* your own personal hallucination 000209
josie mine was utterly altered when i smoked pot on some LSD. My view was completely opened up to every possibily in the world..of course i felt safe and secure and there was not a hint of paranoia. 000821
retartedkidnameddamian how many hits did you take? 010327
caveman My mind is altered through a cloud of smoke.
Starting in the lungs and down the throat.
About ten minutes later it festers in my head, tilting the world just a little bit.
Time slows to a crawl as the music soothingly drops the beat.
watch the time go right out the window,because i got high.
Letting me unwind, than someone hits rewind, ready to dance with mary jane!
Confusing what is real.
trying to breathe, but my words get in my way
Oh my god they killed kenney!
josie one good strong hit.. after having a few in my lifetime at that stage... it was definitely the acid that opened up my view, but the pot enhanced my being, opened up my subconcious thought to parallels i'd never experienced. 020715
blown cherry Growing up surrounded by water,
surrounded by beaches,
surrounded by sun and splendour,
have I been spoiled?
Have my eyes been blunted by the beauty constantly showering me that I can no longer see it even when it's all there is to see?

It took me over and hour to realise what a beautiful day it was out over the water surrounded by rolling green mountains, perfect yellow sand dunes, with dolphins lapping at the bow of the boat, all draped in a perfectly warm winter sun.
And it took a Scottsman to point out my flawed vision.

I need to reformat my eyes,
erase the images like an etch-a-sketch,
so I can see the beauty again,
see the world for it's good again,
to remember that it still has some.
Achilles The single most important thing I've learned in my studies is to look. 020815
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