The Schleiffen Man i have lost a dear frined i had only met 25 days ago....
today, my 19" monitor died in a fade out.... it never awoke.... it's going back to CTX so they can replace it for me... they'd better not fuck up or i'll have their asses
a mask I weep for the world. For the people. How important you view yourself and how insignificant you really are. So quickly in universe years will you die and become that which you were before you were born: nothing. 020831
bespeckled She holds her heart behind her back, choking it, letting it writhe in her fingers, gasping for life.

She watches the sun fall beneath the world, escaping her. She wants to run toward the sun, bask in its rays, take pleasure in its love and purity of thought and reason.

Tears of rage and wistfullness run down her face as it escapes. She refuses to look toward the moon; she can't. She closes her eyes in resentment as the cold washes over her body. She sees her dark reflection on the ground, and feels the moon's light upon her shoulders. She turns around to face it.

Her heart beats mournfully in her hands. The heat of the sun has sunk beyond her view.
angie yesterday they were all sitting there totally making fun of terrelle and they were saying that he was so stupid for being sad that his dog died
they thought he shouldnt have been sad for a week...theyre just thinking of reasons to please turning their back against their other friend.
everything they were saying bout terrelles dog sounded just like my dog...i started crying
and they looked at me like...oh my god u are not crying are u...
i just wanted to leave...
i didnt talk to them for awhile
then whitney left
then i just got drunk
situation resolved
nomatter Today would have been my Grandpa's 67th birthday.
Why do I feel like no one can know that I still cry?
what's it to you?
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