stupidpunkgirl when it rains
the really good rain
the sides of the streets
fill up with water
and we go out
in the middle of the day
and jump in the puddles
and forget our age
until we're soaked
and cold
and completely fufilled
pretending that we aren't scarred
and that we don't hurt

we go back to class,
and get the chairs all wet
COLDandBLUEkitty are you talking about like the first couple weeks of school.
on a friday?
and i was wearing blue plaid plants.
and i had a bowling ball bag that day?
or are you talking about a day where i didn't jump in puddles.

because the day i remember was a lot of fun.. but i got my guitar wet.
p2 the name of my dog 021217
carlita should be fun like they were when you were a kid
don't walk around them, splash right through!
niska ...of tears sticky on the floor as we wade through the ocean hoping for something better than what we are left with while the whole time knowing that nothing would change and we can only exist where we do and where we are because for now we are free but don't yet know it much less believe it and nothing in the world can change the events which brought us here but everythig we do can affect where it will take us. 030523
Fire&Roses There's a dry spot on the driveway where you parked your car. And now, puddles, where there were none, now very suddenly are. 030714
ferret tears run down my face
just like the last time you broke my heart
typing away furiously,
you broke my heart
hear the music,
thrash the ideal
ethereal Splish, Splash. Swooosh...Slosh.

This is because I love her.


*throws head back in salvage to the wind and rain*
notme paradise_rains 040506
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