birdmad evolution fish walk on puddles like an amphibian jesus

somewhere between earth and heaven
so fucking lost crawling

palms bloodied
knees torn

crawling through

cuts infected
bruises swelling

crawling through this

head down
hair dragging

crawling through this shit


if i close my eyes
it makes it easier.
if i close my eyes
i might dissapear.

i close my eyes
and hope like hell
i wont be here
when i open them again

on my hands and knees
Nathan88 and inching its way to the worse day of my life
we shall see
Death of a Rose a net of pen stained binders,
swinging on fake chains,
creaking and slapping each other.
Hanging like forgotten pictures.
Risen My skin is crawling. I never knew what that meant before. I'm itching so badly that it feels like a million tiny bugs are crawling on my skin.

Which isn't too far off.. lots of bugs are crawling around beneath my skin. Post-operative infections are just so much fun. I've spent more time being treated by doctors and nurses in the last week than I have in decades.

Right now I am so angry that I want to beat the crap out of a punchbag, or go buy a load of second hand crokery and smash it... but of course that would require being able to stand up and do things.

I hate being trapped in my own head. It is not safe here.
what's it to you?
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