theremin You cannot escape the fact that you are connected to everything else that makes up the universe. You will always need that connection in order to be sustained as your own entity. It is your connection that allows for your individuality. It is your individuality that allows for a connection to be formed. 000623
emily ...he has no idea what mine are....and even though i've told him what they are, he just doesn't seem to listen... 000623
Rebecca Who needs to need and suffer want?
For lack thereof a need, a haunt?
For if you have, and those have not...
What life have you ...fulfilled with rot...
To give and suffer is devine.
A worthwhile gift is from the heart,
to those whose need will never part.
A worthwhile life is one that knows,
that suffer must, but there are those
that suffer for the good and those who
suffer from their own choices.
All need help from a higher source and
all are only voices.
Seth. Food, sleep, and women... Everything else is just icing on the cake, as the saying goes. 000911
tourist With Women comes Clothes Shoes
Comfort Security, Which all take Capital, which begets employment, responsability. Not to mention Begetting children , Which brings on the need of more food clothes ect.
The cake of simplicity is swimming in icing.
Tasty Tasty MMMMMMMM
Chef salt and more time on the stove 010111
jennifer ...therapy
Lisa be here... be gone... keep existing... fall so deep...
he just doesn't know how to survive...
lost to be. 011020
Sonya Needs, needs, needs. If only human beings did not need so much. What would the world be like if we were not so dependent upon everyone and everything else? A lot more peaceful that's for sure. However, without this codependency we wouldn't have the emotional webs that seem to give our lives some form of importance. Needs are inescapable nor easily forgotten. 011021
piercedjenny i'm not ready to accept i'm sick or diseased or whatever. i just need to be stronger or something. i need to sleep. i need
i need to stop being so needy.
tyler waters i figure it's like this:

everything after that is enteratinment

no.. not necessarily entertainment, but a gap that needs to be filled.
x twisted x she never really has what she needs. 050920
snook someone to talk to 100919
hello talk to your teddy bear. 100920
so there I need the
crib notes from your ex girlfriends

but the photos said enuff

I need to know why if I was a "need"

that all happened

I left You in God's hands
so You could

want to be there too
snook You know he never talks back. Just stares with those black plastic eyes. 100920
what's it to you?
who go