Enygmatic Kristi hates me.
Jenna hates me.
Jannan hates me.

I liked Kristi, and she was fine with that so long as I didn't try anything, but then her boyfriend found out that I wrote some stuff about him in my journal. I haven't talked to Kristi in a while, and she doesn't respond to much that I say other than the occasional "hello."

I liked Jenna, but, thinking back to Kristi, I never told her when my 4th crush on her took over the crush on Kristi that'd tortured me for a year and a half. But Jenna doesn't know how many guys find her attractive, so, when she told me the only guy who'd ever liked her was a crackhead, I told her that I once had a crush on her, which was half-true, since I'd gotten over crushes on her before. Then, after I didn't get the opportunity for a little over a month, I moved on.

That's when I liked Jannan. This crush is still fading in and out. Well... I asked her if she was going to the prom, but she wasn't. I felt stupid thinking of just making it so obvious that I liked her and then backing off and never speaking to her again, so I asked her if she was going to a couple other things over the weekend. Nope. And now she tries to avoid eye contact, which really bothers me, since I really didn't do anything but like her to make her hate me.

That's when Lisa steps in. Lisa tells Jenna that I'm over her and that I now like Jannan. And then tells me about telling Jenna in front of me. Since that incident, I've said "hi" to Jenna once.

Oh yeah... they hate me. Some people think that pessimism is a stupid way to go about thinking of how life's going to turn out, but apparently now it's the only way to be right. And if I'm not right, then I'm pleasantly surprised. I guess pessimism is secretly good for the ego.
Enygmatic I just felt like adding to this that my lovelife includes way too many trivial incidents that don't even remotely resemble love. Everything here sounds pathetic because I'm a teen, and if you weren't like this as a teen, you don't know just how happy you are now that your hormones have balanced out. 990602
jake enk. a piece is stuck that cannot be removed. so we leave it there and hope it goes away, all the while thinking of what you'd do to it if it wasn't stuck. 990603
Ruby You look for trouble. You pour the water from a full glass and complain that you're thirsty. So I refill it, and give it back to you. This time you don't even wait until my back is turned to overturn the glass once more. 990603
Brad i ate a piece of mist for breakfast. My kitten did too. 000308
valis me, i'm nessimistic.

i think the glass is full, but has a big scary sea monster in it.

i hate that.
Bobby The King of the Anti-Climax they say pessimism is good for the egotistical mind
beacuse if you actually get your way you're pleasently surprised
i'm leaving town tonight to extend my depression
marking myself for death, when will i learn my lesson?
the longer i go without company, the faster i want to sleep
a lonely life with a lonely heart, a method i wish not to keep
my thoughts come back to you smoetimes and OH what a felony
i never considered you the kind of girl that applied to a hate melody
how many times must i get over you before its the last time?
they say love and the pursuit for it is a game
and if a lover never finds a true one, OH, well, what a shame!
ive met so many people i could love forever
just picture a house with kids together
the longer i go by myself, the shorter i want to live
when will all those girls see the amount of love ive got to give?
my thoughts often drift to tiemes when i felt pure
but now i feel diseased with bitterness without a cure
how many times must i reassure myself before its the last time?
peyton Engymatic..

I feel you bro.. I can relate..

I went through so many crushes.. so many.. Some went straight to the bone.

All I can say is, God help you.
peyton Oh, and Ruby.. You don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Instead of filling my glass, why not teach me to drink without knocking it over.

Fucking people.. always complaining that the pain of others bothers them.
j_blue a synonym for realism 010118
Sintina What I always accuse my mother of being...
What I always insist that I am not.
I used to be one,
But, oh how I hurt when I thought of things not turning out exactly the way I hoped.
Then I rethought my point of view, better to hope for the worst and not risk being let down.
Now I WORK for the best. Hope for the best, but am often let down. That's life. Riding high in April and Shot Down in May.
unhinged so sue me
give me one reason to believe
a word you say
show me the truth
and maybe just maybe
the glass will be half full this time.
i sincerely doubt it.
chanaka nothing is ever gonna happen the way you want it to, so just get used to it. life's not fair. why bother making it so? i have tried. write me down for that, at least.
if at first you don't succeed, forget it?
dB Pessimism is the theif of time. Optimism is the theif of the mind. 010219
ass facely maisie 010219
Toxic_Kisses Me
I am a pessimist
I always expect the worst so that I'm not disappointed or hurt when it happens, yet az they say "presently surprised" when things happen to turn out good.
Casey I'm kinda pessimist, because sometimes I think everyone hates me. 011107
little idiot "dont just call me a pessimist--
try and read between the lines"

-tool, aenima
unhinged i was happy
for a fraction of a second
when i read into your words
all the dramatic_irony
of foregone conclusion
but the past sobered me
to think
that you might love me
that we could only cry
tears of joy
wrapped in each other
i soured quickly my hope
of you
to look on you
with faded longing
cushions the disappointment
of individual degree
ClairE I used to be that way.
Then I realized I would choke on it.

I've got happiness to the core, so that when I gag on unhappiness it sounds like a kitten's cough.
blown cherry when I'm clicking around reading everyones blatherings, sometimes I get the feeling we're all a bunch of cynical pessimists.

So rarely do any of us feel the sun on our faces and think that it will still be there tomorrow.

Love and Pain kind of fuck you up like that though don't they.
littleidiot indeed blown cherry.
Lime Rider hmmmm pessimism. It comes after a day of enjoyment, fun and optimism.

And after _very_ uneventful days.

Just the 'normal' days will sometimes bring salvation.

Damned salvation.
what's it to you?
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