Quintessensual If only his touch would feel her,
there would a warm blazing fire be.
If only her fire would touch him,
they would something amazing see.

Copr. 1999
me? apostles weeks his
educating arrogance
worst sport sprinkler crack
ricmariem i did everything i could
just to make you say i would
do anything for you
and i want to say you're mine
but you came to me just fine
you threw it all away

i just copied these from a song. its what i think would sounded really like
mad madame mim And finally, everything worked out just fine.
Christmas was saved, though there wasn't much time.
But after that night, things were never the same--
Each holiday now knew the other one's name.

And though that one Christmas things got out of hand,
I'm still rather fond of that skeleton man.

So, many years later I thought I'd drop in,
And there was old Jack still looking quite thin,
With four or five skeleton children at hand
Playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band.

And I asked old Jack, "Do you remember the night
When the sky was so dark and the moon shone so bright?
When a million small children pretending to sleep
Nearly didn't have Christmas at all, so to speak?
And would, if you could, turn that mighty clock back,
To that long, fateful night. Now, think carefully, Jack.
Would you do the whole thing all over again,
Knowing what you know now, knowing what you knew then?"

And he smiled, like the old pumpkin king that I knew,
Then turned and asked softly of me, "Wouldn't you?"
Silent Bob did you write that?? was there some kind of story before the movie?? please tell me, i want to read it if there was.
or did you just make it up..?
Splinken its a children's book. tim burton wrote and illustrated it. its swell. 000627
grendel if i could

but like the lion of Oz
i carry this fear
as my curse

so i can't
typhoid this world is a syphony of pain and pleasure. the ups wouldn't be ups without the downs. 001010
Lindsey Sometimes I make my fingers
into tick marks
and count all the things
I would have done,
were it not for you.
Chrity go to:
adam lesbian is a word that always stumps me, because for some reason it has middle-eastern connotations for me, it's like someone says, "hi, im a lesbian" and i start smelling incense and seeing turbans and camels or something, i know i'm weird, i know i'm stupid, please just ignore me. 010517
.. would you please stop it? 021031
*silent screams If i didn't hold back so much, would you find it in your heart to love me still. 030206
Nathan88 you be able to talk to me tonite?
or are you a lil drunk...
i dont know the feeling of being on the other end...should i keep quiet? that is the question...i do not widh to ruin your nite...i shall decide soon enough
niska into the flood again
same old trip it was back then

so i made a big mistake
try to see it once my way


Jackie McCracken On is the way you want to be.
Just a smidge away from LSD.
Beyond the open winters eve.
Sleeping with Hugo Montenegro's dream.
Tooth pics and jammy's and hairless kitty's.
Lap dance and needles and warm shoe shine follie's.
Those are a few of my would's!!!!
illusionary_reality *gaaah*
would you?
i thought not.
oh well. i asked anyway.
hsg do it 040922
Redxlll wouldA wouldB? wouldC? would want 1 050923
kp would i? 060209
found it! there it is! blathed by adam. 070224
andrew she says "Would I?!" 071009
jusme I would if u would my heart screams everytime her face says she wouldn't, that she couldn't, love me the way i wthe other woulnd't in the family. anted. I'd forever be in last place no matter how hard I tried and struggled to win the gold cup that was her heart. coulda woulda shoulda 080305
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