dallas Isn't that special? 980901
jade one word, so many meanings. if my life is spent dreaming then i have slept through it. but to *live the dream* is something else, isn't it... isn't it? when you think of people who plod through their lives without a dream, without a vision of achievement, you have to feel sorry for them, as if they've really missed something important. 980904
charley That which we might do when we’re not awake. Emote without inhibition. Are you sleeping now? 980906
angie dreams?the minds own get away 981011
sarah jane I wish I could dream for a living. I'm an artist- maybe that's close enough. 981014
ceorl usually when things get this weird,
I wake up
kirstin you don't dream my dreams, so don't tell me what my dreams should be made of, and please don't destroy the dreams i have. 990428
Enygmatic So lately I've been having these scarily realistic dreams. Somehow, they always involve the girls I've screwed things up with this year, but I guess that's just my subconscious beating myself up over nothing; I'm young and already blame myself for all my problems.

Now here's where the dreams split into two types: the type where they tell me why they hate me and I get some closure, and the type where we become friends again. Either way, I get closure. Both types are great dreams, but you know what? Great dreams or not, they still don't talk to me, and as of lately 2 of the 3 girls started avoiding making eye contact with me. This is the story of my just-starting life... dreams contrasting with reality. And what's a poor dreamer to do but complain about his life to everyone on line?
daxle I'm somewhere I've never been but it doesn't seem strange
Doing things that make no sense but seem to make perfect sense
And when I wake up, the most I'm usually left with is a feeling of uneasiness
persiphone Dreams, the things that make you want to rise from bed in the morning, that give you something to aim for, your future... your future in love, career, family...happiness

jordan when I dream it's like i am in a heaven i have no problems no worries then when i awake it all comes back to me..reality strikes..............dreams are also what I aim for, trying to reach them then all of thee sudden something comes along and shatters them not caring at all and laughing about it in my face 990709
lee ...but what if his hands pressed those hollows at my back- the niches where the wings should start? And what if we loved so hard that our bones locked- seemless as worked gold? 990719
matt. Take this kiss upon the brow! And in parting from you now, Thus must let me avow - You are not wrong, who deem that my days have been a dream Yet if hope has flown away In a night, or in a day, in a vision, or in none, is it therefore less gone? All that we see or seem Is but a dream within a dream. I stand amid the roar of a surf-tormented shore, and I hold with in my hand Grains of the golden sand - How few! Yet how they creep through my fingers to the deep, While I weep - while I weep! O God can I not grasp them with a tighter clasp? O God! can I not save One from the pitiless wave? Is all that we see or seem, But a dream within a dream? 990721
pablo dreams are real, i tell myself. they are creampuffs and rusty spikes, little bunnies and viscious monsters, life and death, love and hate. if you can see yourself in your dreams then you are clear of vision; if you cannot see yourself in your dreams you soon will. they predict the past and repeat the future. they move in every which way but linear, like something out of a doctor seus book that you read half-asleep. if you think good thoughts, your dreams might be good. or they might be bad. there really is no way to tell with dreams. i don't dream often, but when i do i love it, total and complete freedom and serenity. i dream of bridges and geysers. i am a dreamer. if only i could live the dreams... 990927
jennifer you talked to my sleep last night
and in my heart I felt
the pure joy of being
your voice
so warm
and loving
words that were exchanged
and thoughts left unsaid
none of that mattered
only the soft rumble of
your laugh
and my smile
spikey-ho a questionable reality 991212
nameless dreams are the reason i sleep, think how boring sleeping would be without dreaming 991218
nameless i once dreamt i was riding on a frog.... 991231
Q am i a frog? 991231
camille to dream when awake, is to regret what you do have

dreams at night, is your body's regret that it's asleep
candace the one place in which flying is possible without wings, speech is what you want it to be, you feel your best, look even better. he sees me in a crowd and decides "she is the one". my dreams will never stop as long as i am living, and once i shall die, i will have lived all of them. 000106
bee mine are horrid and wretched. i lose everything. i lose myself. i get lost. no one listens and you're never heard. or you are but you're so well hidden. it's the bad version of your day. but that's fine. 000108
Joana. My existence is always so blurry when I dream...
Nightmares haunt me in my sleep...
I feel this immense happiness only for the fact that I haven't dreamt with the dark being or with any other horrifying matter that I somehow manage to create in my mind...
My ID keeps trying to send me secret messages, as if to warn me of something that I might be doing wrongly in my life... and yet I never seem to unravel its meaningful symbolic images.
I dreamt of you today, my dearest... and this time, the meaning was clear...
And now I'm happy as ever...
koti i can still see you
chasing a far away dream
a dream coccooned
displaced, removed
koti my seth happends to the most beautiful of one of these....... 000110
bane have you ever had the dream where you go to school naked. well today that dream came true. 000124
sean "i have a dream this afternoon... that the brotherhood of man..." it goes on... martin luther king's words paid off... we now have marble rye and black and white cookies!! 000125
scotty it's what my folks keep trying to stop me from doing! 000127
meggie you better check yourself before you wreck yourself 000304
fairydust always dreaming about dead people.
and being chased.
Free Yes, I've had that dream too. Allways running away from my fears. Sometimes I stop running, and face the shadow following in my footsteps, only to descover I was runing from myself. But most times I find some clever way to escape, and the chase goes on. 000416
pussycat last night i had a dream that i could fly.
it was the most magnificent thing.
if i were to be granted one, and only one, super-power, i'm sure that i would choose the gift of flight.
mungo You never say what you expect if you just let your ideas go. I remembered a dream I had years ago when I closed my eyes. A man approached me and said, “I saw dead animals, roasted and black. Fragments of bodies sticking out of the water. My legs were being held back by two feet of gray ash coating the water like a man falling in love with something he once hated. The bodies were everywhere.” I woke up and wrote that down so I could tell somebody about it later. I guess I just did. 000513
WoNDERGIRL you are my wish
you are my dream
MollyGoLightly Once I had a sex dream about a very unattractive actor. Then I made the mistake of telling people about it. 000523
creeepy bird curiousity:

Vincent Gallo...?

or Gerard Depardieu?
MollyGoLightly eeeewwwww

no. a different kind of unattractive than that.

and not in any kind of endearing Steve Buscemi way, either.
ted go over? 000529
maccie i dream of running away from you
of hiding in crowded cinemas
of sweat and love
of thoughts unthought
and frail
grendel when i was four years old, i had a strange dream about being chased through a sewer by a giant multi-coloured all_day_sucker with big pointy teeth that had dropped from the sky in a parachute 000626
skiblu I can tell you about a dream that scared the hell out of me.
I think it was in a party I can't be sure...It wasn't in a house I knew.
My boyfriend kept changing into good an evil, every now and then. when he was normal he remembered what he was and his eyes an empty blue would cry for help before he turned back. I didn't realise at first, I thought he had drunk too much which had had that effect and made him aggressive...
But there was something cruel in his eyes.
But when he turned evil he had this kind of power, and no one could resist him.
A friend of mine was there, I could see what was happening. He was talking to her and they both left the room.
I didn't know what they were saying. I followed them. They walked upstairs. The stairs led up to one door and then stopped. There was nothing else, just this door.
Then I wasn't me but could see in the room.
My friend is very shy.
But she was on the floor with my boyfriend when he was on full evil mode fucking like rabbits. I was too afraid to go in as I thought he would kill me. So I went back downstairs to think.
Although in my dream I saw them 'at it' (although it seemed more like consentual rape than sex) the me I was in the dream didn't see past the door.
When they finished my friend got up and looked sad and confused like she didn't know what happened. She then got looked concerned and said "You won't tell her will you?"
And he had this horrible grin and said "That was the whole point."
When she got nack downstairs I asked her what went on and she told me over and over again that they talked and nothing happened.
Then he came downstairs, and his eyes kind of glowed in a strange way. I followed him out into the back and he said he had just been fucking my friend. I believed him but didn't want to and shook my head saying that isn't what she said.
The next thing we're in the room upstairs and he's saying things that have me almost orgasmic but he won't let me sleep with him, he just laughed.
Then the dream shifted and were downstairs and he was normal again. He kind of looked at me in a stricken way, like the floor had just fallen out of his world and started crying and saying he was so sorry but he couldn't stop it. I put my arms round him and tried to stop him but he turned evil again, pushed me away and hit me.
I love my boyfriend and I don't know what this dream means.
I just know I can't tell him about it.
medea there are books that tell you what all those little things from your dreams mean, but I think it's all up to the dreamer to interpret any symbols accurately. it won't actually apply to you otherwise.

