quietrose Been around too long already...It's showing or so they tell me. 000123
marjorie My decorations.
It tingles
This blood and water
Reminding me that I’m human
And telling me I feel
And with it goes my feelings
And I become a little more
Like all of you...
And smooth.
camille we are all scarred 000309
MollyGoLightly Oh, to look like a German duelist! 000323
merrimill funny how scars, the actual scarred damaged skin, is so smooth.. like wax or silk or something. 000827
birdmad the faint vertical line that begins just about an inch above my right eye runs to the brow and resumes from the cheekbone to meet the laugh line 000827
klairchen That blue-grey piece of lead that is situated beneath the surface of my right hand after I had tripped when I was five and the sharp pencil I was holding went straight through my hand. 000828
klairchen Oh yes, and that perfect horizontal line that is situated on my left forearm that formed after I had burned myself when hastily taking a thin cookie sheet out of the oven. When I was in high school a counselor asked me to come see him in his office because he thought my scar was the result of a cutting. 000831
Butterfly Collector I wonder if it will leave obvious scars. Still, the ones insde will last longer either way. 010814
TalviFatin Forever be will I. 010814
apeoticmisfit i wish they would just go away.
(inside and outside)
"it almost seems unfair to stick an entirely different person with the scars of their schizoprhenia-being."

i don't know what i'm doing to my body, and i wish i could stop that person.
Shattered Scars on the heart.

I'm sorry.
mauvel and yours are beautiful like the number thirteen. 050920
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