lisa mutating pulsating change

make the choice, and go
amorfus tweak your thought-field. oh so slightly, my son. careful where you tread, here be dragons! 000509
god trip, trip to a dream-dragon
hide your wings in a ghost-tower
syd octopus 010523
lycanthrope Altered States is a misleading term.
Our state is constantly altered by the weather,
the foods we eat, the company of a charming person,
the way we are postured, and of course,
more official drugs.
What it assumes is that personality has a ground state,
when i'd say it is constantly in flux.

Like the river,
it is seen as unified most clearly from a certain scope of observation,
from the the vantage point that sees each part of the river as flowing from another part, communication passing within the same medium (chemical, or molecular, or even chunky depending on how fine a resolution you want your river of), in a narrative so detailed and complex it is only meaningful when told in the broader sense of its flowing, a flowing so constant it sometimes seems like stillness.

Consciousness seems all that is sensed of now coming to a swelling crash or merge with all that is remembered of nows gone past. And when i make a decision....i only appear still.

I guess my argument is that i should be allowed to do drugs in situations where a certain altered state isn't necessary (for instance the altered state of alertness and quieting of backthoughts i go through when driving), seeing as my states are often at odds with the desireable state for any given situation sometimes anyways (like when i'm too tired to take a test, or when i'm open and unafraid to express ferociously any jokes or qualms or playfulness around those people i care little for, and passive and empty around those i hold in high esteem). You can work out the logistics of it, but an argument is there. Just reach into the river and introduce to each other flows of water that may have been forever parallel...or given time...does it all come together?
hsg i am altered.

Ouroboros dancing in front of the mirror. gazing with love into my own eyes. my cute little lady body. seeing the miracle of flesh and consciousness encased. whooo aammmm iiiiii? 121225
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