fellow skip skip skip to my lou 010630
Pynk I need to skip class. It's like a force is drawing me out of the school to a sunnier, happier place. 010703
marjorie Be advised...
Bad things can occur when wearing a short shirt, no bra, and having an uncontrollable urge to skip.
Skippity do da
Skippity day
Remember those words
As you skip away
ear_parcel skipping
skip me
i don't want any more
the tea is cold
my tender palate cannot handle
i want freshness
i want earl grey in a porcelain cup
skip me
i shall sip no more
good people i got busted for skipping my last two classes on friday. oh well, im not in trouble. i just gotta serve some detention. 020312
girl_jane I don't skip class. I do skip though...I skip like a little girl. Of course, I swing and play on other playground stuff hope I don't ever have to stop. 020313
beorn a few weeks ago i spent some time with a friend of mine in philly, actually the mainline. she goes to an all girls school that is preety relaxed about most things, so the girls starteda group call GUTSE (pronounced gut see)meaning, Girls United To Skip Edcuation I thinks its good stuff 020602
tourist Loox Like It Werk! Rite Good Like 021004
lou_la_belle i skipped up the steps, knowing that something has changed, and things are gonna get better. it rained today, how very appropriate. its time to start a new page. i feel so happy now that i can finally talk about it with you. i'm sorry i didn't before, but that's cause i didnt understand things. and despite what i say behind your back sometimes, in my not-so-great moments, i really am truly blessed that you are my friend. lets start over. go back to the beginning. when we used to skip without a care in the world... 040626
crazy_hope it's what my heart does when i

talk to you
think of you
walk with you
see you
touch you
hear you

it's what my heart does because of you.
Caroline 452 skip's land. been there sooooooooooooooooooooo many times. 090414
what's it to you?
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