dreams mean more than we usually give them credit to. dorothy bryant's book "the kin of ata are waiting for you" illustrates how one group of people used their dreams to achieve higher consciousness. they believe everything comes from dreams, and if their dreams are bad it means something is out of balance in their waking life. they are nameless until they dream a name.
boy I used to dream of you, even after you left me. Just when I would get to a point of comfort, a point where your memory doesn't hurt...there you are in my dreams like you were never gone.

fuck...why can't you just leave?
PiRho Way overrated! (but highly valuable [or invaluable]) whichever the case may be (or not be) is sleep really needed? or is one able to live in only one world/dependant on the other for answers that never come. FINDING nothing other than dead links on the home page of knowledge. With out eating the bread supplyed by Wonder Inc. or the other worthless feinds feeding millions with nutritionless foam containing as much nutritional value as a Brillo pad. But food is as important as the Brillo Bread we feed ourselves every day. There is the foul disgustful regurgitation of our subconcious feeding our minds when left to reign freely, and the Whole Wheat of wISDoM made evident through the concious focus of energy upon the active and living links on the home page of the little visited home page that everyone has visited but most reject, finding the red pill to be too much of a step of FAITH and the blue soothing and inviting. without the commitment of truth. without the knowledge of the fear that controls the lives and thoughts (be they subconcious or other). without the connection to the reality they yearn for but trust fear and dark more than the idea of seeing themselves in the light and facing the demons intwined into their feeble excuse for a human spirit. the fact remains: dreams, like thoughts, reflect the amount of time you focus on bread {or something or other without feeling remorse but having integrity never youth but always young jack and jill but there was no hill does nothing feel free but eating and the everpresent butterfly. the end of nothing.} but everything \ihopethiswasnttoolongutitprobablywas/www.islengthanissue.com 001031
SCOTT stop dreaming
they lie at night
and day-deceiving promises
and false hope-you dope
dreams are for fools
the more fool am i
to dream and dream
and ne'er reach fruition
simple emptiness-i'm used to it
now-not-just one dream
one true moment-something real
that seems a dream of waking
of her-whoever she may be
unless-she is only a dream-
then dream i shall-it's all
all that i have-now
Jack when your dreams become reality you can sleep more easily. 001126
SadProfessor Dream of me when I can longer dream of you. I have to go sleep 001208
ares dreaming about falling always gives you a surprise when you wake up feeling like you have been thrown onto the bed 001227
kx21 "The poor man is not he who is without a cent, but he who is without a dream."

unhinged if everything could be like that dream

even then i'm sure i'd still find a way to be sad
unhinged are you people crazy?

dreams don't make you happy...if anything they make you more sad. dreams are just that. things that never happen except for in the craziness of our minds. inside our little hollow skulls. if your existence is based on dreams it's almost as bad as one based on scars. some call it realism. some call it pessimism. i think i'm just a bitch.
aj i dreamed i'd spend summer nights listening to trains outside my window never forgetting that i'd started out holding familiar hands without being afraid that my life would be a series of nights sitting in the back seat staring out rear windows at the stars 010122
... i killed liz. i killed the teen dream. deal with it. badundun CHH! 010122
hoodrat i hate it when everyday life crawls into bed with me.

i had a dream recently that someone who works for me died.

old and crusty howard.
spit hacking lung howard.
emphysema howard.

this dream has bothered me for days now. it isn't the dreamt death that bothers me. its the fact that he died at work while working for me. its the fact that he was placed in a trash can instead of a coffin. it is the fact that there was simply no remorse.
startfires i had this dream last night that there was this guy at my door and he had a big, black shiny superman van parked on my front lawn. and he was trying to get in my house and my father was standing next to me while i tried to hold the door shut. i was screaming profanities, i remembered feeling like if he got in he was going to rape my little sister. he was breaking the hinges of the door and i went wild and clawed his face like a wolverine or something. 010124
danielle i cant wake up..
cant fucking wake up from this bad dream...
i see the people dead
waving their arms at me..
i cant wake up...
from this fucking bad dream
SCOTT to sleep, perchance to dream to die
the little death-whilst waiting for the larger
but why do we wait? fear?
afraid to live, but each night, we die a little more, and each day, we are weakened from that experience
until the moment arrives, from fate, or from choice
should we wait, or choose?
my eternal question
doza (http://geocities.com/doza_gin) if i had a host of words
and numerous ways to link them
i'd never be able to convey
one mind numbing second
of any dream.
words have no flavor
no sloft blurring of the edges of your vision
no fear for no reason
words on paper are space and time
dreams fold both
blue moon you saw me standing alone 010207
ladydreamer0114 you think and dream in black and white and reality gives you color. 010209
Dafremen Dreams About You - A Song to My Missus From Me
Goodnight, my love, it's time
To start the treasure hunt in my mind
For dreams, dreams about you
Those diamond glimpses cherished, but few

Although, through the back of my mind
I search all night, I still could not find
Those dreams, dreams about you
It seems they're lost, what can I do?

And so, I open my eyes
The light streaks in and brings a suprise
A dream, a dream that is you
A dream that is true, I love you.
clara In her dream,
Its real, it’s clear
He’s there, beside her
There’s nothing to fear

In her dream
They lovingly embrace
No more wondering
No more chase

In her dream
They tenderly kiss
This moment is real,
long-awaited bliss

In her dream
Intensity is shared
Emotions are raw
Love undeclared

In her dream
She’s euphoric, fulfilled
Now is her chance
To try and rebuild

In her dream
Love-making is tender
Lying together
In naked splendour

But it’s just a dream
The fantasy shatters
Her heart sinks
Her soul in tatters

Quench the thirst
Extinguish the fire
Set her free
From unsatisfied desire

Take her, hold her
If only he knew
It’s only a dream
Can dreams come true?
truely_sorry I spent last night dreaming of your eyes,
But your hair kept getting in the way.
Your lips dropped in to tell me how you'd been,
But when I tried to kiss them,
My pillow told me I'd missed them.
Your voice dropped by and sang a lullaby,
And it was then I knew just what to do.
I'd fall asleep and then,
I'd dream of you again.

You always have a place in my heart Lisa.
kx21 A Quantum phenomenon... 010225
krispy things that make you go hmmmmm....... 010330
Chrity Has anyone ever drempt they were a cartoon before? 010408
AzNxTc do you think ecstasy has positive or negative effect on dreams? and PLEASE dont preach... 010412
oh pee um if you awoke from your slumber
to realize
you were only an extension of my dream
would you rather exist
or go back to the netherworld
from which you came ?
DannyH Dream I had last night. I’m still woozy from it. My brain doesn’t seem to sit right in my skull at the moment. I was on E and I was fucking up and behaving oddly so everyone from the house had to look after me. At one point I was trying to put my trousers back on outside a chip shop. People were taking photographs. I had a ride on the amazing spinning paper loader. It was huge. It was the kind of dream you go to sleep in and wake up in another part of the same dream. I’m having more dreams and stranger these days. Must be part of the process. 010423
carden The cat in the hat came back, wrecked a lot of havoc on the way, always had a smile and a reason to pretend. But their world has flat backgrounds and little need to sleep but to dream. The sidewinder sleeps on his back.

--REM, 'The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite'
flo i dream everynight that my girlfriend has been taken away by a master criminal. the girl in my bed isn't her but a copy designed to make me happy and satisfied. the master criminal for some reason wants to keep me where i am and so he has sent me a perfect copy to stop me wanting to move on. the only flaw in his plan lies in the fact that she tries to keep me happy and satisfied a thing which the real her has never had to try and do. (this is the point in the dream where the samurai swords come out and it all goes a bit magnum p.i.) 010424
keeper i had a dream last night. it was like no other. i could feel it. i could feel you.

but reality hit when i opened eyes
and saw him
not you
s!m so what...
this is reality...
let´s call it
slow mo
meself nothing like a broken dream 010516
unhinged dreams
cruel mechincal heart
holding out
as we resort to theivery
so bitter the tear
a well run dry
i look at these pictures
remanents of your dream
cruel mechincal reality
love can't even mend
if only my arms were strong enough
to hold you
when is the right time to pull
this plug?
sweetheart of the song tra bong The word I cannot hear without the music starting up in my head.

Only in dreams, we see what it means. Reach out a hand, hold on to hers. But when we wake, it's all been erased. And so it seems - only in dreams.

Only in dreams.

daydream believer is all that we see or seem
but a dream within a dream?
programmer Whoever wrote the script of this world. Ask him to implement some Daylight! 010523
soy I see myself
gliding on the darkblue ice
circling round the
frozen I.

