~gez~ was this a totally random and pointless post. i think not for i have something worthwhile to say, and it is worth your time so you can read it. it makes alot of sense if you keep reading, though if you skip any of this introductio you will not find the pleasure of the full greatness of the final product. is everybody ready to see the light, know the truth, be enlightened like the little buddha.
[]f[]a[]r[]t[]s[] []s[]m[]e[]l[]l[]
pigeon yeah, that was totally random 040804
auburn by the nightmare that won't fade. 080130
delial it's as if there's this horrible, fat, loudly buzzing fly hovering over me constantly, landing on my face, crawling all over my face and hands, and I'm unable to swat it.

yes. that pretty much describes how I feel about it.
what's it to you?
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