sphinxradio i like to look for myself in a roll of processed film.
and i like to bring my dad's old camera with me, to act as my eye
black and white memories, which may or may not mean anything years from now.
i don't want to forget the person i am, or the world i live in.
photos keep me in a nostalgic cycle, i think.
ClairE I have them all laid out in my books, chronologically, bad and good alike. I can't believe there are so many pictures of my life, and yet I can't believe there are so few. I surprise people when I pull out more than one volume. There's me as a child and my brother's first birthday and New Year's Eve when she liked him. I wish I didn't need them to make me feel safe. My memory is all wrapped up in images; ironic considering it's my memory for images themselves that is the worst. 020101
cube Photography has been a part of my life since my eighth Christmas. It helped me through college too, as i shot weddings. Sometimes two or three per weekend.

Turns out that wedding photography is only in small measure about the technical challenges. The really big part is dealing with people - most importantly, in dealing with the mother of the bride. In her mind, it's her show - quite natural really, considering that she's probably paying for it.

The photographer must wrest control of the situation from this formidable force in order to fulfill his obligations to the studio. If you couldn't win her over to your side, it was going to be a very long day...
girl_jane These pictures look too pretty to be me... 020814
I dunno Why do we feel the need to capture time.
Can't we just remember.
A memory can't be burnt in a fire..Well i guess it could but you have a better chance of getting it out.
niecespieces every time I look at them
I miss you dearly and secretly
blomic 080313
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