I see the flashes
striking on the water
each one creates a moment
flirring to eternity
waiting for

mushroomman Make love to me, oh sweet one, for one who seems so delicate, you are so strong
my blood pumps hot, my sweat trickles down and mixes with yours, we are of one body now, oh how i love the one to whom i made love, but nay, i cannot speak her name.

once, twice, a thousand times she loved me, and I loved her even more,
Floats into my dreams and speaks of love
and lust, where is the equilibrium between the two, to make sense of this, would be to go mad,
I fell a thousand miles, and there she was at the bottom, waiting with open arms, i said, "i would crush you you if you tried to catch me", but i was mistaken, for she handled me as if i were as light as a feather, and she put me on my feet, and we walked together along a moonlit beach, whispering of love, and of memories, and we flew though the sky, hand in hand, i steadied her, as she was scared to fly,
we flew the ocean over and happened upon a home on the mainland, we glided gently down to meet the earth and the house was barren, so we took our rainbow and memories and our home was as beautiful as ever, a rose was planted in the earth, to celebrate, it stayed beautiful for the rest of time,
focus did i just wake up from a good dream?
the kind of dream where everything is different, and so real you can feel it all around you....but then you wake up, and everything is the same.
it feels like that....my dream is gone, and i'm back to my real world...maybe i'll go to sleep again...and if i try really hard, i'll dream the dream again.
lizardqueen dream of a phonecall]


M:Ive been looking for you nearly 3 years now.
H:I know that.
M:Youve been hiding nearly 17.
H:Seems I didnt do a good job.
M:Well was it worth it? Is life what you aimed for?
H:I wasnt aiming
M:What would you call it then?
H:From questions like this.
M:Well i wouldnt of had to ask them
H:Obviously you think I left with ease
M:Probably easier than it was for me to call
H:Well what were you expecting? What did you think would happen?
M:I thought maybe youd give a fuck.
H:I see your mother lets you cuss.
M:I see she has a shitty taste in men.
H:Im your father god-damnit.
M:Funny, the title never occured to you before.
H:I have a family now
M:Really? Thats wonderful. I have a birth certificate with your last name on it.
H:Did you call only to attack me? Do you know why you called at all?
M:good question

forever if you were to tell me to dream i will tell you that i forgot how 010614
*Colleen* I am thankful for my nightmares, because they show me that no matter how horrid they seem to be, I will eventually wake up. The pain is only temporary, the fright will soon end, I will rise with the morning sun, eager to start a new day full of unique challenges. Wondering what will come next. 010623
Casey Mine are always long and complex. Toby my subconcious likes having fun with them. Anyone ever eaten lucky charms out of a washing machine? What is that supposed to mean anyway 010624
shan you used to tell me stories
as if my dreams were boring...
nocturnal the other day I had a dream that I was driving by myself at night. I stopped at a cross section. this guy and his girlfriend were holding hands and began to cross the street. he stopped right in front of my car, and turned to face me. he looked at me for a couple seconds, then started screaming stuff at me that I either couldn't understand or don't remember. then he pulled his gun out and started shooting at me, still screaming. I think he was saying something like, "you better get down, bitch! I'm gonna take your fucking head off!" that's all I can remember. so for the past couple days I've been kind of scared driving around by myself. this morning on my way to work I saw this guy walking along side my car when I was stopped at a red light. all I could see was his arm moving closer to me from behind in my left mirror. scared the living shit out of me. 010628
Dafremen I'm not really sure what happened to me. I'm not exactly sure why. The mind is a powerfully good salesman to the self and so what it was will probably remain a mystery to me.

I woke up wondering if I had locked the front door that evening...I sat up in bed...stood up and walked to the bedroom door and touched the knob to open it...then darkness.

I felt a pillow next to my face and I remembered wondering if I had locked the front door that evening...I sat up in bed...stood up and walked to the bedroom door and touched the knob to open it...then darkness.

I felt a pillow next to my face and I remembered wondering if I had locked the front door that evening...I sat up in bed...stood up and walked to the bedroom door and touched the knob to open it...then darkness.

This was starting to seem familiar?
I was lying in bed again. Had I locked the front door before I went to bed?
I sat up in bed...stood up and walked to the bedroom door and as I touched it...I realized that this had happened before and that it wasn't just deja vu..then darkness..

Ok I'm supposed to remember something...what? Not to do something.
Something happened before? Huh? Oh yea the front door..that's it...is it locked? I wonder...I sat up in bed...stood up and walked to the bedroom door and as I approached it
something screamed at me not to open that door...as I touched it..I remembered why I wasn't supposed to open that door and KNEW this had happened many many times before...had to stop the cycle somehow...but how? and then...darkness...

I woke up wondering if I had locked the front door...I started to sit up and remembered having done it already at least 20 times and remembered what would happen if I did and I put the covers back over my head and woke up...in a cold sweat..

To this day I don't know if that was a time warp or a dream or a brain hiccup or what...but to this day I have NEVER forgotten to lock the front door before bed.
imnotcrazy Damnit i had the craziest dream

There was this woman, or so i thought,
But she had guy parts, and they were feeding me these liquids and stuff,
and i was having sex with she/he/it
it seemed so real, and it freaked me out because it was so real.... and im engaged to the most wonderful woman
and we share the purest of love....

i think it was just another nightmare,

what if when we sleep and dream, we become other people in a diferent world
that actually does exist.
Mushroomman There is a dream inside a dream, i'm wide awake the more i sleep, you'll understand when i'm dead 010707
baby satan dreams within dreams are like dried puss. y'know what i mean? 010707
Mushroomman I'm Standing next to you,
in Silent Lucidity

Have you ever walked around inside your own head... not asleep but kind of in a trance of sorts...
Nicole dream as if you'll live forever....live as if you'll die tomorrow. 010708
tiny snapdragon i found atlantis once - it was right where you'd least expect it, at the end of a pathway of rainbow mosaic. and inside the temple was an irish pub. 010710
tiny snapdragon i found atlantis once - it was right where you'd least expect it, at the end of a pathway of rainbow mosaic. and inside the temple was an irish pub. 010710
s7eve77 some kind of sense?
i dont think so...
just a mosaic, fragments...
order... chaos...
choas... order...
no end...
ellipses ...
... missing elements ...
hermenutics may provide a clue ...

pot stops dreams...
...watch out when you stop,
they come back with avengence!!!
Erin my dream is that one day you will tell me something
you've never told anyone else.

That your soul will open up to me
and we reach higher than love.

We will be totally fascinated with every move the other makes and every word the other speaks........
BioHazzard Laughter is the sublime bliss of all evil,
Hiding behind a graceful smile
lemming under an eligant posture
Behind the scenes a plots prevailing
gears moving, engines running
Take a trip, through my mind
somwhere here, but nowhere near
A never-ending plain, in never-ending time
absorb me in, for all i'm worth
In the air, in your skin
can you hear me breathing?
Insomniatic dream
Reality or fake
Awake or asleep
You tell me...
Somewhere along the line I became trapped here
now so are you
Welcome to the real world,
In real time,
Where it pays off to die....
. anticipation 011001
Fire&Roses I never had a dream come true...

...Those ones where he's holding you and kissing you. You know he loves you. You can hear it in his voice and see it in his eyes when he looks at you. He's my everything...

Till the day taht I met you...
mourningstars i don't remember any of my dreams

i used to think i didn't dream

but sometimes now, i know i do
hm i hate when i dream that i am masterbating...and i never finish, that always bothers me. 011031
psychobabe my life which i thought to be a dream; crushed down upon me.
Squeezing the very life that i was given away and out.
trying to create this contageous smile that i long to succeed in my way.
I'm not going to sit here
no more no more
i need to get out of this box
with no place to go
trapped inside a life of lies
will this nightmare of a dream ever end?
rei toei manacle my hands
shackle my ankles
cut my tongue
break my ribs
beat my brain
burn my body
you can conquer me
but not my dreams
when you throw on the match
i will smile
because you will never know my dreams
they will haunt you
on the edge of knowledge
and my smile will hang
like a Cheshire cat
and you will know
you never knew

sweet dreams
Rebecca I dream of love's empassioned brace
of Love with foolish nondisgrace
I dream of One who doesn't care if love is sex or food, but care...caring about the one who loves and cares about the others self, which nurtures love and dreams about the future of each other's health...I dream of dreams which can come true...You loving me...me loving you...I embrace the dream of hope's desire which set my heart of love on fire..I dream of the One, the One I've dreamt of...JIM
Glennaieve the icy coldness of life without dreams
awaits me
I am so tired...
yet i cannot sleep
you are not here beside me
perhaps you never were
but i believe
it was not just a dream
it was real...your lips
your touch, your smile
nothing, a land of emptiness without
you and my dreams
tit so one night i dreamt you up. you knew my language. you knew how to touch me through the distance. you quicky became my favorite dream.
this sounds like a good story. happy ending, but you see my dear, i am afraid to sleep. dreams are for fools. and they often turn on me. so if you want me you must find a way to touch me in my waking moments.
Freak She told me I looked tired

