daxle is just a bunch of simple parts put together 990516
l collection of hangups 990610
Equin0x We live in apartment complexes. We go to stay in hotel complexes. We play our synthetic games in leisure complexes.
I think I'd rather live in a simple.
amorfus like a flower 000525
Annoyed A: Here. Let me do it. I'm better at it than you.
B: *mumbles* bastard.
A: No no. Not like that.
B: *mumbles* fuck off.
A: Oh! That's awefull. I guess I need to fix it...again!
B: *screams* I said fuck off you bastard! You suck at this! You may be good at everyother thing, but you have NO PEOPLE SKILLS! Just piss off already!
datura oedipus one.
i can say, with all honesty,
that i have never wanted to screw my dad.
yummychuckle inferiority complex.
Dillon has an inferiority complex. He is so AWESOME, though!
someone said he was the most popular person with depression and an inferiority complex.

and he got me to beleive he had no friends.
Inanna You can take anything and turn it into something complex. Consciousness is complex. A catipillar's metamorphasis into a butterfly is complex. The way we choose to reveal our emotions and our emotions themselves are complex. Tarot cards are complex. Tasting your mind is complex. 010820
phil remindful. Gazing silently. Often found walking in a slow manner.
forgetful. Often quite happy for small ahcievments. Seldom showing depression. Always resourceful in a time of need.
Seen through as confusing people for no end purpose. Delighting in other's personalities.
MDogMA Motive one stay alive ulterior motives screw everyone else in as many ways shapes and forms known man, theoretical motive invent new ways to screw people extroverted motive screw people talking right now introspective motive screw everyone not talking biblical motive screw Jesus astronomical motive screw a big bang Darwinian motive screw all the half extinct monkey species's for being to dumb to get out of the trees. 030121
niska hehe... gee phil, is that me, or you? 030329
m21k ***
* Complex Number

The complex numbers are an extension of the real numbers, in which all non-constant polynomials have roots. The complex numbers contain a number i, the imaginary unit, with i^2= −1, i.e., i is a square root of −1. Every complex number can be represented in the form x + iy, where x and y are real numbers called the real part and the imaginary part of the complex number respectively.
andru235 all simple things mask something intricate and complex; likewise, all complex things mask something facile and simple. repeat as desired. 051128
andru235 actually, it's not that simple. 051128
kuffsleeve's comple simplex cercumquence....
i e 070415
what's it to you?
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