who me? what makes me, me, is fading away. 000124
elimeny For some reason I thought you had gone
But your shadow still resides...


I shudder to remember
All that you've done
And then I think
"But that was half of the fun!"
What makes heartbreak
So entrancing?
So tempting?
So romancing?
The excitement of the
You smear...
Like a tear...
that streaks, painting fear
And I wipe just a little
Away at a time
But the clock is a very slow windshield wiper
The minutes the creep
And days become weeks
And still you leave fingerprints behind
And still you leave footprints for me to find
I'm going...
I'm running...
Out of my MIND!
Why on earth did I stay so kind?
For you,
He so cruel
Played me
As a fool
and still I often play your violins...
And still I often sing your lullabies...
And still I lie and mourn for your descent
But one day I will find peace within
While you hide behind your dirty walls of sin.
zavyman The people I've known
Such beautiful memories
Gone into the mist
Lost forever
Scattered from my mind
Barrett life it seems to fade away
drifting further everyday
getting lost within myself
nothing matters, no one else
I have lost the will to live
simply nothing more to give
there is nothing more for me
need the end to set me free...

(fade to black-metallica)
Barrett cracks in the ceiling
crooked pictures in the hall

Tiffa Images fade before my eyes as they slowly close on the world around them. ideal once rich and full of promise now fade before my inner sight. nothing is where i am at. i am blind and life is fading from me. bringing me back into that darkness i call home. earth. earth is fading into time. time isnt real so are we here at all? 010509
translucent You say I fade away, and I dont think that I am fading. I try to see you at lunch, after school, on weekends, whenever. I want to stay close to you... you mean so very much to me... I just hope /you/ dont fade. 010916
birdmad into you? 010916
devalis a haircut made popular in the 80's by Bobby Brown. 020823
Sensory lives fade over time...the memories, the joys, the love...until nothing but the thought "why bother?" 021011
nomatter so alive 031002
celestias shadow I wrote a poem with this title once. It was the first time I thought I might be good at poetry. 031129
x fade_into_you 031214
Nirvanic Blind today's the day when i fade away ohh. Today's the day when i fade away...ohh. Today's the day....... 031215
Mattmoo The dilute light filters through the window, across hospital furniture, and fills within the room. She sits, drowning in abusive sunlight,waiting for something to leave, to change, to fade. 040509
kx21 Freedom_And_DEmocracy ("FADE") 040728
pete a silent street filled with cars
where the old bikes,
long stolen,
are kept awaiting there second theft

muses dancing on the green
where in just a few,
mere and short,
weeks the ladies from hell
will stand and do their best
to hold the world in silence

words striving beyond

and yet in the end
even the memories fade
in to the joints unsmoked
and the coffee untouched
spilt_milk thoughts, fade away, leave me with peace, and let me form new short term goals...

pete again, it seems, these cycles keep turning, though i'm not as lost now as i was a year ago... i can see the light even though the sky is overcast.. and the weight isn't crushing me, just bending me slightly 050727
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