I told her it was because I haven't been able to sleep lately

Why haven't you been able to sleep she asked

The nightmares. They are back. They keep me awake at night. Im 17 and have to sleep with a stuffed animal monster that was bought for me when I was little to scare the bad dreams away when they all first started. They're back.
phil My family was over for christmas.
my uncle came down to get me.
family picture, I was wearing a new yellow shirt.
We were deciding on were to take the picture.
other people had on yellow, and the picture looked horrible, it was faded, so I went to change.
The lights started went out in my room as I looked for a new shirt, I had to plug in my desk lamp and look in the closet with it.
I found this dark blue hawaiian shirt
and I took it out to see what it looked like, the picture was taken without me.
so I left a remembering the problems I had with vampires I made sure to take the real cross from the pile of dirt. I was walking to church, one of the few times I go. But on the way I ran into this girl on the last corner, and since church was such a long ways I decided not to go.
She was walking home from some place with some friends, she was younger than I was, and was complaining about the horrible version of a Beatles song someone was playing, they played it to fast I guess.
We were walking back towards my house, the way neither of us had to go, and right before we turned into the neighborhood some guys walked by playing air guitar, she made fun of them, which was good becuase I thought they were going to show me up.
We turn into my neighborhood, and there is this guard rail in the old lady's yard, which strangley enough kind of made some sense...because it's a sharp turn.
We tried to run up the inside of it
if that makes any sense, it was a big rail...?
we both fell down, but didn't get hurt, and kept walking to my house, I mentioned that a guard rail would be nice in front of my house too, she looked at me funny.
And then suddenly it got dark out, she kept walking off down the sidewalk as I entered my yard and got in the van with my grandma, who was looking downright evil, she backed out, down a big hill, my mom gets in and the dream stops.
kerry he was wearing a stocking cap and smoking a pipe with his hands folded together and i was overwhelmed with some kind of emotion but i am not sure what it was. we were sitting on crunchy grass in the cold and he offered me the pipe. 020514
lasthought Had another dream about Samantha, this one was weird I'll write about it later.

and if i could show you, you would never leave it
drstrangelove control your dreams. you know you can do that. if there is a part you dont like REWIND just that part and make a substitute script you do like. just that easy. 020603
angie Once upon a dream
We were lost in Love's embrace
There we found a perfect place
Once upon a dream

Once there was a time
Like no other time before
Hope was still an open door
Once upon a time

From The Musical Jeckyl and Hyde. It is a beautiful song we sang for choir. Reminds me of Mike Mangan. Only in dreams.
girl_jane hair_bones 020604
squint the night before last, i dreampt that I was pregnant--at a park--on the water--with a long lost friend. she just got done ASSUMING i didn't want to keep the baby, when we spotted this weird looking purple flamingo-type bird. it was dragging another of its kind, which hung limp from its beak. then we realized that it was...dead...and the otehr bird was making these extremely sad wailing noises and stopped walking. it gently laid the other bird down and began plucking out his/her own feathers and making more of those sad calls. and it made me cry (in my dream and when i woke up i was crying)...it was really strange. my "friend" and i came to the conclusion that the dead bird was the living bird's mate.

so then LAST NIGHT,

I had a dream that I had a newborn baby at school. a girl.
(named alysasia--which admittedly, is whatshisfaces favorite girls name...so I feel sort of stupid for even dreaming that I would have his baby, because I'm pretty sure i wouldn't name my baby girl that unless the fatehr wanted it and...yeah...)
and the whole dream was just me taking care of her...
and someone threw her bottle out the window, and i was bitching them out and...i woke up.

so tonight she'll end up being a toddler.


well. c'mon.
me of me 020607
human When you dream, what is the first thing that makes you realize you are dreaming?

I need to know, so all of you out there who dream please contact me with your responce at my e-mail address.
pralines&cream I had a dream and you were in it. When I woke up, I knew I'd forget it, but I so wanted to remember it.

But of course, I've forgotten. And now I'll never be able to describe it to you. The closest I'll get is to say "I had a dream, and you were in it." But I won't be able to tell you what we did, or where we went, or whether or not we were in love.
sailor I wish I could for one moment, slip through the curtains into another faraway world, into the land of dreams, where real things become false, and imagination is the only thing stopping you from what you want to be. I do not wish for the impossible, because my dreams may take me there. 020810
Rae when i was younger i used to dream that my twister tried to kill me. it was never the same setting, but her intent was the same. 020811
Does Erica Rhyme With Orange? My dreams have come true... my nightmares left today 020827
myplasticmind I had a dream last night that a lady dressed in blac was chasing me...when she caught me she flew me to her bubble in the sky and started to rip me apart with her teeth, and then sew me back together just to do it all over again...how scarey. 020829
Freak I had a dream that I was in a haunted house (not really haunted, one where people dress up and try to scare you) and there was this guy working in there that was really hot and we just got it on right there in the middle of the haunted house. It was cool! 021030
blue star I saw Mr. Gardner wearing red and white stripes, as a crossing guard, with longer, shaggy hair.

What a trip.
sirflaccid They bother me whether they should or not. I think the hardest thing to swallow is what you think of them.

--Refer to the comment that was just made.--
sirflaccid They bother me whether they should or not. I think the hardest thing to swallow is what you think of them.

--Refer to the comment that was just made--
angie I was crying...you were falling asleep...you would shake like every ten minutes like something horrible was happening in your dream...i would whisper i love you in your ear every time because i didnt want you to feel sad in your dream, i wanted my words to go through reality. I knew i was the cause of those horrible dreams. All i could do was try to make them better by telling you over and over that i love you. i cried and cried and then fell asleep finally...
then i woke up with your arms around me, and you were telling me you loved me.
had a crappy dream last night, with one of my grade school friends. He was always smart, and hard working, got great grades. Went to University of Chicago, and now he teaches at Harvard.

In my dream, we were chatting, and he was talking about his wife and house. And boy it made me feel like shit. Even after waking up. Much worse than those dreams about walking around high school with no pants on.
me i dont know if anyone will understand this.....

dreams are a way for the subconcious to get to the concious. we go through so many things a day and usually we dont notice everything on a concious level but our subconcious takes it in. like if we dont notice body language from the opposite sex...only on a subconcious level and then at night our subconcious puts those things into symbols to get to our concious mind. so the only way to figure out what our subconcious is trying to tell us is to try to figure out what those symbols mean. you can do that by buying a dream book or thinking of those things in your dream and seeing what kind of feelings or emotions that come up. if we figure out what our subconcious is trying to tell us than we can better understand ourselves and what we should do in our lives.
jen i hate waking up from a great dream and having to go back to reality. you wish that the dream was true and that you can always be with that person that is was about...but you can't. sometimes the only way that you can be with a person is in your dreams. thats why dreams are so special, and they give you hope. you should never give up hope for anything because if you believe in it enough you can make miracles happen. 021221
steph love is when you dont want to go to sleep because reality is better than a dream....i dont know where i heard this but i heard it and i loved it because its totally true. i am in love with a great guy and us being together is better than any dream that i could ever have. 021221
chage Chalkdust ecapades into the subconcious? Manefestations of unknown desires? Or is the subconciosness atman, making the dream a higher-plane expedition. 021222
chage I think atman 021222
Rickster I had another dream last night,
Another lonely depiction of my life,
The lights in the background soothed me,
Stars falling from the infinite black sky to see,
Pondering why I must endure this pain,
Others tell me I sick and insane,
They do not know me I tell myself sly,
I only wish for them to not feel the same way when I die,
Greedy I am for I want so little,
Yet achieve nothing through bare knuckle brittle,
Nothing can stand in the path alone,
If thats why you here pack your bags and go home,
Changes with time will commence without help,
No matter the pain it can always over time be un-felt,
Existence as you know it is changing everyday,
The skies, the people, everything in everyway,
Absorb unto yourself meaning and satisfaction,
For every act there is a reaction.
minnesota_chris had a weird dream last night, kind of a nightmare. I was leading two dogs (our family's dogs) through a college campus. They were scared (as they never leave home) and were freaking out at things like weird stairways and glass doors.

