dallas frightful and magical, a beam of solid energy bursts from the sky and strikes the ground, setting living things aflame. 980907
torch not only physical, but lightning leaps from every person, charging others' minds and hearts with electricity and drive. some of us are just more electric than others. we need these human lightning rods, however; where else would we get a dynamic leader, one daring to challenge injustice and rescue us from ourselves? 000220
camille awakening 000314
birdmad Did we really see lightning that night on the hill?
or were we just hallucinating?
Stoned and laughing
( at everything and nothing )
we stumbled
among the rocks and the brush
in the middle of the night
as the lights of the city spread out below us.

imagining the excavation machines
at the base of the pit below to be sleeping giants

sitting, talking
mistaking airplanes for shooting stars

Samantha, did you ever really care?
or was i just fooling myself?
silentbob Lightning
(Written by CountingCrows)

It's crazy but often clear
but often clear
We shimmer and disappear
In color, in black and white
black and white
We slowly fade out of sight

But these days were lit by lightning
These lights all were white

It's crazy but somehow clear
Somehow clear
We ride in silence out of fear
We spoke and soon come alive
Come alive
We prefer the silence of the blind

But these days were lit by lightning
These lights all were white
These days were lit by lightning
Of sharp, light, sharp, white, light, hard, good, white

We're crazy but often kind
Often kind
Enrage and in violence blind
You gather, and that alone
That alone
We race in small circles home

But these days were lit by lightning
These lights are were white
These days were lit by lightning
Of sharp, white, light

These days were lit by lightning
These lights are were white
These days were lit by light
somebody static discharge...when we sit around long enough and an idea begins to boil over, we can barely hold it within ourselves, it bubbles out and with a noise not so dissimilar to that of the natural stuff, although observed only from afar, it strikes the minds of those around you, too long static yet without it themselves 000915
Christy Sometimes I feel as if I have been plucked from the sky like a lightning bug midflight. 010910
god kloot is kloot 011201
ClairE crashes. I never liked that song as much as everyone else seems to.

I do love Live, though.
whoknows the best lightning ive ever seen i saw at the end of the summer with one of my best friends. he was driving me home but we decided drive out to a field and spent the rest of the night just talking and watching the storm. i learned a lot about him that night.
i love rex.
impact branches of lightning rupture the sky
and i think of you because i always
think of your smile and your words
you race through my veins
blazing fire through them
sometimes i think i am going to burst
flaming heart to fingertips from
your electricity
Arugula Red I stand in the storm, water flowing around me
Hours pass me by unconcerned
I have no need to be dry.

Strike me, lightning!
Light me up like a signal flare
And for an instant make me tingle, glowing
joda Soon. I miss summer. 030426
girl_jane Can you feel the hairs stand up on the back of your neck... 030426
celestias shadow yum 030806
delial I had a dream last night involving this

it was pouring down rain somewhere..oregon or something
foresty like

I was with three others [ a couple and a mutual friend or something like that ]

and we were huddling under cement columns and such trying to hide from the lightning

it was coming down in strings, and hitting along in straight lines and curves

I thought to myself: "well, lightning never strikes the same place twice right? what is up with it forming patterns??"

and then we'd be running under another overhang of cement which didn't quite cover us

I laughed at the fact there were openings in the columns so that the lightning could just go through and hit us
I thought it was funny how we were running for cover and yet the very place we were hiding just made it easier to aim at us
[yeah, the lightning was aiming at us]

it wasn't so much a feeling of being scared so much as feeling annoyed that they thought we were hiding in a good place.

why couldn't we have just gotten in_the_car and waited out the storm?
emmi 'one ninth of november, when they were playing a duet under the orange trees
because the air was pure and the sky was high and cloudless, a sudden flash
blinded them, a seismic detonation startled them, and dona olalla was struck down by lightning.... when he returned from the cemetery, he was surprised by a storm of little paper birds falling like snow on the orange trees in the orchard. he caught one of them, unfolded it, and read: That
lightning bolt was mine.'
-marquez, of love and other demons
andru235 if it strikes you, playing tennis;
darkness seems much less a menace
violencia. i got lightning in my veins. . . 060620
dries&hardens may strike twice
but it must be something other than luck
or circumstance
for it to strike over and over
and please, just once more
though there are some who may be shamed
by my plea
but for one more chance
to look at lightning
and not curse the spring
what's it to you?
who go