maxwell thorne She thinks she's too small,
She thinks she's too short,
She thinks she needs to change for me.

I said, "Shhhh. You're perfect."

It didn't come out the way I wanted it too. Inside it sounded like, "Nobody I've ever held has made me feel this complete."

She's the perfect size.
When she's in my arms,

she just fits.
Louise J The poem "fits" by Maxwell Thorne was really nice 031020
maxwell thorne thank you 031110
x twisted x When it all just fits
No more waiting up 'till midnight
To see if he comes home
And it sinks in
Through these holes in your old bed sheets
You might spend your life alone
And you don't want to be alone
no not alone

When you think too much
And you came to another game
Despondent out of touch
And you reach so hard it makes you fall
For these hands that let you go
That shouldn't let you go at all
that shouldnt let you go at all
no not at all

-something corporate
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