I think it means something.
lotuseater i had a dream the other night
i kissed laura

it was the best dream i have had in months
adelade i'm dreaming.
dreaming of you.
always dreaming of you.

turm out your light.
let your curling, comforting smoke swirl you into sleep.

come and meet me.
meet me in dreams.
i will always be here waiting.

time is slipping fast.
i can't wait any longer.
i need your brilliant smile.
strong hands.

i need you, baby.
meet me in my dreams.
its the only safe place these days.

i know you want to.
dont think that i forgot.
i could never forget you.

hide away with me in the night.
play out this magnificent scene in our minds.
i know what's on your mind.

mine can never rest.
until i have you here.
have you here again.

until then,
meet me tonight.
meet me in my dreams.
they can never go on without you.

i'm waiting.
always waiting.
waiting for you.
butterfly I don't understand my dreams lately. Amusement parks, tigers, cops, guns, running away...what does it all mean? 030222
stardust Sometimes I wonder if my whole life is a dream...Things are going so well, and it just doesn't seem real. 030222
sigma I saw .hack//sign last night, for the first time. It's about a boy named Tsukasa, that has a guardian thing and a cat that follow him around and take care of him in the strange World of an online game he can't escape from. Last night I dreamed that the guardian thing was there for me. I would scream "Guardian!" and he would appear to help me, out of trouble or if I was lonely. I even had him make me chocolate cake.

It was an odd dream, but I felt so safe and wonderful that someone was watching out for me. I look back on it now and feel ashamed that I am so childish, because it means I want someone to comfort me when I am unhappy and I know that will never happen, based on past experience.

It was nice to have it for a little while, though, in my dreams.
Eowithien I love doing this... I also love analyzing them... Dreams are very soothing to me, I hardly ever have nightmares.. 030317
m.j.k. A child's rhyme stuck in my head.
It said that life is but a dream.
I've spent so many years in question
to find I've known this all along.
Maynard so good to see you
I missed you so much
jane blather_is_psychic!

i was just reading a book by stephen laberge about lucid dreaming
Mahayana a dreams foyer: I had arrived at your family’s house in north Carolina, unannounced or announced I am not sure, id like to think that you were in on my coming to visit you however I am not entirely convinced of this perception, … your family appeared to not be home when you let me inI went around a corner to the left from the living room straight ahead down a somewhat short hall where your room was on the left and to the right was one of the smaller bathrooms, your room was where we were headed when all of a sudden I had seen an older man from the right corner of my eye, stir in his lazy boy chair all the way down towards the other end of the hall in what appeared to be the second living room areahe didn’t get up or say anything but just the fact that I seen him from the corner of my eye was motivation enough for me to get the heck out of the house before anything unpleasant had the opportunity to happenI shued myself out of your house so as to not make things complicated for you.

I had no clue where I was, or where I was going I set off towards someplace anyplace outside that wasn’t thereafter winding up and down a few blocks I came across a street with a beautiful church in front of it and this enormous land area of naturey/park like settings next to ithidden beauty with all of the trash that was demeaning it from a former glory, next thing I knew I had a huge black trash bag and I was picking up all of the rubbishshadows from the trees danced from one side of the street to the other …indicating times passingthree boys and a girl were standing in the middle of the road playing with objects that kept ponging up and down from these little wooden paddles they hadwhen I stopped to take notice of it all I was disgusted that they were using real live frogs and two other kinds of animals that I cant recall right now, I was upset by this however somehow managed to calmly tell them that they needed to stop doing what they were doing that it was cruel and unnecessary to use animals for such entertainmentanother girl and her friend that had been playing in front of the church agreed and stood beside me to stop these repulsive events from continuing on … [end]

[next scene] I was trying to find my way back to your home, but I couldn’t, I realized that your house’s address that I had written down on a little torn piece of paper had been lost somewhere, perhaps left behind at your house in my hurried attempt of disappearing before your father had seen meI tried to retrace my steps back to you but with no luck had found myself in front of an apartment complex, I could feel the sadness pulling down every single muscle in my face, hands gently tucked into my pockets, head hanging down I had lost my way to you, … an old lady was either coming or going from her apartment I really couldn’t tell from the position my eyes were gazing, she had asked me what was wrong and where was I headed, before I could even offer an explanation she had gently guided me into her home, which was busy with other guests, family members that had gotten together for some family function or another, older members and young ones kept blurring in and out of the edges of my visionI began to explain the situation and it was as if the dream had been fast forwarded to the ending of the long story, where she had mentioned that she wished she could help me find your home but she couldn’t without a street name or address numbershe offered to me that I was more than welcomed to spend the next 5 days at her house if I needed to since I was stranded in a state I have never been in before and knew no-one in townI had mentioned how appreciative I would be since I had only 300$ left in my account and had intended on only needing that amount of money for food and other little essentials… that I didn’t count on having to come up with hotel money for her parents were not supposed to be in town that weekand now I was stranded in a town so close to you yet even further b/c I had no way of locating youcalling you wouldn’t have been an option since im not aloud to talk to you when you go home, im forbidden to communicate with the one that I love, no matter the circumstances-in a desperate suicidal need or stranded in a town with nowhere to go, I was forbidden to ever call you for any reason … [end]

[start] how I don’t know but I ended up back at your house, this time someone told me that you were upstairs, so up and around the corner I went, the staircase was a small spiral, once at the top, the first two people that I seen were obviously not you, one was a boy the other a girl they had both jumped up guiltily from sitting and talking to each other while hiding things behind their backs, a little further from them was your brother sitting at the computer engrossed in whatever he was doing at the time, … to the left of him was you sitting on a bed with your knees raised pointing up towards the ceiling you were reading somethingbefore I had even had the chance to say anything up around the corner comes your father and motherI cant recall anymore what was all said other than your father telling me that he did see me in his house earlierthat I didn’t get away with it, next thing I know my father appears up the staircaseI just had this sense of knowing at this point that he had been living with your parents for whatever reason, and since I was there they were going to punish him for my actions, for disobeying their orders for me to never talk to you and for ever have entered their home, … your mother said to my father you’re a sick child molester and I want you out of my house, I don’t quite understand how all of a sudden me being there finally enraged your mother about my father being a child molester, I just stood there apologizing for my having ever come into their home but that they shouldn’t punish my father for my wrongful actions … [time passes end of scene]

[new scene] same room except there is a christmas tree now its to my right side, your mother was facing me from across the room talking to me, telling me how I have no right to be there that I have no right to love you, that it is wrong for me to love you, that I will never be truly happy the way I am, this is where I interrupted her and had mentioned to the fact that I had known more than plenty of heterosexual couples that were absolutely miserable in their lives and with their partners and that if her reasoning was true that these individuals too would be sinners since they were being punished with an unhappy life, how can that be I asked her she had no answer to offer me other than how god is finite in his wisdom, and she quickly changed the subject to another point she was making essentially this carried on for awhile, back and forth we went your father was silent in all of this only making about two comments, he was much much more laid back and quiet in this dream, sort of the one who would have taken the backburner in their relationship, it was clear that your mother was the one with the power and influence in the familyat one point your mother was right in front of my face only inches upon breathes apart from mine, up close your mother had sort of intriguing qualities about herself, up close somehow I was distracted by her facial expressions, her words were off distance noises, you know the kind that you can focus on in an extremely crowded room, if you just tune out the individual voices and focus on the rooms noise as a whole you sort of hear this beehive of a buzzing noise, it was the same concept with your mother, except it was her closeness her faces contours that has created this rooms bee hived murmurs … at one point I had thought to myself you know your mother isn’t actually all that scary looking she’s actually kind of pretty … [light dim]

[final scene] you hadn’t said a word to me the whole time, you didn’t even peek up at me but perhaps one fleeting glance although it was probably the scripting of my wishful thinking, you disregarded me acting as if you had no idea, no clue who I was, and had no sort of feelings for me no kind of connectionyour parents and their control over you over-ruled your love for me, your dedication, your desires to be with me, it was apparent to me that me being there wasn’t going to matter in the presence of your family, you wanted to please them, so you denied to both yourself and I, that all that I had been through, all that I had done to get to you didn’t matter in the light of your parents presence… [this is where I had awoken to the sounds of loud children playing outside]
Fightback In where i live
dreams are Forbidden Too....
through this small window
i'll rty to dream
i wont let anything, anyone
steal my dreams away......

as im writting down these letters
im listening to Fairuz and
for those who know & love Fairuz
they sure know what
a dream Sounds Like
the world would have been
much more darker... if she wasnt here
Thank You Fairuz
for filling my heart with joy
each time the world gets narrower..
starjewel ever had that dream
that feeling
you can't even breathe
But you want to

It's like being under water
and you can't move
can't escape
centrifugal force
holds you down
until you wake up

endless desire a hazey world of beauty. filled with meanings and vague details. so very controlled yet uncontrolled in every aspect. a dream. pink and lovely, haunting and dark, strange and wishful, remembered and forgotten, impactful and overlooked, confused and understood, familiar and frightened, terrorized and comforted, alone and surrounded. yes, i surrender sweet beauty, take me to my dreams. 030627
crimson I have nothing more to do than wish, desire, yearn, dream. But all life offers me in return is impossibilities. 030722
ashmanzhou dreaming for me
is much more real than reality
the people clearer faced
the world seems understandable
my problems almost surmountable
xXShadow_GoddessXx As you creep to your room and cover the blankets over your worn body and rest your tired head on your pillow...

