haunt me every once in a while. I think I want to share them, but you wouldn't want to hear them. I'm not sure if I want you to hear them. 020528
freakizh :(

i came here looking for nasty secrets posting. i don't see any-- i'm so disappointed.
Destination? You bite at me, teeth dripping with indiscretions, eyes beaming with lies and myths to unfold my existance. You lurk in shadows and cold hearts, where vacancy is your hunger and lurking souls your relief. You will always be faster than me, you will always be stronger, but you lack the ability to be me, all is uncovered inside of you. 020916
girl_jane I have no secrets left to tell you. I have no secrets. Ask me a question, and I will give you an honest answer. I don't want to keep secrets from you. 020916
ferret God knows all of our secrets. sometimes that's a good thing. sometimes there's nobody else to talk to about them. especially the deepest ones. the ones you can't tell ANYONE. at least God understands. 030615
magenta you are my dirty little secret, scratching me up from the inside, licking my wounds with a razor-kitten tongue. 030730
ashmanhou what is really secret is never said
but observed regarded and discarded
click on funny pussy fuck acid jesus 040119
little wonder i imagine a conversation between us. you would call and admit what mistakes you've made and how much you've been wanting to talk with me. how much you've missed me.

and although this is a moment i've imagined for a long time, everything would suddenly click in my head. and in my room, across the country, i'd have a secret smile all to myself. and i'd tell you it's too late and it's not that easy. i'd tell you i'm sorry but this is the way things have to be, and finally, goodbye. i would speak simply and with poise and all of my words would be clean and clear. there would be little emotion, no tears, nothing to make you think maybe i was lying, or maybe i'd come around. and i'd be strangely satisfied after this, it would be what i'd been searching for in my imaginary conversations but could never bring myself to honestly consider. i'd be at an absolute peace with the whole ordeal, and truly able to move forward. there would be no more "what if's" running through my head, no more lapses in my progression. i could finally look back on it with my secret smile and think of the times as good ones, fond memories, but nothing more.

this is almost how i feel right now. almost. but it's ever-changing, and i can't seem to find my secret smile. not quite yet.
nathan. if we unlock the door to the secret room then a secret it won't be a secret soon. 040326
clementine i have secrets. I'm talking scandalous ones. straight from the OC (yes i just referenced the OC, what?) - friends family backstabbing sexy love drunken drama. mmm yes. they keep it all interesting. everyone loves a secret, and everyone loves to tell them even more. 040604
somepeoplesmile i'll let you keep your secrets
if you let me keep mine
because i don't want to tell you
that i'm really not fine
someone's gotta protect you
from what you don't need to see
and i have got to save you
from the train wreck that is me
loch i have no secrets..just somethings i never say. words don't really work..but is that all that thoughts are anyway? if we are only give so many words is it possible to have a new thought? determined by our language? i have no secrets, only words i'll never say 040831
Ivory I have so many that no one knows, like the night I still believe I may have sold my soul. I know it sounds petty and ignorant, but that is the most intense fear that I have ever felt.

I also have my secrets about him, and him, and him.

I have a secret that the Angel should know. He does, I'm sure. He is incredibly perceptive when it comes to things like that.

I wish I could trap the phoenix and keep him a secret from the world. It would not please him to be caged, however.

And what of secrets that are not my own? What about those secrets that even I am not supposed to know about but do? How do I know your secrets, you ask. Because I read them behind your eyes.
tinkerbel the truth will always out 041206
xoringmaster17ox Secrets are never hidden,
you can never escape,
a cut never heals,
the blood still drips

Mama, the snow is blossoming red...

I'll follow the trail back to the beginning, A fetus tangled in the chord.

Mama, wrap me in plastic.

No one has any secrets anymore.
*Amy* I was faking last night when I ask you to stay by my side. I don`t want to hurt you but being with you helps me to forget a little bit my pain, the one that reminds me I still love him. 050410
delial i think among my friends I may be the only one who has no secrets of my own. what does that mean?

i've been confided i guess i carry secrets for others. but i don't have anything dark and sinister in the closet of my own soul.

these days, i've been thinking about that. there is something, a dynamic, a line that's being crossed and i guess the fact that he and i are the only ones who know about it, does that make it a secret?

secrets inherently have a quality to them that, when revealed, elicits some sort of large reaction. that is why we hide things. that is what makes them secrets. because we don't want the reaction we're afraid they'd receive.

so then i wonder what would happen if this one got out.. considering no one is making a point to hide it, and yet it remains unspoken..

