Tank naima decided to get herself stuck on the roof. so i called the_major as i figured he was a long-ladder-having kind of man, and praise be unto him, he is and came to the rescue!

first of all i climbed the ladder but i couldn't reach her and i started panicking and then my leg started shaking and i thought i was gonna cry because i couldn't save her. so then the major climbed the ladder and saved the day, (and naima), and made it all cunty special.

where would i be without him..?
::Rhinna breezes into the blue room, and then suddenly stops, causing her skirt to dance about her legs - her long hair falling over her shoulders::

(attention-seeking dramatic pause)

::With her hands expertly placed on each of her hips, a little fire in her eyes, and with a world class pout adorning her lips, she simply states::

"I am NOT dramatic!"
mikey ::::applauds::::

::mutters something about show-offs:::

:::leaps over the last row of chairs in the room::::

:::bows before all in the room black cape swirling with the motion:::

i bid you all...farewell.
::never one to be outdone, Rhinna takes a deep breath, stomps her foot (still pouting, mind you - although the fire in her eyes, has taken on an icy hue), turns heel, and leaves the room in a huff!::

mikey ok you win. i could go on ...well maybe if i go on peyton will come in and sweep you off your feet again and then i'll be here and i can win based on you not being around ....hmmm..

HEY PEYTON...pssst
peyton With his countenance truly like lightning, the chosen knight, called Peyton, descends from the grand staircase, his armor plates a-twinkle..

His glory is beyond description, his eyes are hard and burning.. He envelopes his Rhinna in his cape, and they swirl and mesh together, an indecipherable cloak and dagger..

And then they fade into the surroundings.. as they have absorbed each other.. and in these most filth ridden streets, they have found Eden.

Yea, let it be written that they've ascended again, so intertwined. And what God has put together, let none tear asunder..

Praise be..
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anon good lord

i need a new word
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