I will be here...
watching over you...
keeping you safe...
out of the darkness...
out of the hate of the world...
I will keep you in the light...
dream your sweet dreams...
dream because I cannot...
dream for me...

dream in the light...
dream for a better day...
dream to stay alive while more creep out of their beds and into the dark where I must save them to take them back to the light...but I will remain...
I will stay...
watching over you...
protecting you from the darkness of the heart...
from the evil of the world...
I stay here in the shadows...
dream for me...

Don't you wish that sometimes reality didn't exist...that everything was just a dream? Do you ever wish that what we dream is our reality and our reality is what we dream? That is how it is...life is but a dream within a dream...
xXShadow_GoddessXx When you are alone, and cannot feel your dreams I will take your hand to guide you to look at the stars, they will give you comfort. And the lady of Dreams, DreamWalker, shall take you to dream of a better tomorrow, instead of...what I do...

Living a lie, dreaming a reality, waiting for a better tomorrow....
crimson I can't sleep
What's left to dream?
meg the words of the night hide from shadows in the morning 030831
shivers my best dreams come when im not fully asleep 030901
nomatter a dream within a dream 030905
Cathexis all we are and seem is but a dream within a dream 031006
Tapioca Once upon a time, Sarah had a dream she was in New Jersey... With all her cousins, and various friends who live in New Jersey. They were on a sidewalk, and Sarah hates/fears sidewalks, so she walked down the middle of the road instead.

And then a giant whale came and tried to eat her. Sarah got away, but only barely.

"What the h3ll is your problem, you giant blob of blubber?!"

The whale began to cry. "I was huuuungryy..." He had a british accent.

Because of this (his british accent - don't ask), Sarah felt sorry for him, and gave him a twinkie wrapped in foil. She got a foilcut in the process, and named it Bobalita as it dripped blood down her finger.

Looking around, Sarah found that her cousins had dissapeared. She was on a long, lonely road lined with white houses. There was no break in the routine, except for a church on one side of the street, and a tan house with two floors opposite it.

Sarah sat down on the curb in front of the house with two floors. A black cat walked up and jumped in her lap, telling her that its name was Mogget, and it had spilled ink all over aisle three, where the cans of corn were stacked.

Then it produced a large History textbook, and told her to stop reading Girl With A Pearl Earring until 2:00. Other people are trying to work, y'know? Your reading is distracting them from their studies.

She opened the History textbook to find it was in fact a dictionary.

Fear n.: A picture of a guy with blue eyes and blond hair looked up at her. His hair changed to black, and he jumped out of the page on the book.

"Hello, Sarah. You stopped by earlier, and I put you in my room for safekeeping."

"But how can I be here if I'm in your room for safekeeping?"

"Because this is my life without me, of course."

The dream faded, and Sarah wondered what it meant.
sylphide I dreamt of my Dad, Finally seeing my Dad after 10 years. It will be his death anniversary conveniently enough this year. I was in a heaven that was Earth and he was with me. I saw poignant role models within my life, my mum, and uncle martin the most memorable. And there was my Dad, aged carefully, as I’d expect him to look today but with radiance and peace. I came to him with arms open wide and with the relief of a million hours, a thousand days and a hundred years of pain off my shoulders. I came and held him closer than ever before and embraced his soul to mine with all my longing to do so. And he talked to me, told me he was fine, told me that everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to be okay for me . Despite my eyes swelling and the feeling of finally exhaling consuming my entity, I loved him. And I listened to him .i did all the things I want to do now. 031026
pipedream things i tuck away on a pretty papered shelf and only look at.
the dust is getting thicker but i will rather them invisible in the dim light than broken and left to bleed.

i make songs in my dreams. i have lyrics and music and entire songs. when i wake nothing remains but the lingering memory of music.
a thimble in time in that special place
where u meets i
and lips run over
erotic cuisine
she takes a bite
and he does the same;

here the snake stands,
lost in her vines,
truly upright,
soaked in her wine;

then the letters drift off,
and the dream soars,
leaving firm truth
(me in you)
and nothing more.
Arelius Have you ever felt like you were dreaming, but knew you were awake? Last night was the best of my life. My dream finally came true. I was with him. Him: the one I've been liking for a month now. More than like. Not ove, but a mere crush. something in between. we were on the trampoline. he was laying down, i was sitting on him. he was looking at me as if he'd never see me again. All the while, how couldn't help thinking of how funny this situation would look otherwise. we bounced, and i put my hands down on the trampoline, tips of fingers only. then he poked me, and my hands flattened. then he bent my arms and lowered me down to him. We shared such a romantic kiss. 031101
Caxton For every word you can think of, its already been thought.
For every tune you can hum, its already been bought.
You can inspire, and you can dream...but everything you think is yours...look again, its not what it seems..
I can yell, and I can sing...But this whole world, is just a big dream.
I'm letting the undertoned massive heart take me away, But at the same time, this dream is telling me to be afraid.
I'm letting him take a hold of me, and look me in the eyes, but at the same time, this dream is telling me to hurt him to be full of dispise.
I'm too scared to be happy, and too ready to be mean...this whole world is not what it seems.
thrtnBLACKstars i sleep to dream of you
if i could i would sleep forever
because waking up means i know i'm alone
seeker i dream of you dreaming of me
but i know that this is one dream that wont come true
Yume Nezumi I hardly ever dream of certain people in my life, and when I do, the dreams usually make no sense. My dreams tend to be situations more than events. Don't ask me what that means, it just makes sense somehow. Sometimes, my dreams will be downright strange. However, one recent dream in particular was downright disturbing. I can remember practically every specific detail, and it haunted me for days afterwards. To this day, I shudder just thinking about it.

I'm at the mall with my dad. I stop by in Hot Topic, and he says he will be back for me in a few minutes.
(I'd also like to point out one thing not important to this dream, but consistent in others. Whenever I dream I am in a mall, it is never a mall I have been to, but a different one. However, it is always the same mall in my dreams. Little things will change, depending on the dream, but I know it is always the same mall)
I'm in the back of the store (which by the way looks like no store I've ever seen in my life, much less any Hot Topic I've seen) talking to the guy who works there, along with some of his friends. I look at my watch, and am stunned to see that it is 4:00. My dad has been waiting. I don't know how long, or what time I entered the store, only that 4:00 was very late. For some reason, I exit through the back door, and I find myself on a dirt road. I turn around to go back inside, and the mall is gone. Apparently I have been walking for quite a while.
There are two boys with me suddenly, and I ask them where the mall is. They point ahead, where there is a fork in the road. They are motioning to the road on the left. "Down there, but you'll want to take the other road."
I start down the road, and it is a little country road. I am passing by farms...a woman is petting and grooming a very healthy looking horse about as tall as she is. A man is standing by the road. This man has shown up in one other dream of mine, in which I was also walking down a (different) country road. Finally, I decide to cut through the woods on my left (both the woman and the man have been on my right) and try to get to the mall that way.
I come out onto a beach. There is a heavy feeling in the air, frightening and depressing. As I get closer, I see what appear to be horses grazing(?!) on the sand. I decide to ride one back to the mall, but as I approach one from behind, I freeze with my hand inches away. I realize that what I thought was a whole horse, is merely the rump, laying in the sand. The way it rests, I cannot tell if that is all that's left, or if it's simply buried. I look around and see that all the 'horses' are like this, simply parts that could almost be whole horses buried in the sand. One that particularly strikes me is a head, as if the horse was buried up to its neck. Its nose is longer than a regular horse's. I would have thought that the horses were just that; buried, until I saw one more thing. Legs, still standing, as if the horse had literally been swiped off its feet. Or rather, as if the horse were still there, just invisible, for the legs were standing straight up, not at an angle.
This is the most disturbing part of the dream. Because most people, when hearing this description, would say the horses were dead, but I know it to be different. I can feel it in my bones that they are not alive, yet not dead. Almost as if they were simply frozen in time long ago, and some vile force had rotted them away. But there was no rotting, no flies, not even blood. The sand was completely clean, as if untouched.
Somehow, I made it down to the water, walking along its edge to try and keep away from the horses. For some reason, I don't want to touch the water, maybe that is what did this to the horses. I don't know why I think that, I just do. Suddenly, I see one horse, smaller than a normal sized horse, and it is walking. Very slowly, sickly, as if affected by what happened to the others but not "gone" yet. It scares me, because at first I thought it was just like the others, unmoving, petrified. So I start screaming, yelling, anything to scare the still living horses into moving, just so I know which ones still move.
Finally I can't take it anymore, and race up back onto the country road. I run to the old man, and ask him what had happened on the beach. I could hardly get the question out, I didn't know where to begin. But finally I get it out, and he opens his mouth to answer...
and I wake up.
(I know this is really long, but deal with me, it's almost over.)
Usually when I wake up from a dream, and go back to sleep, I can't go back to the same dream.
But this time I did. Not only that, but it was as if the dream had kept playing while I was awake, for the man had already explained the situation.
I couldn't ask again, so I went up the road to where the woman was still standing by her horse. I noticed that it was healthy, and I got no bad vibes as I had at the beach. Obviously this animal had never been near the beach. I asked the woman, and she seemed hesitant to answer, but finally she started to.
And again, I woke up.
I never was able to get back to sleep, and to this day the two things that haunt me the most are the feeling in the air at that horrible beach, a feeling of dread, a feeling of my heart tightening in my chest, a feeling unexplainable by mere words alone; and the fact that I still don't know what happened to those horses.

