josh an ending's always required before you get a new beginning. 981218
sillyelly that is it. it is final. we can't turn back. things will never be the same again. 990505
marjorie somehow we're always ending on this note
this one note
this discordant tone
this misunderstood word
this melody formulated late at night
when minds get tired
and vertigo sets in
and what looked like an ending
was just a beginning
and what you thought was beginning
ended before you could stop it
or start it
or do anything at all
old hick The universe is doomed to either an ultimate heat death, or a big crunch. With either eventuality, everything will eventually return to nothing. The pessimist in me says "Shit! Nothing I do matters!" The optimist in me says "Sweet! Nothing I do matters!" Either way, I guess I can afford to just relax. 000217
the one before it began it was already ending. you were too old and I was too stupid. I cared too much and you could never care enough. I was in love before i knew what love was and in the end we just hurt each other. the fighting was silent and the peace was too. you never knew how to tell me but i knew all along. I guess in the end it was worth the waste. but i still lost all respect for you. And they say you have nothing but good things to say about me. Im sorry we ever tried. 010715
swarm we need an ending to realise there was a purpose for our beginning. 020629
alora There are no happy endings, because nothing ends... --Schmedrick, The Last Unicorn

(see rhizome.)
stork daddy are you happy?

i don't know. men don't always know when they're happy.
just kickin it there are subtle delineations. slight distinctions. loss of the perception of unity. change in prescribed values. this is also a beginning. a mutation follows from a base structure, however, that base structure is a previous mutation. all glory is fleeting. 021003
DevilsLyric "so we struggle and we stagger
down the snakes and up the ladder
to the tower where blessed hours chime
and I swear it happened just like this
a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
the gates of love the budged an inch
can't say much has happened since but closing time
I lift my glass to the awful truth
which you can't reveal tot he ears of youth
except to say it isn't worth a dime
and the whole damn place goes crazy twice
and its once for the devil and once for christ
but the boss don't like these dizzy hights
were busted in the blinding lights
busted in the blinding lights
of closing time"

an end is so comforting
not important I hate you
and what I have become
my soul is slipping away
I sold it just a few weeks ago
and it is time to pay my debt
when we speak again it won't be the same
you might not realize its absence
I will be Dorian, beautiful, unchanged
six months from now
you won't see lines of worry on my face
or love in my eyes
ashmanzhou ending begins the beginning of the ending
of ending the beginning of ending we see
that it is not the beginning we savor
for us or the or the ending we crave
but the process we must complete knowing
that is to hell and blooded death we are going
the headlong rush to oblivion we are gone
to somewhere we only just seem to belong
what matters is not really inside
thats said by someone wishing not to
appear so shallow to others around them
cause and effect i say god damn them
so slam this sham of life incarnate
living inside my soul made reincarnate
i must hate i will hate i can hate but dont hate
the fact that my gate to life is no great
passage of hope but only something i broke
to survive in my world a revived and unfurled
banner of myself that is left to itself
corrupt and bloodied forever i have studied
myself to escape this hellish mind rape
mouth agape we stare it takes shape beware
this world isnt ending its only beginning
to feel so unreal no time to heal
the scars this is real reality we face
a pace in a race to fast for feeling
and in ending we are left reeling
so end i send my word to die
burn we will burn and light up the sky
ferret endingnidnendingnidne thisisonlythebeginningninnigebehtylnosisiht 030824
Risen We used to sit and wonder about the ending.

How on earth we could ever have had what we had, and let it end. How it ended. How the ending ever came about. What happened was this vague half-memory, we'd buried for more reasons than we could count.

But now that we're in the second ending, I remember the first. Because it was exactly the same. This same slow petering out, the same moments where you'd come back, then fade away again.

The difference this time is me. I'm not holding on, I'm not obsessing. I'm not some stupid lovestruck child trying to contact you by any means possible. I'm not ill, I'm sane and well and I have a life to live.

My dissertation made it in without you, my life will move on without you.

This ending is better. Probably how it should have been the first time.
f the ending

it will be further than last time
but it may not
be what Saturn had to go through.

Basically, there doesn't seem to be one.
There doesn't seem to be purpose in language
it's not for anything.
f So go,
Venus will sleep
where it's innocent to.

and the blond women will dance.

If i don't come, i won't be able to write about it,
that's all.
what's it to you?
who go