andrea is it the coffee
or the company?

copyright 2000
Q both? :-) 000103
grasshopper both. ditch the coffee and find people who put you at ease ;) 000502
grasshopper someone stop my hands from shaking 000502
guitar_freak I shake all the time
from what I will never know
Pain, love, life, depression
it will never cease
tweedle because the heater stopped working
because this is an email from her
alkalinepixie i definately am. 010106
unhinged i have always had a nervous shake; before i started drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes my hands always shaked when i was under pressure or was in the midst of an adrenaline rush. i had a tendency to mess up chemistry experiments because my hands shook when i was measuring the hcl acid and salts and stuff. i don't think i could ever explain to him why my hands shake after a i'm not a crackhead. it just drains me in such a wonderfully complete way that i can't expend the energy to keep up the front of fake composure. the fountains of rome, death and transfiguration, alligator, what a perfect beautiful shaking release 010108
Cal. a dog shittin razorblades... 010625
silent storm I stand there people watching. There's nothing else to do. But then I see someone. Sitting alone. The image of someone I once knew. Do I dare walk over to her?

I'm not shaking.
ClairE If I'm just cold, it's my whole body.

If it's from your touch, it's only my legs.
something corporate you dont do it on purpose but you make me shake 020304
squint I'm so shaky
and it makes for good black and white
people think I'm not so strange
when they dont see me in the light
and then lips quiver,
light switches twitch
and the contrast blinds darting vision.
its like handing somebody night on a piece of paper.
I'm shaking
with vibrant red
I'm feeling the fututre
and vibrating
to the pulse
of the echo
of the fading sigh.
phil today 020729
littleidiot dunno why im shaking..
should be used to this by now. emptiness, and stolen dreams,

right after i thought everything had fell into place... RIGHT AFTER i was beginning to see how it all works, and now im smacked up the head like this, and i cant stop shaking.
i can't.
x waking up next to nothing 030717
ferret shakin_like_shakira 030717
* shaking as i drive to his house, wipers furiously sweeping the water off the window. i can barely see, i grip the wheel so contained in the thought, the thought i know what he's doing. i know he's there. i come up to his house, theres his car, parked there, there's his. its 2 p.m. theres her car! theres that little girl midget's car! that ugly little midget is parked in his driveway. what is this, midget fest? she comes up to the perfect hight on him? her head level at his hips or what? my heart thumping im so mad i want i breath hard and keep clenching the steering wheel tell myself to drive away. all those times. im not dumb for thinking that this was a good relationship, am i? but now i feel so lost, so cold, i did nothing to him. i loved him, was i messed up to think that way about someone? i LOVED him. my views twisted and contorted, now i see, but oh why oh why was he so bad to me?
park the car in my garage, walk downstairs my heart pounds i want to hurt him, thank god he's not around. this must be how people do it. how they kill each other. i think he should be glad i never took that self-defense class. i look at the pictures on the walls of us, all around, from when we were in high school, sitting in his car.... on the porch eating roast..... swimming on the lake..... i rip them off and tear them into a million little shreds and crumple them into the trash can. there, ur gone, ur gone, that gentleman i knew, the one that opened doors and told me i looked beautiful, yeah, thats funny, cause now u got a midget, and maybe a bit more...she comes with the std's.
its pouring and cold and i walk outside and sit at the side of the house in the rain and throw up everything i ate that day, everything throws up i lay there and lean my head to the side. i feel so weak i hear some neighbors partying and i think they might have to come get me.
fetal musings my heart is shaking 031121
x scream, bang head on the floor, look at my inner arms, red lines, think about what kids learn from me, looking for the crystal_seed that will cause everything to become solid again.
go ahead and tear. i'm worthless.
Seraphmodel.02 It's probably because I'm cold.

pSyche she stood there, shaking in her boots like the earth during the apocalypse. 070101
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