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niska crushes are surreal.

i get to know you, and your transparency astounds me more than your mistique ever did. i'd rather be caught in a dream of you than know you for who you really are. at least in my dreams your intellect is a compliment to your captivating smile. in reality, your smile indicates your ineptitude. i loved my idea of how wonderful you were. now i realize how ordinary you are. i'd say it's all your fault, but i know you tried to be everything i'd hoped. you just had no idea i was looking for more.

what happened to you, my secret crush?
where did all the magic go?
pipedream the thrill of the chase is somehow better than the getting. i wonder why. 030314
Syrope "See? There's thinking about him, right? Which is what I do. All the time. It's like an obsession. So it keeps me going. Like I need that, to get through the day because it's an obsession. And if you make it real? It's not the same. It's not yours anymore. So I don't know what to do, because maybe if I ruin it tonight, maybe I'll be better off just having the fantasy of him."


i :heart: my so-called life...

i'm just getting back into how good a crush can make you feel :) its wonderous
niska could you blame her? I mean, Jordan was so irresistibly HOT!
AND, he knew she existed. that's half the battle.
girl_jane "What I've found is that crushes on him end in pain."

"Most crushes do end in pain."

"Yeah they do."

"Crushes suck."
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chiselmouth I remember having crushes... kinda miss them. Not sure if i grew out of them... or just stopped allowing myself to have them.

Intuition says the latter.
hannah crushes and cigarettes.

one in the same, the one you look forward to that will kill you that makes your day or ruins your buzz it's what gets you in the car it's what you share with others something new something dramatic something silent and so fulfilling so frustrating so mething to talk about...
what's it to you?
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