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marjorie the beginning. when everything excites. everything is interesting. your thoughts, ideas, dreams, future. before the reflections from the eyes of the people around you send chaos to change the air, to make it cold... 991228
Ruby And still this excitement remains. 991229
valis keep the new things coming. 000102
deb what an odd beautiful new world has been created
says andrea
and she wishes to know what i think..

well, i think if those people who know
what they feel and what they want
will just stop allowing
walls of air
to stop them,
all would be well

i wish you the best of luck,
if only you would try

you don't realize what you're missing,
i think

again, just my thoughts. i only know
what i am told and what i read.
i'll stop now, but think on that,
dear ones
silentbob the feeling that is new is the knowledge and loving belief that somewhere there is a girl who loves me because of who i am, not because of what i say on the internet.
the feeling that is old, is the fact that she's so far away that to call her would cost me lots of money, and those weeklong spans when i don't see her at all are the sections of my life that i most dread, and they are the most constant.
deb some days, i just wish it could be
i wish i could wake up and
reshape my life to how i picture it;
be who i wish i was, not what i am...
i wish i could go back,
erase my past, and just be, well,

i wish i could turn back time
and make myself shake off
that fidget-breeding fear
to look you in the eye-
to look you in the eye
and let myself see
the parts of me in you,
growing quietly, rhythmically
murmuring what was - IS
blatently obvious
-but i was deaf-
-i was scared of something new-

more scared to watch the
newness fade,
dulling to sad sourness
- scared to deal with the maybe
- of nothing after you-

i want to take a chance,
i just wish it hadn't taken so long
j_blue never blathed before.
often wonder whats going on. watching fleetwood mac on the dvd. my X liked it, and his best friend bought it so i could watch it, or so he could b cool. we're boyfriends, so it makes sense.
dailyallowance it's new years eve, when i got spitty 010103
CockWeasel69 There's not too much new in the world.
It's all recycled.
Ashes to ashes.
Funk to funky.
We know major tom's a junkie.

Read the secret history of your enemies.
ancient nose-fucker. nite 010222
nocturnal new will inevitably fade, grow boring and become old. there is no such thing as permanently new. 010308
shoot the puppy in the eye ...

when the world ends,
i'll drive
out from this flatland
'til it runs clean out of gas
sit on the hood with
a mended smile
and watch the buildings fall 991221
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alegra sometiems when you meet a new person, you just want to inhale them in through your pores. everything they say affects you and you think about them much too much. 010411
nocturnal new people always become my obsession. I talk about new people I meet all the time to anyone who will listen. everything a new person says is just the greatest thing that could ever be said and everything you do with them is the most fun that could possibly be had. then they get old and boring like everyone else. 010411
focus i like new things. i know things get old, but i think this could ever get old. i don't know how it could. so much is left to learn. so much to be new. 010414
s!m hey, this is cool :)! 010509
Norm how long can it be new

Its old now b'y.
Inanna Almost nothing is truly new. Everything is just being rediscovered.
We recycle ideas. Did you know lightbulbs were around during the times of the pyramids?
ClairE Nothing's new.

Time just runs out.
Wicket something keeps on creeping in from behind,
and fear begins to conquer my mind.
I cannot breath, I feel I can’t stay
I feel the need of running away.
there’s something that haunts me
somehow forces me to be
the once you can see.
this day I feel captured, want to get out,
I want to know what thisall about.
I need to know the reason why,
the reason why I want to cry.
a smile is what I want to give,
my life is what I have to live.
it’s not as easy as it might seem,
to leave behind, whatever it means.
I want to forget this whole damn year
full of harted, sadness and fear.
and so I will hide and maybe leave,
and won’t celebrate this new year’s eve.
eklektic *white stripes video for "dead leaves and the dirty ground". fan-freaking-tastic.
*success or sell-out
*either way - its fan-freaking-tastic.
coldmeshach Satrap was pretender

Quetzeqotle exhaled Zeus.

What is this?

A bog we had never seen. My feet once pressed in the cement. (My feet dan is cool). Now they dry off the dirt.
Ash Your lips graze mine. I shudder at the thought of what comes next. This is all so new, so foreign. It feels right. I hope this moment never ends. 030206
di luce Strange. Strange how Fate works without cease. Today I met this girl. She's a photographer, like me. She's a damn good photographer and she loves being one. Maybe everything happens for a reason. I almost fell down when, as usual, I asked my Ansel Adams question, "So, are you familiar with Ansel Adams?" and she said, "Of course." I said, "You don't know how often I ask people that and they go they say 'yeah, he's that guy who took the pictures, right?' She nodded confidently and responded, "The conversation ended there, didn't it?" I flashed a one-cornered smile, nodded, and continued following her with immense satisfaction. 030216
elocin i open my eyes
and i can not see
i can not see what i want to see
the world remained dark and cold
while i closed my eyes and hoped for something new.
capri finally....... 030514
User24 loads and loads of new people.

and they're all so talkative.

oh dear.

I think blather has become cool.
not important new friends
new relationships
how often worth the risk?
just wondering
I am undecided
nick When I get up tommorrow, I'm going to start a new life. I'm going to be a new person. I'm going to do new things, and I'm going to love some of it and hate some of it.

you'll just have to deal with it

Because I'll be doing it again very soon.
td@gfd.gds o0o

dune lover i kiss you lips and close my eyes take you away to paradise make everybody see that i love you and you love me 040320
Summer my soul is calm and quiet
my restless spirit is subdued
becasue what we have is what it is
naive artist New, but not for long. 040618
naive artist But not for long. 040618
jmaie funkstorung is amazing 040922
BitterSweetDream I have someone knew. She's gentle. She's beautiful, she kisses me and nibbles my lips just in the right way. It makes me smile, and it makes me sigh. And I know I'm sighing because it isnt you. 041207
Staind_And_Souless Your new girl. Charlie. Nibbles your lips and is gentle. Far better than me. I know I should hate her. i don't. I envy her, yes, but even that is hollow and empty because i know in my head, you will never love me again, and I will never hold you again. My heart knows I will. 041207
tr it scares me, that new will be old soon. 050201
sorry just me I was new once. Can't stand the new ones. Never can. 050227
badjonni nothing is new

under the sun
s I am dreaming of a new world order where the feminine is the ruler.

I am dreaming of going around to S's house and beating up her father.

I am dreaming of going around to J's place and beating up her uncle.

I am dreaming of a world where their actions would lead to their being excommunicated.

I am dreaming of a world where there is no question that this is what kills girls' souls.

Where girls' souls and bodies and minds are known without doubt to be the most precious thing.

God is in her bones and through her body. If you fail to see this you are nothing at all.
Rob It has been said there is nothing new
then what,
pray tell,
am I feeling
when I rest my head on your shoulder
when I wrap my arm around you
when I hold your hand in sleep

when I let go
AnQu time to start over 081006
jio jio 100215
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