Toxic_Kisses "Well she wants to live her life
Then she thinks about her life
Pulls her hair back as she screams
I don't really wanna live this life"

Any one willing to trade?
MDogMA A three layered punk with a scarred toping an emo kid sitting in the dark crying, reliving his nirvana days, raver kids under a circus tent jumping laughing, playing with tracers. 030109
p2 i have two types
the ones in my head
and the one in my soul
waiting for me to weaken
so it can escape
micky jo I keep hearing screams
I am not trying to be cute
or clever
or dramatic
I have really been hearing screams
As I lay down and start to sleep
or when I first wake before I open my eyes
or any other time when breathe just right I guess
again... I am not being dramatic
the first was male
the second was female and one of pure terror that left me shaking for hours
the third sounded like metal scraping against itself
the fourth time I heard my father scream my name in sheer horror but he was asleep and my mother said he didn't say a word
and the fifth, just now, was a male in pain
I am fearful of when I will hear the next
my mom says I need to leave the house
she believes me
but thinks I am crazy
I think I heard of a disease like this once
I guess I'll look it up
but I hate taking meds
maybe it's a presage
what's it to you?
who go