Yes, lengthy, I'm sorry, but if anyone went through the trouble of reading this, could they please PLEASE offer me any kind of comment, explanation as to what happened, what it meant, ANYTHING to ease my mind.
floralieca I dream of running far far away. Away from all this, away from this life, away from you and from myself and never coming back. Leaving everything behind and never giving any news. 031226
Mokita Je rêve à ça moi aussi certains jours.
Donc aujourd'hui.
floralieca Peut-être que si on se branchait on arrêterait de se faire chier ! 031226
pansy When will you finally come out from my dream materialize yourself and stand in front of me so as to replace the sun? 040127
pointy things i lick a dream that clings to me like a shadow
until reality is just a mistake
always wonder and dream my life away
pointy things i lick a dream that clings to me like a shadow
until reality is just a mistake
always wonder and dream my life away
chris dream yourself awake 040206
shivers i miss them, i want them back 040207
. . 040222
white_wave Was I man dreaming I was a butterfly?
Or a butterfly dreaming I was a man?
Eowithien of better days because thats all thats left for me. 040224
c.cowan not yet
not yet is it time
ready i am not for this
time is short
its early
Rachel Why is it that in my Dreams I always die? 040325
devalis she will dream
has dreamed
is dreaming
rare, she doesn't dare

she will build
has built
is building
crash, those dreams so rash

write real
worth while
not dressed to impress
her success, no distress
dreams, a mess

she will die
has died
is dying
soul, flying, sighing, whole
sleeve I am sleeve 040426
Larry They'll need a crane
They'll need a crane
To pick the broken ruins up again
clementine when i woke up from my horrible dream. of him and that place. and i bolted upright, quite cinematic, and you were there. you held me and ran your hands over my back. and i wasn't scared anymore. but then is started to wonder, if you hadn't been sleeping beside me, would I have even had the bad dream to begin with? 040511
tr don't shake me..
I am not dead- I am just dreaming...
having a dream and you, you are the maincharacter, don't care to shake me
kookaburra I cannot be a victim
If I do not have a dream
Someday life will teach me
Just exactly what I mean.

Leave behind your sorrows
Leave behind your cares
But all that weight helped the happiness
To catch you unawares.

Figure out the meaning
Find cause and effect
Learn how we will die
And who to blame when we are dead.

Understand the teachings
Allow yourself to learn
The devil was my teacher
He taught me how to burn.

If you are holding nothing
There is nothing to be lost
Is this the real victory?
Or is it the cruelest cost?

I cannot be a victim
If I haven’t got a dream
Too late life will teach me
Just exactly what I mean.
Messenger of the Antichrist Last night I took a visit to an erotic dream salon. I was looking at a pornographic magazine which had body parts popping out of it, like the pages were coming to life. There were round buttox sticking like four inches out of the pages... breasts with erect nipples... and I seemed to act just as if this was all completely normal.... Then I went off to get my hair dyed black with pink highlites, where some lady offered me some bizarre bonus spa treatment which she would administer with a barrage of sex toys. Intimidatingly large vibrating transparent cyber skin dildos with a studded finish along with other alien looking things I can't recall ever seeing before.

Hmm.. Yep, my erotic entertainment side-jobs have finally gotten to me...
other than You dream
Of the life you think you lead
A life you think you need
A life you think you feel
But a life that isn't real

But still you carry on
And the living gets you down
And the living ain't so grand
And you just don't understand
biff the magic eraser Magic mushrooms? Eh, never tried them. Don't wanna mess up my brain with drugs. Mmmm.

I had a dream once. It was wierd. I was at a school or something and all the sudden a door blew open and all this radioactive mercury-like liquid flowed out and it flowed out of the building into the street outside and all the people that were in the building were sitting on the entrance porch thing.

shivers i had one last night
you called, and you were scared
it was late
your breath was shaky
you were running away from something
but i never got the chance to find out what
death isnt it odd how u dream about toilets and getting up to go to the toilet when you are in bed and cant b bothered getting up and going? 040722
JdAwG I have 2 recurring dreams. One involves this evil dentist. He has this crazy office, and reminds me of something Dr. Evil would have, and in this office, he has these video games. But as soon as you play the game, you become addicted and can't stop playing. The dentist is always trying to enslave humanity with his fucking games, and I always have to stop him.
The second isn't even a full dream. It's just something weird that happens when I sleep. I dream that I'm running, then I fall down, and when I do, my leg twitches, as if it had hit a rock, and convulses, which wakes me up. Madness
bum bum olivia my dream right now is for a white car to pull up in my driveway. any color actually. just a few friends, with a sly smile, good music in the background (phish? i think phish). i want to get in the backseat and roll down the window, want the car to speed off and down these winding country roads. i want to take the 13 curves at 60 MPH at midnight, i want to feel the drops of rain as little pins on my skin. i want a perfect summer night, i want to continue to heap the joy upon this euphoric summer. just one more perfect night. 040824
nighean_siofra i dreamt i saw you once last time
and your smile told me all

you weren't happy about leaving
you didn't want to go
but bravely you were heading out
forced against your will
and promised me with your eyes
that not once would you forget

i wish i hadn't cried that night
that night you said goodbye
for then perhaps my dream
might've been easier to take
pete a letter from to a dream,

just pete
alidheli bismillahir rahman ir rahim

for a long time i was drifting around totally unable to distinguish when i was awake and when i was dreaming. osho did this to me. i later discovered descartes once had the same problem, as well as chung tzu. Quote: "Once Chung Tzu dreamed he was a butterfly, a fluttering butterfly. What fun he had, doing as he pleased! He did not know he was Tzu. Suddenly he woke up and found himself to be Tzu. He did not know whether Tzu had dreamed he was a butterfly or a butterfly had dreamed he was Tzu."
carcar There are moments in life when you miss someone so much that you just want to pick them from your dreams and hug them for real. 041022
acidshank pot doesnt stop dreams for me.
my dreams are everything i hope for when i lay me down to sleep, and its what keeps me alive in the day, the reality.
who doesnt want to revel in the madeup world of their own dreams.
i dreamt me and my friend were smuggling marijuana in blood, and the blood was everywhere. we swam in a lake and got frozen right into it.

i dreamt that i was naked in a tub with 'him' and hes like wow i have such a hug dick.haha. it was nice. i also had a dream that the one ill never forget about was riding his snowmobile naked.

i have dreamed that i fought girls at my school. matrix style
i dreamt that the hot skinny guy 'him' turned into a pencil when i found him and talked to me.
i dreamt emily had to go to piano lessons so she had to practice on the piano in the tunnel. she was screaming and screaming that she had to practice.
the blood was on my hat

my dreams. i cant get enough of them. its all i want. all i ever want.
i dreamt i was escaping death in a water filled tunnel. there was so many of them. we were on a boat. everything was what it wouldnt be in this world. i almost got lost in the current. quiet world. like the ones you shouldnt be in
. 041129
fix 041129
fix 041129
fix 041129
finality follow Why can't there be peace bestowed upon this forsaken planet.. everyday I dream of one day where all the problems in the world would die out without anyone noticing, but that day never seemed to far as it does now.. 041201
lauren when you're in a coca-cola bath....and you're clean already...and you have a straw 041222
Mister Brightside something i'd have to be able to sleep in order to do 041222
jerri a horrific tale that will soon become true in your life 050113
Angelique I had a dream. One of those who seem to be far, far away. One of those dreams you just know wont come true. Just a dream.
But this one time, when i less expected it, my dream came true.
Now i never want to wake up. Please dream, dont fade away.
little dreamer girl Dreams to dream
in the dark of the night.
When the world goes wrong
I can still make it right.

I'll follow my dreams.
Until they come true.
There's a world inside no one else ever sees.
Come with me and you will see it too.

