typhoid changes in the cycle can be interpreted as information.
don't stick to the same path just because you are used to it.
try something new
don't stay on that path either.
run. walk. did you try to escape?
you just ended up in another trap.
Endlessly around.
For some reason, it seems to worry me.
Barrett I don't want a pickle,
just wanna ride on my motorcickle.
futility The world around us only gives the apppearence of change. Life is cyclical, with every move anticipated before it has begun. We are everything we have come from and everything we will become. 011013
ClairE They say having sex can interrupt your menstrual cycle. This seems to be true for me.

For someone as anal_rententive as I, the decision between a beautifully perfect twenty_eight day cycle and lots of hot_sex is more difficult than it may first appear.
Casey The Wheel of Time turns as ages come and pass... 020109
852456 Robin hood was interviewing people for a wandering musical accompaniment band to follow him through Sherwood Forrest.

"Next," he said, and a familiar face stepped forward, "Haven't I seen you before?"

The musician replied, "Probably... there's not a lot of gigs in this town, a lot of us, take anything offered. So we show up at the same auditions every month."

"That's harsh. So you guys just circle around from audition to audition hoping to find work?"

"That's life on the Minstral Cycle."

....I'm sorry I wrote that
round boy everything is cyclic 040112
ever dumbening and gaunt men, with cloth (like the old gauzy surgical masks, the ones the Chinese wear when the yellow winds pour down from the Gobi) tied loosely around their mouths and noses, drift around the corner like the dust they're guarding against.

the sun won't seem to set, but the light it provides is strugglesome at best. but so then there's this weak hope that something big will happen to tip the balance, no one cares which way. the weight never appears, though.

for this impatience (which really shouldn't even be judged as such, what with the length of time that has passed) i allow that tight, bitter little seed to germinate and even sprout, just a bit. i needed to; it would've done so on its own; i wanted to, to once again taste the contrast, the same way the chilies, mint, vinegar, lemon, and onions in the chutney remind my tongue and my whole being that we are in fact very alive.

the wandering eastern sound of some random wind instrument, whose similarity to a voice in song walks the fine line between troubling and soothing, fills the evening room. but what is it that reminds me of this same room some years ago where the winter refused to stay outside? was it the three faces i was sure i knew from some other place?

now i know, though, with crystal certainty that everything returns.
Spare Change Kisses and fisticuffs barroom style, and you still got me beat, like when I was a child. Wane by the weekend and wax on again, take me around just once more my friend. Stairways and comics and cinnamon towels, it's like ILU, except without all the vowels. So maybe we can't spell, I'm sure it's all right, cause even a baby learns to sleep through the night. Staying or leaving it's all up to you, because this time darling I can't bear to choose. I know dead to rights that you got to be wrong, but it's always your name I hear in that song. So tell me never and tell me again, let's try it once more around, my good friend. 040728
hsg cycling 041008
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