yummychuckle Dillon lives in Maryland...i had a crush on him in the fourth grade. Now I'm about to go into tenth grade...its summertime. I moved from Maryland to Hawaii in the summer of fourth grade and never saw Dillon again. And then I made some friends that were friends with Dillon. and Dillon and I started talking. And I am going to meet him again this summer In maryland.
all i can really say about how i feel towards him now is...i had good taste in guys in fourth gade.
yummychuckle He's at his dad's house. Its crazy how weird I am about him. It was this dream I had where Dillon was kurt_cobain that made me get all obsessed with Kurt. Its like I was trying to find a way out of being obsessed with Dillon himself, because everyone tells me that obsession is a bad thing (thats made by calvin_klein). And I got so pissed at Dillon when he said that I was too obsessed with him to care (about something, i can't remember.) 010602
yummychuckle sorry dillon dont hate me.

and fuck you for reading all of this.
nocturnal in her defense, I'd just like to say that I've heard someone's been sneaking some odd drugs into her drinking water, so these may or may not be her honest opinions. 010604
unhinged that's kinda how i felt when the albino came here and read my entire blather history. he has some of the blathes i wrote about him in his aim profile. it's kind of flattering but kind of annoying at the same time. 010604
florescent light Dillon is the 964th most popular male first name in the US. 010605
yummychuckle yuck---
im sorry you guys, i'm the...er...obsessive type, and now I'm over the whole dillon thing. But um yeah. its a possibility that if i hadn't been so freakish maybe dillon and I could have been like friends. but hes just so releived that I'm not liking him any more. I'm just a tad hurt...
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