daxle I want to squish my cheek against your shoulder. The connection relieves everything that ties me up. 990430
Mir too often forgotten, though we lean
and hug and shove and grip and shake.

should be nuzzled and playfully bitten.

"your whole shoulder fits in my mouth!"
calliope her shoulder is tan
it's kind of bony
behind them are shoulder blades
like wings trapped beneath a thin layer of skin
my shoulder is white and round
makes me think of fat ladies in revealing dresses laughing through their double chins
i hate her sometimes
my sister, so different
her fingers are rough and long and olive colored
my hands are huge with short stubby fingers
her thighs don't rub together like mine
her arms have biceps and triceps and actual shape
mine just sort of protrude out
i can never hold them gracefully like she does
when she smiles you feel like the sun just came out and you're warm
my cold clammy skin folds on itself, burying my eyes
my chest is huge
i feel like strapping them down
hers are 'petite'
delicately strong, as most confident women's are
they're small, not getting in the way of all the things she does
but they're there
somehow saying she's more than a woman than i'll ever be
splinken shoulders are the best things. the only things worth anything. who likes shoulders as much as i do? who likes my shoulders as much as i do?

cause i have damn good shoulders.
The Schleiffen Man what about my shoulders? 001012
chrs don't you hate it when people look over your shoulder as you type and read things...

oh... she's gone
.fallen I remember when that shoulder was offered to me ..... and I remember flesh between teeth ... keeping the beasts at bay as they struggled against their chains .... I remember the electricity ..... the answer to my unspoken request .... vivid 040227
somenom i want to get a shoulder replacement 050524
somenom right shoulder, the left ain't so bad 050524
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