My dreams are my life.
I'll live them to my best.
In my dreams I can do anything.
Free from anger and stress.

You will go so far in my dreams too. Somewhere in my dreams your dreams will come true
little dreamer girl Dreams to dream
in the dark of the night.
When the world goes wrong
I can still make it right.

I'll follow my dreams.
Until they come true.
There's a world inside no one else ever sees.
Come with me and you will see it too.

My dreams are my life.
I'll live them to my best.
In my dreams I can do anything.
Free from anger and stress.

You will go so far in my dreams too. Somewhere in my dreams your dreams will come true
gepeck@msn.com the library
and your hands
and then
just you
*Amy* 30% dreams 70% nightmares, not fair, I found myself doing anything just to delay the time to go to sleep, I wish we could choose each night what we are going to dream. 050314
delial Seemingly out of nowhere, I dreamt you called me. In this dream, i asked you why, after the past five long months of unexplained silence, you would call. you laughed and said: "I missed you too much to stay away. You've been in my thoughts constantly. I needed to talk to you again...I been missing you so much." When I awoke, I laughed bitterly to myself, thinking: "There's something that will never happen."

Two days later, you called.

I can't help but feel as if there is more to these "strange coincidences" that have happened so often between us. Sometimes it just feels like there's some invisible thread linking us... like tin_can_telephones.

(and you agree...)

emmi you were watching me undress. 050406
solace i had a dream last night,
we had the same dream.
karyn There are times when everything seems so clear to me, when al the muddle and blather clears itself to the edges of my greyed mind, like a drop of Dawn dishsoap in a pot of left over oil (horribly appropriate simile!). My path and my choices are all laid out in plain view in front of me, and a blazing light guides my way through a chaotic world. It never lasts long these moments, and they usually occur when I am drunk with sleep, heavy with the images and colours of the dreamworld. I wake up to that slow walk from the dreamscape to the world, and dance along the the line as long as possible before the elusive clarity slips away into my subconscious mind.

NB: grade 8 poetry assignment... *shudder*
HairThief Should I try to understand my dreams. The rambling of a disorganised brain. Why should this make any more sense than the daylight ramblings that confuse me on a regular basis.

Am I being pretentious? Blather seems to bring out the bollocks in me.
Popsickle stick anybody watched the decent? i did, had a dream about those weird human type things in the caves. there was one behind my friend, i was stood there but didn't say anything because I wanted to see what would happen. Hmmmm I would want to go back to see how i would react, I have the feeling I wouldn't be bothered. Even though she is my friend. 051030
trox dream a sub consious meaning through experiments i shall find the portal into them the dream worl only its gone now the image why should they dissapear 060130
trox dream a sub consious meaning through experiments i shall find the portal into them the dream world only its gone now the image why should they dissapear 060130
trox dream a sub consious meaning through experiments i shall find the portal into them the dream world only its gone now the image why should they dissapear
if only they never ended its weird that way even when your having a night mare when you awaken you still wish you were dreaming
u24 I dreamed I was a robber.
I died and they reincarnated me, but I was put in the middle of a museum exhibit showing the worlds largest diamonds. I considered just smashing the case and grabbing them, but instead I decided to steal them later. I stooped down to look at them and I remember thinking how they didn't sparkle as prettily as the one I'd seen in prague had.

even my imagination can't replicate it.
Syrope it was so horrible, and i struggled to be awake again. then i remembered why i knew it wasn't real, why i knew i was dreaming, and i realized my life was the nightmare, and that i should have stayed in the dream. 060924
devilbunny Once I dreamt when I was younger that I had a trampoline and that I was jumping on it. Big Bird came along and asked if he could jump on it too, so I let him and he broke it. Damn bird. 061110
Martin I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream.

I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal."

I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at the table of brotherhood.

I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice.

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of interposition and nullification; one day right there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

I have a dream today.

I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made plain, and the crooked places will be made straight, and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed, and all flesh shall see it together.

i have a dream...
ofe what does it mean if you have a bad dream, wake up and when you fall back asleep you are sent right back into the same dream? then that happens several more times. the reason I ask is I remember a girl giving a speech about dreams and what they mean and I just wonder if someone hear knows that. 071116
thes I almost never remember my dreams. As soon as I wake they go away. It's strange, someone near the top said that dreams are what make you want to get out of bed in the morning, but the only dream I can remember right now makes me want to stay.

Did you ever have one where it seemed that your subconscious was forcibly detailing every single insecurity and fear that your waking mind works so hard to forget during the day? Ironic that that's the only dream I can remember right now.
BnB I used to have lots of nightmares, but I eventually learned how to deal with them. Usually, I end up either talking with them or fighting against them.

If I talk with them, they usually become friendly. I don't have much to say to them, but the simple act of saying hello to one of them seems to put them in a very cheery mood.

If I fight with them, the fight tends to last the rest of the dream, since I don't want to kill them, but they can't kill me either. If I do defeat them, then they take on another more powerful form, which fills me with both excitement and dread...

But then again, I sometimes come across forces that I feel I can't fight against, like large insect swarms or massive 100+ foot tall tidal waves, and when I lose to those I usually wake up.
love & hate Dreaming of the future, wishing for the past. What will come of all of this mess. A pretty picture?! One that will reveal everything. And that everything is not lost, everything has a reason, a purpose. One which we have yet to find. The fog will dissapear and everything will become clear. Once upon a time. In the land of make believe where dreams do come true and wishes do not exist. One hurt causes another hurt. It has happened before time existed. The road ahead looks dark & stormy, but there is an end to the journey. There's an end to everyone's journey, it's just in the dark, waiting to be found. Noone knows what will be, but that doesn't stop it. Life goes on, with or without you. So just watch your step, so you don't fall, because the path may be long, but it's worth fighting for. One life against the world. 090714
Isaou My friend dreamt last night that I ran her over, stopped the car while she was under it, and did not help.

I'm not quite sure what to make of it
Ryakoth dreams are not escapism, they are as important for self formation and gain as the 'physical' world

Dreams are what allow us to learn
We run through scenarios our subconscious creates based on worries and experiences in the waking world so that when similar situations come up we are ready for them this is the source of deja vu, also of competence, underestimating dreams or suppressing them with drugs can be a persons undoing

And as to whether they make you happy or sad, that is a reflection of your temperament, worries, and life in general, if dreams make you sad, you should likely try to radically change your life, chemical balance, or mental and spiritual imfluences
thistooshallpass Alternate reality, real reality. Perhaps all is but a dream. Perhaps all is(not/To_not_exist/Nothing_exists/State of_not_being/All_just_a_dream)
Loosing coherence. Allready forgetting. Awakening. And the dream is gone.

What is life but a dream that God is having??
In_Bloom So what does it mean that as I flit in and out of sleep while he reads to me aloud that I dream us making love?

Gentle yet passionate

The timbre of his voice is soothing, he doesn't speak to me this much ever so I am floating now, wishing to be awake to show him how appreciative I am but I can't fight the pull of lucidity.

When I wake there is a stab of anger along my spine I can't place but to chalk up to the dream being such a delicious tease of what I want most from him. I can see in his face none of this is making any sense to him and he's immediately frustrated with me, probably thinking me ungrateful.

Dream a little dream, go on...
A little dream to stab you in the heart and put the the sweetness of awakening in jeopardy.
re_alisma just had an evil dream about an evil person. i know he was evil because at the end of the dream i was looking in my wallet and he had stolen my credit and debit card. so he seemed good intentioned, but he was really trying to set me back. oh, you evil people, you have no idea how much internal work i do and the changes i go through.... and yes, i honestly find that evil is the correct designation, but perhaps it gets that way because i'm in the midst of reforming my way out of it. the dream was mildly interesting, but ultimately quite boring and comeuppanceful, and that seems to be his true intention. thank you, mr. evil for i now feel so very enlightened by your revealment.. 100812
Ungreat You say I'm always in yours, but you are hardly ever in mine. It's always just me. How self centered I must be that even in my sleep I'm the only one that matters. 151129
flowerock. I was stuck in time, back in time, the past. I wonder if the present (then future) was missing me or if I was still there, if that time was still there.
I missed you and I was trapped there in time, so I decided I had to find you. I knew the year and what was happening in your life and what was about to happen too. I went to where I knew you lived and I waited around there to meet you, again, but for the first time. I still remembered you, future you, and us, you didn't know me at all. Luckily past you seemed to like me ju st as well and we were in love again, for the fort time again. I had hesitated to find you, unsure if I should let your life unfold as it would have or jump into it... maybe I should have let it go, let you grow into the you that I loved and missed... but I was alone and scared and I didn't know if I could wait, was I young again too? If jot would I age? Was I still in the future waiting for you? Would there then be