psyki is such a huge waste of time. silly me. 000906
grrgurl what I cant seem to keep from doing.
One minute I tell me Im resigned to the way things are....the next Im hoping things will change
its a human condition I cant seem to avoid
Casey My fingernals colide with the marble counter top as I wait for the voice on the other end of the phone. The tiny hairs on my neck stand straight up in anticipation and hope.

Finally her reply comes through the recever. It goes through my ear canal and into my cranium and regesters in the vastness of my brain. Then as an automatic response, I hang my head
chiller I hold an old photograph very dear to me.
The picture she gave me still speaks the truth.
...Yet it hurts to look at what i once had.
I scan the immage with my eyes.
She looks gorgeous,
Wonderful brown long hair.
play full smile.
I always get stuck on her eyes.
as i gaze in them, i get hypnotized...
it seems as if paradise, nothing but blue sky.
I always spoke lies.
am i a worthless liar in her eyes?
i'm hoping that my change is rather nice.
i'll try to brake the ice.
her expectations are much grather and even you won't fit a bit of those strict fits
.... she'll throw at you.
I still don't think she's rude, or mean.
I'd rather have her run my game.
don't give up hoping
lady lunchbox for a sign that you're falling as hard as i am
for the look in your eyes that will tell me all i need to know
for those words to carelessly slip out of your mouth
for a chance to make this as good as i know it can be
ClairE Since wishes_are_stupid, I'll just have to do this instead. 020102
Kate Hoping is a favourite pastime.
" " comes is all sizes and shapes.
" " that you'd smile at me in the hallway
" " that you'd borrow "Franny and Zooey" and write a poem on the back cover
" " that we play "Saturday in the Park" again in band
" " that it rains tommorow.

"And these three remain: faith, hope, and love. And the greatest of these is love." 2 Cor 13
ryguy76 religion for agnostics, that which gets some out of bed in the morning, fighting against that which you cant control. Essentially the same thing as the first cigarette of the day. 040312
rage i spent all of last night trying to crush my hopes
this morning i woke up alive
rage note: in future keep all hopes stifled
\ /
no reason you'll still talk to me 080519
re_alisma to be helpful. yes, i know that it's really annoying. you see, i've heard that the female gender isn't supposed to be funny. that could be true. ? sorry.

( the psychiatrist always says "feeling helpless or hopeless?" so: me? never...i am constantly saved, redeemed, and in heavenly bliss, o master. okay then i'll see you in three months. me: okay by me. and btw: it's a good thing this drug company gives me this stuff for free, or we'd both be screwed. it's easy to see that i'm the one that's helping you now that you've irrevocably changed my neurotransmitter functioning. )

oh well to that. affirmation: I AM TOTALLY HELPFUL TO MY DOCTOR. AND BY EXTENSION, TO MYSELF. yay! (and now back to the actual yoga. you should count your blessings.)
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