setsuna meiou full of shit
but damn proud of it

there as always been an untold wondering of how much Jennifer really knows and how much is she bullshitting

no one knows

and that's why they like to listen to her, they like to figure out what is going to be said next, and if it makes any sense or not

no one really knows how much Jennifer really knows.... not even Jennifer herself.

and it's good that way
jennifer just smiles 000108
Tess laughs. 000108
Tess proud strawberry natural 000113
silentbob i eat until my stomach hurts. but i only eat shit. and i don't say anything logical. so if someone tells me i'm full of shit, it better be on a full stomach, or i'm not buyin. 000616
jo Are we ever full, complete, finished?
I daresay not!
For our ever continuation of life is just that ....one of perception, with eternity in which never to fill, but grow indefinatly...
destructed I eat too much. I tell myself that. yeah when im starving I tell myself im full-- it helps. 010605
caveman I am a runaway,
lost in the shadows, emerging from time to time, when everything appears to be ok.
Few will remember, yet one thing still remains to ring true, that I've given everything and it all ended in regret.
Promises,Promises, can't go back on my word, when every thought and feeling has melted away and slithered through the cracks.
No one shoulders the blame as hard as I do, trying to make everything perfect, only to take two steps back.
I stumbled upon how to surmise what life's been like the past couple of months, It's just like the movie Chasing Amy, for those who have seen it remember the monologue towards the end of the movie when Silent Bob tells his story of how his life turned out to be.
Well here I am......
Where to go from here?????
Do I?
Don't I?
Will I?
Won't I?
lovers lament i have gorged myself on your lies
a feast for the mind
and each time i find a new one
it comes with little surprise
but here i stand
still concerned for you,
still by your side
if i was full to capacity
with nothing but dishonesty
would you keep coming back to me?
would you hold on with tenacity?
i think it would eat you alive inside
a tumor to devour your soul
everytime i hear your voice on the phone
i go crazy
because i never know
one minute you treat me like gold
only for me to uncover all the lies you've told
no more,
there has to be an end to this.
ilovepatsajak full is not heavy as empty, not nearly my love
fiona apple
phil lovers lament
the ending is stupid
I was once full, now I just watch my vomit flow away on a blanket of air, across the darkening sky, a rippling sunset.
if we could talk if i could talk, i would say there's a humongous difference between full of shit, and worthless shit... 020130
Mahayana []
[red lights.blacklights.red lights]
full is on the other spectrum of empty
[red lights.blacklights.red lights]
Mahayana [/]
empty of spectrum the other is full
silent storm I am full of something that makes me feel empty.
I'm lonely.
I'm alone.

I'm full of surprises. You might talk to me and never know who I am. I hide myself well.
"bunnyboy" my ass is full of cock. just kidding. it's full of shit. 030202
badjonni .




no reason permanently?
for 5 days at least it's been hard to eat
In_Bloom Seldom filled and never full
what's it to you?
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