Piso Mojado tell me 050410
for your eyes only szYQt0rBzo05GzSqO2%zPJmjM6DJiG.X $Q.dlD_{!rBDH{!y%x1Q2d)D_mjrBzo05G{D_mjrZ={£T=2DW02r5MP{GB0PQB7BS908y6D {-5D26]m,xri_r6=3QRm5D_QLOB {OqT9DOF)GXE$QPdzPJ{GyzzJmPr)ArVGGX[P_{Okx9K!y.x !0uz6P9GGX[PQVM5xOrGk+99-rkxr0QuzZJ!G-BE900bB+}Q)O4 1mGXDdtRsx1Q]=ix1QRrZxoQ2y%x$QS'MPQqdlEHQ)OO .FGtZD1Fj;z[_oLOz+J!)r,S_t=OkDH6!GZ'9G%Z=oQRIX {Q)OiD2FBq

damn. fuck! ignore that. blather fucked it up. 050420
attempt two. szYQt0rBzo05GzSqO2%zPJmjM6DJiG.X $
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.X 90)OzA92!ylSQi]Mz5P{VdZp
PdzPJ{GyzzJmPr)ArVGGX[P_{Okx9K!y.x !0u
... ignore it all. 050420
BiNjBrickChick I am the secret I've been keeping from myself my entire life.
There is no presence more invisible then the eyes that cast away any hope or light in my soul.
I'm that dirty girl, the whore you ravage, the choir girl praying on her knees.
My secret life is your envy.
My passion is your hatred, and my glory is your down fall.
I'll never know one as beautiful as myself, as I've been lying to myself all along.
I can't pretend to know who I am - the words to this poem are secret, just as the broken chest I bare before your naked eyes tonight.
I'd love to spin gold with my tongue and enchant you with a thousand stories of fantasy and intrigue.
I'd only be lying, I'd only be lying again.
And I'd remember only the lies, and still be that dirty girl you keep secret from yourself, and from the world that so desperately needs a scapegoat like me.
Harlequin Shh. Silently creeping secrets crawl into the cobwebbed-crevasse in the back of your mind, one on top of the other. Lurking in the shadows until the moment is right, they wait. They poison. The spin tangled lies and cocoon you inside until you're trapped. 051122
jordie I have no secrets-
Nope, nothing to hide.
Never have craved things-
Nope, never have lied.

I have no secrets-
no embarassing acts.
Never have done wrong-
why even ask?

But I'll tell you one thing-
it's quite hard to do.
This whole time I've blabbered-
I've been lying to you.
Spanish Proverb Love, pain and money cannot be kept secret, for soon they reveal themselves. 071208
Syrope grandma said to my mom "i'm not trying to bring up bad memories or anything, but you know, you are really a different person than you were, you know...before. 10 or 15 years ago. 5 even."

everyone got really silent. grandma continued eating without realizing what she'd said, mom was staring at her plate with her fork frozen mid-way to her mouth, dad was staring at me. i looked from grandma to him, and asked (before i could help myself) "so i didn't imagine it?"

he shook his head no, said softly and sadly "no, i don't think you imagined anything" then got up to go for another trip to the buffet. when he got back grandma was wondering aloud what ice cream flavors they had.

i had gotten so comfortable with the thought that surely this was just me, trying to be a survivor. trying to have this stressful past so i felt like i'd overcome something. but it was real. so i'm back to wondering how i can recount the awful things that have, apparently truly, happened to me in my life, and not feel any real emotion. a little exasperation at having to tell the story, maybe, but the terror, the darkness, doesn't come through in my voice. i don't know what it means any more. i don't think i like what it might mean, really, i suppose.
o_caritas i found this place long ago
i leave a trail of thoughts and words here
that no one knows about

things i've not shared yet with others
publicly or privately

sometimes there is value in secrets
keeping some things to oneself
what's it to you?
who go